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It's mid afternoon. . .

Tidus and Yuna has stopped in an Al Bhed Cafe for some coffee, and as they enjoyed there moment of peace, an old lady called out for someone to help her. Upon distracting their attention, Tidus and Yuna saw a man running away from the helpless old lady with her purse in hand. Springing into action, the dynamic duo wasn't about to rest until they seen that justice was served.

The thief darted through the crowded streets, nearly falling into a woman carrying a large amount of shopping bags though he ran onward. The woman stooped down, picking up her bags and Tidus and Yuna ran by her. Upon nearing an alley, Tidus darted into it as Yuna kept her eye sight on the thief.

The thief kept running though was beginning to get short winded. He stopped momentarily, looking back only to see Yuna a few feet away, however, as he turned around he was greeted by an elbow to his face. He groaned loudly, falling to the ground where he was quickly taken into custody.

Late that evening. . .

Night had begun to fall upon all of Zanarkand, however, it was out shined by the streetlights and the lights from the tall buildings. The man was finger printed and everything where he's now in jail awaiting bond. The little old lady was glad to get her purse back, however, she pressed charges upon the thief, which's a good thing in a respective point of view.

Yuna stood in the break room shoveling a glazed doughnut in her mouth and drinking coffee when she is startled by a familiar voice.

"Whatcha doing?" Tidus called from the doorway.

Yuna spun around with chipmunk cheeks and her eyes flew open. She swallowed the doughnut before speaking. "How long were you standing there?

"Long enough to see you eat four of those things." Tidus teased. Yuna raised her eye brows at him in a playful manner and Tidus chuckled at her response.

"There you two are." came a strong voice from outside the break room. Tidus and Yuna looked only to see Auron approach them. "Very impressive work." Tidus and Yuna just smiled at his comment. "Why don't you two take the weekend off? You've earned it.

"No arguments here." Tidus said smugly.

"Thanks, Chief." Yuna said.

"Get on outta here then. I'll see you two back in here first thing Monday morning." Auron said with a grin.

Moments later. . .

After gathering their things, Tidus and Yuna left where he then began to walk her to her car, however, getting there is whole other matter. Upon reaching into her purse and getting her keys, Tidus snatched them from her hand, holding them high above out of her reach. After all, Tidus was much taller than she was.

"Got your keys!" Tidus said playfully.

"Give them back!" Yuna said, reaching up and trying to take them. She even attempted to jump, but to no avail. "Tidus!"

Tidus placed a tight grasp around them as he lowered his hand. "Just how far would you be willing to go to get them from me?"

Yuna's eyes widened. "Wha- -"

"Answer my question." Tidus said as a grin snaked across his face.

Noting his little mind games, Yuna only grinned back herself as she decided to play along with him. "What do you want?"

"A kiss." Tidus said with seduction in his voice as the look of want shrouded his eyes.

"Is that all?" Yuna questioned as she studied his features, moving in closer to him. "You know, you can have anything you want." Running her hands up his chest then back down, she began to undo his uniform as she unbuttoned two buttons, revealing his underlying muscles. She leaned in closely till their lips were only centimeters apart. So close, she could feel the heat of his breath upon them. Licking his lips, Tidus prepared to lean in and taste her until she snatched the keys from his grasp and pulled away. "Ha ha!"

Tidus grinned. "You've done it now!"

Laughter squealed from Yuna who ran away from him, however, being much faster than she was, it didn't take Tidus long to catch up with her as he threw his arms around her waist and spun her around in a circle a time or two.

"Tidus, stop!" Yuna laughed cheerfully. "You're making me dizzy." He stopped spinning her, however, he kept his arms tightly around her waist, leaning in close to the side of her face as he planted a playful kiss on her cheek, however, Yuna thought more of the kiss than just that as she leaned her face against his.

She loved being this close to him, but could not find the right words to express herself with. Would she dare to cross that line between friendship and love? How would he react to her feelings? Those are just a few questions she wasn't ready to face yet. Therefore, she tried to find a way to distract herself by looking up at the barely visible stars, but it didn't work for very long as she felt Tidus pull her even more closer to him.

"What are you gonna be doing later?" Tidus asked.

"I. . . don't know." Yuna said with hesitation in her voice as she turned and faced him, however, he refused to break his hold on her as he let them glide down to the small of her back.

"Come over later then." Tidus said and Yuna nodded her head. "We'll go and celebrate our hard earned success. You can invite a few people if you want."

Yuna was slightly disappointed with that idea, but didn't let it show. "Sounds great. You can come by around 10 and we'll all leave together." And with a small caress to her face, Tidus nodded his head in agreement.

"Ten it is then." Tidus said as he then walked Yuna to her car.

