By D.M. Evans

Disclaimer - They are in no way shape or form mine, with the exception of Dante and he also earns me no money. Everyone else belongs to Mr. Whedon.

Timeline - AtS - first season, this is an AR. The main change is Faith didn't turn herself into the police and is working full time for Wolfram and Hart who hide her from Angel.

Rating - NC-17

Feedback - Yes please, - Lindsey/Faith

Summary - Lindsey and Faith's new assignment comes at a high cost, a piece of their hearts

Author's Note #1 - This was written for Writing Goddess' Lindsey Ficathon. I was writing for Crazygirl Mary and challenge requirements are at the end. Thanks to Kat for the beta!

Author's Note #2 - I know there was supposed to be no Angel in this so I'm hoping his off camera appearance isn't too big a disappointment, but I needed a reason for the first cemetery scene to bring things full circle at the end and Faith and Lindsey aren't as romantic as one might hope for.

Author's #3 - I freely admit inspiration for Dante D'Amato comes in part from the character Rocky in Joan of Arcadia and Maisie in Connie Willis' novel Passage. He was named for my cousin, Dante, who nearly died of brain cancer as a child and faced many of the challenges my fictional Dante does.

Tabi ni yande
yume wa kareno o

On a journey, ill

my dream goes wandering

over withered fields

Basho - Death Haiku


Lindsey caressed the tanned flesh of the firebrand lying next to him in his bed. He felt her strong muscles tightening at his touch.

Faith batted at him wearily. "Sleep now."

He kissed her shoulder. "You sleep. I have to get to work."

"You work too much. All work and no play makes Lindsey a dull boy."

"That's why you're here, Faith." He stroked her tangled hair. "You keep me from ever being dull."

Faith laughed into her pillow then pulled the covers up over her head. Lindsey took a shower, his mind mulling over the morning waiting for him at the office. He wished he had a better handle on his current lover, and those insecurities of his took precedence over thoughts of Wolfram and Hart. Lindsey had no doubts Faith could cut his throat without much thought if she decided he had outlived his usefulness to her. That was why maintaining control of her was paramount.

Lindsey knew why she was with him. At first it had been a big 'thank you' for Wolfram and Hart sheltering her from the police, and, more importantly, from Angel and Buffy. When Lindsey told her that Wolfram and Hart would keep her safe if she'd work for them, Faith had been grateful enough to screw his brains out right there in his office. It was hardly an easy alliance, however.

He kept her in his bed with the idea of if he wasn't happy, she might find Wolfram and Hart no longer had a use for her. He wasn't easy with the idea, however. He didn't mind being exploitive, but there were limits. This was crossing them, but once Faith had him, he wanted more and now couldn't see a safe way out. Sometimes he wasn't sure if he was really the one in charge.

Lindsey knew it wouldn't last. As soon as Faith found a better deal, she'd take it. He suspected Wolfram and Hart might realize already they made a mistake with her. She was too unstable; worse, she could lead him by the cock. If they wanted Faith around, they should have put Lindsey in charge of the' turn-Angel-dark' project and given Lilah the Slayer instead of the other way around. But, so far, no one was complaining. He and Lilah weren't in competition much any more, rarely seeing each other now that their respective duties didn't dovetail.

The shower over, Lindsey dressed and headed into work to see what his Slayer might be called upon to do. With his giant mug of cappuccino at the ready, he perused his case files and various suggestions from higher ups, looking for the project that sounded challenging enough to keep Faith entertained.

Hearing someone come in, Lindsey looked up. He was surprised to see Holland. "What can I do for you, sir?" Lindsey set aside the paperwork.

Holland didn't sit, which never failed to make Lindsey nervous. "I have a task for you and Faith, one she may not like to do."

Lindsey's brow creased. He didn't like the sound of this. Faith was hard enough to handle even at the best of times. He didn't want to think about dealing with her when she was in a bad mood. "What is it?" He was hoping for something not too horrible, feeling the nagging of a conscience not quite dead.

"You remembered Dante D'Amato?" It really wasn't a question.

How could he forget the irrepressible Dante, son of one of their best clients? "Of course."

"The D'Amato's are in town, and there have been multiple threats on Dante's life. We need Faith to guarantee the child's safety." Holland seemed almost amused by this, probably because he wasn't the one to tell Faith she had been tagged as babysitter.

Lindsey tried not to wince. Faith babysitting and Dante, of all kids, this would be bad. "When do we start?"

"Tomorrow afternoon." Holland's face sobered. "Lindsey, do take care that Faith is on her best behavior."

Lindsey smiled flatly. "I'll do my best, sir. Do we have any ideas as to what might be threatening Dante?"

Holland's somber look deepened. "Sadly, no. We're working on it. If Mr. D'Amato's son dies, there'll be hell to pay."

Lindsey knew that wasn't a figure of speech. D'Amato was a wicked bastard. He pitied Dante having such a father but to D'Amato's credit, he didn't usually allow Dante to see the things he did. "I'll get things ready, sir. Which safe house will we be using?"

"The one on Lake View."

Lindsey scowled.

"I know." Holland held up his hands. "It's hard to defend but Mr. D'Amato doesn't want Dante to be afraid."

"Of course," Lindsey said, thinking on all the large windows and woods. It was more of a weekend home than a safe house. It did have protection spells, of course, but sometimes the old-fashioned ways worked best, like a sniper at five hundred yards through the picture window.

Holland left him with those thoughts. Lindsey had done Dante duty several times before. He liked the boy, odd as he was. Faith was going to hate this if Dante's unconventional charm failed. He'd need to take her out for some fun tonight, and Lindsey knew where. He could take care of the uneasy feeling he had at the same time.