Although a challenge, this story it at last complete. Special thanks goes out to each and everyone who have R&R. Guys, without you, this story wouldn't have made it. I found this hard to write and almost gave up on it, but I pushed myself and with the encouragment that I received, it is now finished. I cannot thank you guys enough. You are wonderful!

Shuyin rolled across the ground, his sword gliding along its surface a few feet away from him where he laid unconscious. Calling his name, Lenne ran to his side and tried to revive him. A gust of wind came from nowhere, blowing her soft trestles violently. Lenne looked to Altessa who was glaring at her. Lenne returned the look, looked at Shuyin, then back at Altessa. Angered by what had happened to her love, Lenne bravely ran over, picked up Shuyin's sword and darted straight at her. She didn't quite know how to use a sword, but sure as hell was willing to try.

"Lenne!" Auron shouted "Stay back!"

Auron's attempt was done in vain, for Lenne was not about to listen to reason. Altessa bared an evil smile upon her face once she saw Lenne. She slowly raised her swords, waiting to strike her down. Lenne's eyes widened when she saw Altessa bring her blades forth at a deathly speed. She screamed only to leap to her right side, rolling on the ground three times and coming to a halt on her back. Jecht ran to her aid, both glaring up at Altessa who only cackled evilly.

"Give it up!" Altessa demanded and teased. "You CAN NOT defeat me!" She continued to cackle, however, that cackle turned into an anguish squeal. Everyone looked in bewilderment because no one has struck her when suddenly YRP came flying over head with Yuna in the middle, Rikku to her right and Paine on her left.

"Miss us?" Rikku asked looking down at her friends below. "These Hover Discs are awesome!"

"Dr. P is in the house!" Paine said with a smile, which only made Rikku laugh.

However, on a more serious level, Yuna wasn't joking or even uttering a word to her friends. Her eyes were glued on Altessa, for they were now face to face after a long, hard journey. Yuna withdrew her two swords and prepared for the battle of a lifetime. "At last the time has come."

"So it has." Altessa said. Both glared at each other through angered, narrow eyes. "Bring it on, summoner!"

"Indeed I shall." Yuna said

Yuna glided Veracity's blade against Brother hood slowly, striking forth violently, which unleashed thunderous energy. She then mysteriously threw Brotherhood into the air, which hovered over her heart with the blade pointing down. She then jumped from the hover disc, pressed her foot against Brotherhood and sailed backwards into the air, unleashing the energy she had gathered, which rained down upon Altessa when suddenly Tidus appeared. He grasped the blade of Brotherhood, striking down upon Altessa's heart, and burying it deep within. She cried out in pain while another portion of it vanished. He then done a back flip. Rikku jumped down just as Tidus landed on the hover disc and set flight. Yuna done a few summersaults, landing on her feet before Altessa. Both panting from loss of breath and energy. Yuna fell to her knees, Altessa dropped her swords, leaning over bit.

Upon seeing the sight of his love below him, he went straight to her. "Yuna!" He removed the hover disc from below his feet, stumbling a bit while running over to Yuna and kneeling beside her. He places his arm upon her shoulder, caressing her face as he turned it towards him.

"Tidus." Yuna whispered. Immediately, tears began to sting her eyes and fall freely. She cupped his face within her hands just to be certain that she could touch him. And once feeling him beneath her fingertips, she was lost in his eyes. "It's really you."

"Yeah, it's me." Tidus said with a smile, caressing her face.

"I thought I would never find you." Yuna said through soft sobs.

"I'm here now! You'll never lose be again." Tidus said with a shake of his head. "Not ever!" He gently caressed her lips with his own. Their lips parted momentarily only to embrace in an even more passionate kiss, his moving over her own with such tenderness and devotion. Slowly parting, they held each other close and for a moment in time there was peace.

Paine jumped down from the hover disc and was met by Rikku and everyone soon gathered around Tidus and Yuna. Panting, Altessa narrowed her eyes at the two lovers, grabbed her two swords and slowly rose from the ground.

