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Serenity Falls

It was just another on of Jayne's schemes to find out who the Captain was sleeping with. Those things were becoming increasingly annoying, as he seemed to always know when they were "going at it" as River put it. Mal and Simon lay on the bed, totally engrossed in one another. Mal, who was lying half over the smaller man, was thoroughly enjoying himself in the mouth below. Their clothes had been forgotten on the floor and for now they just explored in tongues. Simon, feeling slightly high from bliss and lack of air, almost didn't feel Mal stiffen on top of him. Before he knew what was happening Mal was up and the door, on the same wall as the bed, was sliding open. In a frenzied attempt to get out of the trespasser's range of vision, he got tangled in the sheet, and with a tip, smack! Fell onto the cold metal floor.

Mal, having heard his key pad on his door being overridden, had got his compact handgun out of under the mattress and had it pointed at Jayne's head with his right hand, his left holding a blanket up at his waist. Jayne, feeling a tiny bit threatened by the gun barrel in his face, had put up his arms and started to back away, but not without first glancing at the movement to his right. The top of a head was showing from the other side of the bed. Satisfied, Jayne retreated, going back to share the news. Mal, locking the door from the inside, turned to find his lover on the floor. Crawling across the bed and lying on his stomach on the edge, he look down at Simon, his eyebrow quirking and a grin in place. Simon gave him a silent "Shut up." with his eyes, making Mal's grin stretch wider.

"So, did it hurt?" Mal asked, his eyes mischievous. Setting his lips, Simon asked moodily, "What?"

"When you fell for me." Mal replied, laughing at the exasperate look on Simon's face. They both knew it was a corny joke, but that didn't really matter.

Tired of being teased, Simon reached up and yanked Mal's head down to meet in a fiery lip lock. While the Captain was 'capt'-ivated, the doctor gave a quick tug, pulling the older man on top of him.

Their skin hot against the chilled floor, they goosebunped and shivered while sweating and gasping through the heat. With both extremes playing on their bodies, it made for quite and experience; and after they were spent, and Mal moved them back onto the bed, they were exhausted.

Falling asleep on the comfortable bedding, Mal spooned against the smaller man, they were unaware of the gossip in the other room.

"She had dark, brown hair; real clean and smooth like!" Jayne shared with the team; River listening uninterestedly from the vent above.

Like she didn't already know.

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