Rain has succumbed all on this dark night in Besaid. Everyone laid sleeping peacefully since the Eternal Calm had been brought forth. No one awoke in fear anymore, no one lived in fear anymore. Even though this peace had been brought to all of Spira, one aching pain remained known to the High Summoner's heart. Even though it had been two years, her feelings for him remained the same. Never would she love another as she did him. To Yuna, Tidus was her first love, her only love. And if she can't have him to love, then she doesn't want anyone else to love. Only him. Tidus is the one for her.

Yuna laid sleeping in her bed, however, a bright flash of lightening and a loud clap of thunder startled her from her peaceful slumber. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes as she got out of bed and walked over to the window and looked out at the pouring down rain. And with a small sigh, her thoughts made themselves known to her heart.

"Outside it's cold and raining. Inside, it's not any warmer since you've been gone. Memories my heart is keeping. Anguish keeps me drifting in and out of what is known to be reality and bitterness keeps colliding with sweetness. Would it make a difference if you were still here with me? Would it make a difference if I where there with you? Where I'd be smiling at you and you'd be smiling back at me, but that is something that I must wait for until my turn for love finally does come. Only then will I be free where at last you can wrap me in your arms and take me away with you."

Yuna turned, leaving her room as she headed outside and stepped forth in the cold, pouring down rain. The wetness of the rain clinched to her mocha trestles, weighing them down. She extended out her hand, allowing the raindrops to fall upon its surface.

"At the very moment the rain is pouring down from the sky and it's the same with my eyes. The tears refuse to stop their flow. And it's killing me! The hurt inside will not subside. The tears in my eyes will not admit defeat. Would if make a difference if this storm would subside and I could see you one last time? Would the hurting stop or would seeing you one last time only make the pain much worse? How I wish I could see you one last time on a clear, starry night and we'd dance underneath the moonlight, holding each other so very close, but that is something I must wait for until my turn for love finally comes. Only then will I be free where we'd dance the night away and leave this world behind."

The tears flowing freely from Yuna's eyes are hidden by the rain, however, she can tell the coolness of the rain from the burning heat of her very own tears. She looked to the sky above only to see the storm clouds passing by very slowly. As she lowered her hand to her side, she just closed her eyes and allowed the rain to fall upon her face. Was she comparing the coldness of the rain to the coldness inside her heart?

"As we speak, the storm clouds are moving by very slowly. It's the same as with the time. It seems like forever when only a minute has went by without you. In spite of things done and said, the worst of storms still lye ahead. Nothing good will ever come of you being gone. Would it make a difference if that day never came? Would it make a difference if it were possible to go back to yesterday and change all that had happened? How I with I could go back to yesterday. You'd still be here with me right by my side holding me close to you and I could feel your love again, but that is something I must wait for until my turn finally comes. Only then will I be free where I could feel your love at last."

Memories flood Yuna's mind. With a small sigh, she remembers the first time their eyes met that night after she had became a summoner for the very first time. A deep ocean blue gazed into her bi-colored eyes and an instant spark was made. With a smile, she remembered the first kiss they shared that night at the spring in Macalania. The kiss was tender, full of desire and the yearning for more. How she loved the feeling of his lips upon hers then and how she longed to feel them again. And with the flowing of many tears as she lowered her head, she remember how Sin was defeated only to lead to her losing him forever. He faded like a dream does when one awakens from a peaceful slumber. Soft sobs escaped her lips as she slowly fell to her knees, the memories overtaking her mind, body and soul. She brought her arms inward as if to be embracing herself. Trying to seek comfort within herself only to find none, Yuna slowly rose from the ground as she tried to maintain her sanity.

"I cannot accept the fate that has been bestowed upon me. I am a solider at war in this game of love. I seek not to lose, I seek to win. I know not the day or the time, but I will have what is meant to be mine no matter what the cost may be. I may have lost the battle, but victory will be mine."

As the determination began to rise within Yuna, she decided right then and there that it was time to seek out what she wanted. She would prowl through the dark like a thief at night and steal it all away or prepare for battle like a soldier at war and fight for her right to love the one whom was to become her dream come true.

This is Yuna's story. It begins. . . now.