"I commend you, summoner." Altessa spoke through exhausted breathes. All eyes turned towards Altessa as she gained her balance. "Against all odds you managed to find a way to be in your lover's arms once again, where I have failed many times. I cannot be with mine until my formation is complete. And without your soul, that cannot be, and I now see that it's never going to happen." Closing her eyes, Altessa laid her swords down in defeat. Slowly looking up, she looked straight at Yuna.

"This has got to be a trick." Lenne whispered to Shuyin who nodded his head in agreement.

With the help of Tidus, Yuna stumbled to her feet still frail from exhaustion. "You're giving up. . . just like that?" Altessa nodded her head. "I don't believe it for a second!"

"You're too smart for your own good, summoner!" Altessa snapped.

And before anything could be said or done, Altessa closed her eyes, raising her hands high above. Concentrating hard, a massive burst of energy shined from midst her hands, however, instead of unleashing it forth upon them all, she continued to concentrate. Suddenly, her heart began to tremble and it slowly vanished into thin air. A vicious tremor from no where threw everyone to the ground, which grew by the mere second. Spider webbed cracks appeared in the crystallized formation below their very feet, shattering instantly and rising high above, swirling around all. Altessa opened her eyes, glaring straight at Yuna who slowly made it to her feet as did everyone else. Piece by piece, the broken pieces began to shoot forth all around Yuna who watched as they danced all around her, forming a crystallized barrier around her.

"Yuna!" Tidus shouted.

Yuna looked all around in a panic as she was encased inside of a crystal. She beat against its glass surface, her cries unheard on the outside. Slowly the crystal began to rise and at a sudden deathly speed, it shot forth towards Altessa, embedding itself midst her chest. Altessa gasped upon impact, almost losing her balance. Leaned forward, Altessa panted, trying to catch her breath and upon catching it she slowly stood brave and proud at what she had just accomplished.

"Behold the heart of Altessa!" Altessa cried out. "Behold your summoner, your heroine! She is now a part of me! Destroy me and you destroy her!"

"What has she done!" Tidus demanded to know, turning to Auron.

"The damage has been undone." Auron said. "She has restored herself using Yuna has her life source."

"You mean, we have to start all over again?" Rikku whined

"Precisely." Auron said.

"Oh, poopie!" Rikku said bouncing up and down.

"Well, I grow very weary of this." Tidus said balling his fists up. "I held her in my arms only to have her ripped from them." He turned and looked at Altessa. "If it's a fight she wants, then it's a fight she'll get." He then looked back at his friends. "Who's with me?" Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Preparing for battle, withdrawing their weapons, Tidus, Rikku, Paine, Lenne, Shuyin, Jecht, Braska and Auron were ready and willing to take the fiendish woman down who was indeed mocking their bravery and devotion they had within and for each other.

"Eight against one?" Altessa questioned. "That's not fair. Why don't we even the odds a little bit?"

Sparks emerged from within the cracks of the shattered floor beneath their feet when suddenly wailing ghouls appeared. Their wails would bring you to your knees if they were to sing. Therefore it was vitally important to strike before they sang.

Running forth, Tidus, Rikku and Paine threw the hover discs which flew forth only to swerve back at them. They jumped upon them as they flew by and flew off in different directions. Lenne stepped forth, unleashing a holy spell and struck down a ghoul as did Braska.

Hovering overhead, a ghoul kept darting back in forth in front of Jecht who found it rather annoying. "Hey, get outta here, will ya!" He swung at the ghoul a few times only to miss. He then grumbled, swung his blade back only to kill one that had sneaked up behind him and struck forth, killing the one in front of him.

Three wailing ghouls stood before Auron. With a crooked grin and a small chuckle, he readied for battle. The ghouls on the right and left moved around, studying Auron and watched his every move. Auron got into fighting position, keeping his eyes dead centered on each of the ghouls who hissed and growled at him. Suddenly, the ghoul to his left leaped forward only to be struck down by Auron's mighty Katana. He looked only to see the one to his right coming at him and he struck it down as well. The ghoul in the center just stood there. Therefore, Auron used Provoke, motioning for the ghoul to bring it on as you might would say. The ghoul jumped up and down, turning a crimson red with steam blowing out of its ears only to strike at Auron who counter attacked with a deadly blow, striking the ghoul down.

