Author's Super Note Time: That's right kiddies! I've updated this story. I know all of you are having mini heart attacks and rubbing your eyes incredulously, I know! It's here, it's happened. Although, it's been so long, that I feel my writing may have changed a bit. I can't tell for sure, but I hope you all appreciate the new chapter and may I come up with another soon! Good luck to me! Also, I'm thinking that this is going to be a Naruto/Sakura pairing. I do love Gaara/Sakura (basically Sakura with anyone pleases me) but I think I kind of ruined the chances of that with him kicking her. Thoughts anyone?

Sakura blew out a breath and wiped her hands on her pants. Some might not believe, but it was a little exerting to rips the clothes tags off of that many bags of clothes. Especially when you consider that some brands of clothes have multiple tags. And stickers on them sometimes.

Sakura looked over to where Naruto was still folding clothes and had to smile. 'Who would have thought that Naruto could fold clothes correctly, I definitely hadn't until right now.'

Naruto looked up from his task and gave Sakura an embarrassed smile, "What? You're done over there?"

"Yeah, you want some help folding?"

"I don't know, you have to get the crease just right on all of these…"

"I'll have you know that I'm an expert folder. And I'll show you my greatness right after I toss these things in the wash." Sakura stood up, gathering as much clothing as she could in her arms and walked to the little closet in the kitchen that housed Naruto's wash machine. Dumping them in and going back for 3 more loads she finally finished loading, added the soap, and turned it on.

Walking back to Naruto, she plopped down next to him and stared folding.

"So Sakura, what time are you going out with your friends tonight?"

"Uh, I'm heading over to Ino's around eight."

"Oh, well, it's just after five now."

"Oh. If you want, you could finish up and drop these at the donation center and I could pick up some groceries and make dinner for us. Ino plans on drinking a lot tonight, and I promised to eat a big dinner. Is there anything you want me to get while I'm at the store?"

"That sounds great. Hm. Will you make scrambled eggs? With little hotdogs that look like octopus's? And buy some milk?

"Octopus dogs? It's dinner, Naruto."

"Yeah, but I've never had them before, pleeeeease?"

"Alright, breakfast for dinner it is." She said while standing up and dusting off her pants, "I'll be back soon." Sakura turned and started heading for the front door.

"Alright, see you soon!" And Naruto started folding double time.

As Sakura walked down the stairs of Naruto's apartment complex, she started forming a list of what she should buy at the market.

'Eggs, milk, hotdogs, let's see, some fruits and vegetables, bottled water. What else would they need? Cereal, some meat. I could make beef stew tomorrow, so carrots and potatoes. Some apple juice, the beef jerky that Naruto loves, some instant ramen. I hope I can remember this; I should have made a list.

Gaara had been taking casual glimpses of Sakura and Naruto through the window. He hadn't wanted them to feel his gaze. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but his overactive imagination could come up with a dialogue.

In a high pitched feminine voice Gaara said, "Oh Naruto, I'm done over here, would you like some help?" And then in a whiny obnoxious voice he added, "Oh yes Sakura, I would really appreciate that. You see, I would like to not only have a girlfriend, but I want Gaara's. It's not enough for me to also have a demon inside me; I must also beat him in battle, actually want to be a kage, AND try to steal his woman. You see, I've done everything else, all I need is you." "Oh Naruto, I'm already living with you now, please, take me, I beg you—"

Yeah, that was definitely enough thinking about what they could possibly be saying.

He was seriously starting to think that maybe spying on his maybe girlfriend was a bad idea when he took a quick glimpse back through the window and saw Sakura get and wipe his pants. He watched as she exited the room, slipped some sandals on and left the apartment.

All thoughts of maybe going back home were abandoned as he stealthily followed her from the roof, making sure to conceal himself at all times behind awnings and billboards.

Gaara couldn't tell if Sakura was driving him crazy, or if it was he himself who was driving.

Sakura was holding a likely looking orange and trying desperately to remember what her mother had told her about knowing when they were ripe. She held it to her nose, it smelt fine, she firmly touched it, not mushy, not too firm, no bruises… All these things pointed to a good one, right? She shrugged her shoulders and grabbed a plastic bag and dropped it in, and then grabbed four more random oranges and tossed them in too. Putting them in the cart she mentally checked off her list and she walked to the cash register.

After waiting in line for a ridiculously exorbitant amount of time, 15 whole minutes, during which time she caught up on some village gossip by reading a tabloid and eavesdropping on some old ladies in line in front of her. Her turn finally came and she swiftly loaded her groceries on the counter.

