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Hello to all of you who are reading this sentence right now and are about to move on to the next one hehehe. ANYways this is my very first fan fiction that I have ever written and it probably won't be the last. In this particular one, I have created my own character. Her name is Mycia Me-c-yuh. Mycia, is Kagome's cousin in the story. And Myica comes to live with Kagome and her family, because her parents were killed in a fire, (tear L ) and Kagome is the closest family that she has left. Anyways, she is practically twins with Kagome and is even also 15 years old. I don't want to give away the story, so I wont tell you what happens. I will tell you this though, the story goes from PG, to M. For well…you probably know why! J LoL. Oh, and by the way, when you see ----------------------, OR , it means that the "main characters" are going to change for a little while. Like, it'll move from Mir/San, to Inu/Kag. Get it? Got it? Good. Well, for those of you are interested in my fan fic, I'll shut up and let it begin. ENJOY!

Disclaimer: I dont own Inuyasha...damn it...

Koga's New Love

Chapter One: Meet Mycia

We first see Kagome's house, then go inside and see Kagome, Sota, their mom, grandpa, and cat Buyo standing near the front door anxiously.

"Mooooommmm", whined Sota, "when is she gonna get here! We've been waiting forever!"

"She should be here very soon Sota, just be patient", Mrs. Higurashi replied calmly.

"I really do hope that she gets here soon," Kagome thought to herself, tapping her foot., "I haven't seen Mycia in ages!"

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"SHE'S HERE!", screamed Kagome making everyone jump and making Buyo fly into the next room. Kagome rushed to the door and flung it open. There, standing with a suitcase in her right hand is a very pretty girl, who looked exactly 100 in the face like Kagome. Otherwise, she had light brown hair instead of black, and wore it in a high ponytail. She was wearing hip-hugger jeans that were a dark blue color, and a very light blue blouse that showed off her perfectly curved body.

"Hey Kagome, how's my favorite cousin, and best friend, cried Mycia cheerfully, holding her arms out for a hug.

And Kagome, returning the hug replied, "Ohhhhhh I'm great! How have you been! Oh my gosh, I HAVE to tell you something!". And with that, she took Mycia's arm and pulled her upstairs into her room and slammed the door shut. Leaving, Sota, Mrs. Higurashi, and Gramps, with sweat drops rolling down their heads, starring after them. Just then Mycia poked her head out of Kagome's room and called down to them, "It's great to see you guys again, and I guess we'll talk later!" Then the door slamed shut once again.

"Ok Kagome, what did you want to tell me?", asked Mycia.

"Alright, now remember Mycia, you can't tell a SOUL about this all right?", replied Kagome, "because I'm trusting you right now with a very big secret that I haven't even told my school friends, only my fami…". Just then Mycia clapped her hands over Kagome's mouth and said, "Just tell me! I promise that I wont tell a soul! OK!" A sweat drop went down Kagome's head, "Oh ya, heh heh heh…" After that, Kagome, told Mycia EVERYTHING about her being the reincarnation of the powerful priestess Kikyo, (whom she hated!) and that she traveled frequently through the magical well at their shrine, into feudal Japan, and fights demons with her sacred arrows, and about the shikon jewel, and of course she told her all about her friends, Sango, Miroku, Kirara, Shippo, and Inuyasha. She also mentioned that a wolf demon named Koga was in love with her, "He is cute and all, but he's just a friend, I don't think that I'll ever love him." Kagome also included that she and Inuyasha had a thing going on and that they had even kissed once. She also mentioned that Sango and Miroku were totally in love with each other, but they were always too afraid to admit it. Kagome also told Mycia about Naraku, they're main enemy, and the crulest and most disgusting creature on earth!That it wasNaraku, who caused all of they'repain.Turning Inuyasha and Kikyo against each other, cursing Miroku's family, and forcing Sango's younger borther to kill they're friends and family.Kagome told Mycia, that she and the others were trying to find andkill him for good. After another hour of explaining, Kagome finally finished, wiped the persperation from her forhead, and breathed a sigh of content relief.

"Well,", puffed Kagome proudly, "what do'ya think? Pretty neat huh!" Mycia just sat there with her mouth open. And then suddenly chuckled, "That was a nice story Kagome, hey, you write a book report about that, it was great!"

"You don't believe me!", cried Kagome, then suddenly thought to herself, "Well, DUH! Why would she! It's a crazy story. Well, I'll just have to show her that it's real!" Kagome looked up at Mycia and said with a sly grin, " Oh don't worry Mycia, in probably about a few minutes, proof will come barging through that door." and she pointed to the door to her bedroom.

"Whatever you say Kagome.", said Mycia sarcastically and smiled. Just then, Kagome's door flew open, and a handsome young man wearing a red kimono, that had claws on his hands, and cute fuzzy dog ears on his head stomped into the room.

"Come on Kagome, let's get goi…", Inuyahsa started, and suddenly stopped when he looked over to see Mycia on the bed starring at him. Sweat drops rolled down everyone's head's.

"Heh heh heh", Kagome giggled nervously, "Mycia this is Inuyasha, Inuyasha, this is my cousin Mycia! Heh, heh, heh!…"

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