Shuyin was more than out numbered, for there was six ghouls surrounding him. Anger surged through his veins, which sent him over his limit. Therefore, he unleashed Slice and Dice upon the ghouls, striking each of them at random with great force. Several perished where few fled.

Rikku guided the hover disc upwards, changing into her Gunner Dressphere. And upon seeing her, Altessa cackled only to raise the blade of her sword and strike at her. Rikku saw the blade coming straight at her. Therefore, she jumped straight up and into a back flip, hovering midst the air momentarily while unleashing Trigger Happy upon Altessa who sustained maximum damage only to withdraw life from Yuna, undoing any that was done to her. Tidus jumped to the hover disc that Rikku was on as it flew by him, allowing Rikku to land upon the one he was previously on.

Paine appeared from no where, coming straight at Altessa with her sword at an angle, which collided against Altessa's blade. They glared at each over eyeball to eyeball before violently shoving each other back. Paine then leaped from the hover disc only to slash Altessa who wailed in anguish. Paine done four back flips before landing on the shattered surface below. Just when the hover disc came her way, she jumped upon it and took flight once again. Altessa panted a few times only to withdraw life from Yuna who's eyes fluttered while she fell to her knees.

Tidus motioned for Rikku and Paine to meet him full circle and in doing so brought to their attention to Yuna who was still on her knees, panting for breath and clinging to life.

"We can't keep attacking her!" Tidus said. "She will kill Yuna for sure!"

"We have to find a way to get her out of that barrier!" Rikku said and all nodded their head in agreement.

Tidus looked to his love and nodded his head, looking back at Rikku and Paine. "I have a plan, but it could be dangerous. Somehow we need to shatter that crystal. I need one of you to keep an eye on Yuna and they other to distract that monster."

"Leave it to us." Rikku said

And with that said, they all went their own way. Paine immediately changed into her White Mage dressphere, casting Curaga upon Yuna who then rose to her feet within the crystallized barrier that encased her. Rikku began to buzz around Altessa's head, mocking and laughing at her. Altessa swung and swatted at Rikku, but failed to knock her away.

Annoyed by all the ghouls that were still around, Auron jumped straight up only to pierce his Katana into the shattered crust below where soon things erupted into explosions, finishing off any and all ghouls that remained. Several panted from exhaustion. Tidus lowered the hover disc close to the ground, jumping off into a stumbling run while grabbing the hover disc. He darted straight for Shuyin

"I have a plan and I need your help." Tidus said. Shuyin nodded his head and they headed straight for Altessa.

"Nan-nan-na-nan-na." Rikku saig while continuing to buzz around in a circle.

"You pesky little being!" Altessa cursed while swatting at Rikku. "I'll squash you like a bug!"

"Is that all you can do?" Rikku teased. "My brother puts up a better fight than you."

"AHH!" Altessa shrieked when suddenly she noticed Tidus and Shuyin below her and ready for battle. Rikku and Paine then fled, for that was their cue to get out of the way. Altessa only cackled evilly. "The dream and the angered soul. What a combination."

"Let Yuna go!" Tidus demanded.

"And prepare to suffer your destiny." Shuyin added.

"Never!" Altessa said. "Once I drain the life source from her body, her soul will automatically join within me! Then I shall be complete and he will come! My love, whom I have been parted from for so long."

"You'll be apart from him for all time because I will not let you take from me what is mine!" Tidus snapped

Altessa growled out in anger. "I will destroy you all!" She brought her hands high above her head only to shoot forth a beam of lightening at everyone below. Tidus and Shuyin immediately crossed swords, forming the shape of a "V", which instantly reflected the beam back at Altessa, striking and bursting the crystal that was imbedded within her chest. The beam sent a jolt of energy through her veins, bringing her to her knees. Yuna had been thrown outward from the sudden jolt of energy, rolling on the shattered formation below and coming to a stop in fetal position.

