A Kiss is Worth a Thousand Words

By: Final Fanticizer

Disclaimer: Obviously, I own nothing.

A/N: This is just a little YuRi one-shot I thought I'd try out. If you've followed my writings, you've noticed I am a huge fan of the Yuna/Rikku pairing and (as a fan) I wouldn't want to let you all down, so if there's anything I can so to make this more satisfying, let me know.

And be gentle on me in the reviews, it is my first one-shot after all. Also keep in mind I wrote this on a moment of inspiration during my Algebra class…Not exactly the best writing conditions with all that talk of integers and quartiles….

As the wind wisped across the deck of the Celcius, Yuna sat quietly hugging her knees to her chest. It felt good to get away from everyone after such a draining day. Being alone gave her time to think about...well, everything: spheres, Besaid, Vegnagun...Rikku.

Yuna whirled around to find Paine standing no more than two feet away.

"Go talk to her." Paine said in an unusually empathetic voice. "She'll listen."

"I...can't." Yuna said, rising to her feet. "Besides we're--"

"If I have to hear you use that damn excuse one more time--"

"I know, Paine." Yuna sighed heavily. "Where is she?"

"Sleeping. Upstairs, in the cabin."

Yuna tiptoed past Barkeep and up the stairs. Rikku squirmed as Yuna planted herself one the edge of the bed. She pushed a lock of the young Al Bhed's bright blonde hair away from her face. C'mon, Yuna. She thought. You've got to tell her...as soon as she wakes up. Just then, Rikku shifted to her back, sat up, and stretched. Of course, Yuna thought. I had to jinx it.

"Did you have a nice nap?" she asked with a smile.

"Yep!" Rikku replied quickly. "And now I'm set for anything those fiends can dish out!" Yuna couldn't help but giggle.

"That'd be great if it wasn't something around 11:30…"

"No fiends, Yunie?"

"No fiends, Rikku."

"Awww…" Rikku threw her legs over the edge and snuggled in beside Yuna. "And I was soo looking forward to dishing out the hurt!" Yuna smiled and then (knowing what she had to do) sighed.

"Umm…Rikku? Can I ask you something?"

"What? Like a favor?"

"Uh, yeah. A favor…"

"Of course, Yunie! You know I'd do anything for you." It doesn't help to make me nervous, Rikku! Yuna screamed in her head. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves.

"Kiss me."


"I just." Another heavy sigh. "I'll just go." She rose from the bed and started toward the stairs. But before she could even take two steps, she felt a tiny hand clasp her wrist. She slowly turned back to face Rikku.

Gently but firmly holding Yuna's wrist, Rikku stood to confront her cousin. Gazing into her multi-colored eyes, she interlaced fingers with Yuna. She moved toward the gunner, her emerald eyes welling up with tears, and pressed her lips to Yuna's.

As familiar as a kiss was to Yuna, this one was new; exciting, different, and well…better. A hundred thoughts rushed through her head, but all her woes were comforted when she felt Rikku's tongue gently pressing its way into her mouth, begging to explore, slowly at first, then quickly and passionately. After what seemed like hours, the two came up for air. Rikku held her head low for a moment, avoiding Yuna's gaze. Yuna lifted Rikku's chin and their eyes met.

"I-I love you." She said finally. "To be honest…I always have." And Rikku smiled.

"You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that…I love you too." And they held another kiss.

Curtain falls

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