Leaving, carrying four bags, and wallet who was only a little lighter then when she had entered, she wasn't embarrassed, she shopped with coupons and was damn proud of it.

The walk back to Naruto's was normal, until she was only about a block away, she felt like someone was watching her. She tried to keep a normal gait and inconspicuously look around in different directions to see if it was maybe someone she knew, or some creepy pervert. It really was ridiculous how many pervs went after girls with pink hair. She had to be on the look out all the time. Not seeing anyone, and having the feeling abruptly stop, Sakura thought that maybe she was just being paranoid. Possibly from the stress of breaking up with Gaara, or actually, the stress of not breaking up with him.

Sakura had requested today off two weeks ago, just so her and Gaara could be together today, it was the one year mark of living together. It had seemed like such a big deal then, but now, she had mixed feelings. Sad that they hadn't made it, and relieved that they were apart. Right after he had kicked her, when she had talked to Ino, she had felt sure that she was no longer in love with him. But now that she'd been away for awhile, all she felt was confused. Gaara was a jerk. Naruto was sweet. She had history with Gaara. But she had a better history with Naruto. She liked the way Gaara held her when they slept togther. She liked the way Naruto kissed her last night.

Everything was just too confusing. She should want to be with Naruto, according to Ino, everyone knew that. Except her. But the thing was, she kind of might want to be with both. She was pretty sure that Naruto at least liked her, and that Gaara probably loved her. He'd never actually told her, but she had always thought that he had those feelings. But then again, do you really hit people that you love? It hadn't been the first time, but he had to deal with a demon inside him. A lot of people didn't understand that.

But then again, Naruto had a demon too, and she highly doubted that he would ever hurt her.

Sakura reached Naruto's door and her thoughts were cut off as she kicked it a couple of times to get his attention. 'Hopefully he got back from the donation center before me.'

"Coming! Coming!"

Naruto thrust the door open and beamed at her. "Hey! Let me help you with those!" And with that he had taken three of her packages and was bounding towards the kitchen. She smiled softly at his back as she closed the door with her foot and followed him inside.

Gaara watched from his perch as they walked into the back of that blond bastard's apartment. He could only assume they were in the kitchen because that was the only room he couldn't see from here. Or the bathroom. But he highly doubted they were going in there with groceries.

So he looked around for a new spying position and then bounded over to an office building. It had one of those rooftop gardens and he quickly ensconced himself in a tree with vivid red flowers. From there he watched as Sakura busied herself in the kitchen and Naruto sit at the kitchen table, laughing and talking. He watched as Naruto eventually got up and took some wet clothes out of the washer, flap them out and then start to hang them out the window.

Hell, he never helped do laundry. Not even his own. He'd always just let Sakura handle it. He had made her dinner once though. It had been at her apartment, before the moved in together. Actually, it was the day that he had asked Sakura to move in with him. Damn, that was awhile ago. A year ago? It had taken a month for her to finally have everything over. That was… Shit. That was exactly a year ago. Today. He had definitely fucked that up.

Sakura had been happily surprised when after eating, Naruto had done the dishes. Not even offered to help, he just got up and started them. It was a nice exchange, instead of her doing all the work, like she did when she was home. She had especially appreciated when the laundry had beeped; he'd just automatically gotten up and hung them up out the window. Usually she did all the housework, and it really did get to be tiring.

Watching Naruto wash dishes was such a funny and domestic sight. He even did it right, filling the sink with warm, soapy water and scrubbing them clean. After watching in shocked silence at first, she had gotten up and decided she was on drying duty.

Neither of them had been able to keep the smiles off their faces as they continued the domestic display.

Later that night found Naruto and Sakura sitting on the floor in Naruto's living room playing video games again. She was once again, beating him down, even if he did have the proper genes. After another KO, and some grumbling from Naruto about picking another fighter, Sakura looked up at the clock and almost had a heart attack. It was 7:39.

She stood straight up and yelled to Naruto that she had to get ready. Running to window she touched the clothes hanging and realized she wouldn't be able to wear any of them, they were still damp. Chanting 'shit, shit, shit' in her head she looked down at what she was wearing, and decided that she'd runner to Ino's and just let Ino have her wicked way with her.

Slipping on her sandals, she called back to Naruto, "Don't wait up! I'm going to be late!"

And with that she jumping off the balcony and was running down the street before Naruto had even decided with character he was going to be that would ultimately kick her ass. He stared at the door for another minute before shrugging and pressing continue because he obviously needed some more practice.