Tidus immediately dropped his sword, running and kneeling by Yuna. He cradled her in his arms while trying to revive her. "Yuna?" No response from Yuna. "Yuna!" Everyone came full circle around Tidus and Yuna.

Yuna's eyes fluttered open. "What took you so long?" Small laughter broke from the group. Yuna smiled and Tidus just looked at her speechlessly, shaking his head in disbelief only to smile and pull her into a warm embrace.

"It. . .cannot. . .be." Altessa said breathlessly. She panted softy, dropping her two swords. She leaned forward, resting herself against the palms of her hands. She looked up only to see the group of friends glaring and watching her. "The power of love. . . it has intervened and. . . brought your hearts together. . . at last." She grasp to what remained of her life. "I will never see my love again. Love has not been kind to me. I have failed." She let out a long breath of air before inhaling deeply. "MY LOVE, FORGIVE ME!" She wailed out, falling over to her side. Radiant beams of different colors danced all around while she faded away when suddenly millions of pyerflies exploded out as she faded away. The souls that were imprisoned within her were now free at last. Free to remain within the Farplane for all of eternity. Whispers of "Thank you." echoed throughout the Realm of Souls.

"She's gone." Yuna said softly.

"We did it!" Rikku said giddily while dancing around. "Woo-hoo! Love rocks!"

Auron then stepped forth. "She is not gone." All eyes fell upon Auron. "Her soul merely transpired into pyerflies, which are now free to roam the realm of souls forever. And if need be, she will rise again and create a new threat. However, she will need help from the one who created her."

"Her mother?" Yuna asked.

Auron shook his head. "No. She will need help from the one who turned her into the soul reaver."

"Her lover," Tidus said.

"Correct." Auron said while turning towards Tidus and adjusting his glasses upon his face. "However, he may very well have plans of his very own, which would include the very soul that was brave enough to take on the soul reaver face to face."

"What are you saying, Auron!" Tidus demanded to know. "Are you saying that he might come for Yuna?"

"Only time can answer that question. "Auron said. "Only time will tell."

Suddenly, everything took on a bright cyan with sparkling gems of glitter dancing all around. The Shrouded Spirit released itself from Yuna, floating high above all while giving off a radiant glow when suddenly it burst, releasing shimmering rain drops upon all as the light from it surrounded all. Everyone looked on in awe at the sight before them.

"So, it was done. Now let it be." whispered the voices from within the pyerflies.

A drop of shimmering rain fell upon Tidus' hand when suddenly his form began to take on a whole different feel. He looked at his hand, noticing that it looked real. His eyes widened. "Yuna." Yuna turned and noticed that Tidus had began to change and tears filled her eyes. Closing his eyes and leaning his head back, Tidus felt the rain drops fall upon him. Drop by drop they fell upon him. His image sparkled as it at last came to life. Opening his eyes and looking at Yuna, he smiled and Yuna ran straight into his arms.

Lenne smiled at the beautiful sight before her. She held up her hand, feeling the coolness of its moisture when suddenly her image began to shimmer. She gazed upon her hand and gasped. Shuyin came to her side and his eyes widened once he saw what was happening.

Soon the small drizzle of shimmering rain turned into a steady, gentle down pour. And as it fell upon Lenne, Shuyin, Auron Braska and Jecht, their images sparkled and glittered, making them real again.

"We're alive." Shuyin said through laughter. "We've a second chance." He pulled Lenne into a loving embrace while they both cried tears of joy.

"Right on!" Jecht shouted. "All the pretty gals better watch out because I am coming back!"

Braska just chuckled. "Now I get the chance to be with my daughter and be a part of her life. And Jecht, you now have the chance to be the type of father to your son that he deserves. Don't blow it." Jecht just gave a crooked smile and nodded his head.

Auron was in his own little world just watching and laughing at everyone. He leaned against his Katana allowing the rain drops to fall upon him. Rikku giggled, dancing around in the rain as it fell upon her. And Paine, being her usual self, just rolled her eyes and shook her head at Rikku's playfulness.

Moments later. . .

Everyone made it back safely from the Realm of Souls. The spirits guided them back and protected them from any harm. everyone pressed onward through the portal, crossing back over into the Farplane when suddenly Auron stopped and turned back around as if to sense something mysterious.

Auron eyed his surroundings carefully. "Stay where you are. Spira is no world for you. Stay in this realm that you created and leave our world be. Both Yuna and Spira have suffered enough. Heed my warning or suffer the consequences." Auron stated boldly. He then rested his Katana upon his should, turned and exited the Realm of Souls.

Time passed on. . .

Things have certainly taken on a new turn for everything and everyone in Spira. Repairs are and have been made to undo the damage that it sustained. The Eternal Calm was at last coming true, for peace had finally settled upon all of Spira A small hut was built for Tidus and Yuna in Besaid not far from Lulu and Wakka's house where they are now living out their lives together.

The moon hung low in the sky, a soft breeze blew through the trees. The stars twinkled on what was a very calm and peaceful night in Besaid. Everyone laid sleeping in their beds safe and sound, however, for a certain couple, they were doing more than sleeping for they were too caught up in each other to even consider the rest of the world.

Captivated within each other, the world vanishing from around them, Tidus and Yuna were taken away on a blissful journey that was surely to lead to pure ecstasy. Lost in the touch, satisfied in knowing that their souls would soon join together in unison, every kissed that was placed upon their bodies was savored by their hearts through and through.

Desire in his mind, love and devotion within his heart. Tidus was at last doing the one thing that he always wanted to do from the moment he laid eyes on Yuna. He has had many experiences before, but none of them could even compare to what and how he was feeling right now at this very moment. Feeling Yuna hold him so close made him even want her even more so. Yuna couldn't believe the heavenly rapture that had encircled itself around her. Could this be real? Was Tidus making love to her at last after all this time? It surely was and knowing this for a fact only heightened her excitement. Ecstasy flowed through their veins, taking their desire to an even higher level.

Feeling his breath hot against her flesh, she longed to kiss his lips. Cupping his face in her hands she directed his face towards her own and met him with a timid kiss full of desire and allurement that was meant only for him. Their tongues intertwined in a dance of love and their kisses became even more heated and passionate.

Leaving her lips, Tidus trailed open mouthed kisses down onto the side of her neck, which sent shivers of pure ecstasy up and down her spine. Upon hearing her whisper his name, he began to work his way down her body. With eyes of allurement, Yuna watched his every move, playfully counting every kiss to herself. Every kiss that she counted symbolized just how much love he had for her within his heart.

Upon reaching her most sensitive area, he worked his magic on her, send shivers of pure bliss throughout her entire body. Yuna bit her bottom lip, moaning softly while tightly gripping her pillow case. It's only when he hears her cry his name and her body tremble from desire and pleasure that he work his way back up, greeting her with a loving kiss upon her lips.

Positioning himself comfortably upon her, resting his hips against hers, she welcomed him inside of her. Although a little painful, Yuna was delighted in knowing that their souls were now connected in unison.

Knowing for a fact that she was scared, Tidus started slowly and was most certainly very gentle. Running her fingers through his hair, Yuna placed soft kisses upon his neck while pulling him into a loving embrace. It's only when he feels her relax beneath him that he begins to increase his speed. The pain quickly subsided and was replaced with a heavenly feeling of love. No man had ever made her feel as good both inside and out like Tidus was doing right now. Never had she felt such pleasure, such desire before in her life.

Hearing Yuna say his name only pleased him more, for he knew that he was showing her and allowing her to feel his love. Soft moans escaped their lips while breathing heavily. Whispers of "I love you." were heard from both.

The feeling soon became too much for either to handle, for it overtook them mind, body, and soul and heightened beyond their control. Their breathing increased and became much heavier, their moans louder. The feeling burst within them, releasing a flow of energy that was felt throughout their entire bodies. Their hearts raced, their breathing came somewhat steady, their moans much softer. Sweet kisses were placed upon their lips while holding each other tightly.

Peace was now here at last. Every heart connected together at last. Now Spira and the people who live within can at last enjoy what has become known as the eternal calm.