Later that night. . .

Night had fallen upon all of Zanarkand, however, the city lit up the night sky as if it were dusk. Yuna awaited at her home off the coast of Zanarkand, which sat out by itself over the ocean itself.

The building wasn't as tall as most of the buildings there in Zanarkand, which is one reason chose it other than it set out over the ocean. It consisted of three bedrooms with two downstairs and one upstairs, two bathrooms with one downstairs and the other one upstairs. A kitchen, dining room, and out from the bedroom upstairs was a balcony where you could stand and watch the waves roll in and out.

Yuna stood in the bathroom in front of the mirror flipping the ends of her hair out in a rather playful manner. Her concentration is broken instantly when she heard her giddy cousin squeal out her name from the other end of the hall. Yuna just rolled her eyes, giggling to herself as she continued to fix herself up.

Rikku burst through the bathroom door with a wide grin on her face. "So. . . Yunie. When's your lover boy gonna be here?"

Yuna let out a rather girlish gasp as she spun around and playfully narrowed her eyes at her cousin. "Rikku!" Rikku only giggled, leaning her head against the side of the bathroom door. "Tidus and I are only friends. Nothing more."

"Well, whatever you say, Yunie." Rikku said. "But I know better. I see the way your face lights up just by the mere mentioning of his name." Yuna crossed her arms over her chest where something then caught her eye.

"Where did you get that outfit!" Yuna demanded to know. "I love it!"

Rikku was wearing a magenta strapless top, which exposed the front of her stomach and had a ruffle along the bottom and was a little long in the back, ultra low rise, black jeans and matching black sandals that had many straps that double looped over each other on the top.

"Like it?" Rikku asked as she modeled the outfit for Yuna who nodded her head. "Good! I got you one just like it. Only a bit different. Didn't want people to think we were trying to be alike. So, I made a few minor adjustments."

Little did Yuna know that those few minor adjustments altered the entire outfit and she was gonna get in way over her head and its all thanks to her giddy cousin. . . as usual.

Moments later. . .

"NO WAY, RIKKU!" Yuna nearly shouted as she looked upon the outfit Rikku had purchased for her.

"What! You look good, Yunie! That outfit really does wonders for your figure." Rikku bragged

Yuna had to admit, she did like the way it showed off her body as she admired herself in her bedroom mirror. She had on a fuchsia strapless top. Similar to the one Rikku has on only thing was it had a darker shade of fuchsia sequence along the top and bottom of the shirt. A tight black mini with slits in the sides covered just enough to leave some for the imagination. Black high heeled sandals complete her look. She then turned and faced Rikku as they then heard two car doors slam shut.

"There they are." Yuna said as they then scurried downstairs.

Upon arriving downstairs, Lenne opened the door and allowed Gippal and Tidus to enter the house. Tidus took notice of Yuna as did she with him. Never had he looked as handsome as he did right then and there. His clear, ocean eyes, a blue dress shirt, black jeans and sneakers. Yuna was head over heels as she admired Tidus. Tidus was in awe at the mere sight of Yuna. The way that outfit showed off her figure was enough to take his breath away. She looked absolutely stunning.

"Hi." Tidus said as Yuna approached him where he eyes instantly focused on her chest and his mouth dropped open.

Yuna smirked, placing her hand under his chin and lifting his face so that their eyes would meet. "My eyes are up here, sweety. Not down there." Tidus just grinned a boyish grin.

"You look amazing tonight, Yuna." Tidus said as a small smile played upon his features.

"As do you." Yuna said.

"Are we gonna stand around here all night!" Rikku whined. "Let's get this party started!"

"Let's go then." Tidus said, his eyes never leaving Yuna's.

"You guys go on ahead." Lenne said and all eyes turned her way. "Beclem's picking me up in a little bit. We'll meet you guys down at the club later."

"Sure thing." Gippal said as the four of them left.

Moments later. . .

Tidus and Yuna sat in the back of Rikku's car as she breaks the speed limit, traveling down the streets of Zanarkand. Being quite a cramped car, not much room was to be expected which is what both Tidus and Yuna secretly wanted.

Yuna sat looking out the car window at the cars passing by at great speed. Tidus, however, has been examining something else. Due to the slits being at the sides of the skirt Yuna is wearing, Tidus surely got a good look at her upper thigh. His eyes studied her fully. What he wouldn't give to touch her right now. Therefore, he pretended to yawn, giving a fake stretch as he then rested his arm on the back of the seat behind Yuna. She paid him no attention, however, as she felt his finger brush against her neck, her eyes shot straight over at him, which instantly widened at the look he was giving her.

"Tidus?" Yuna questioned softly.

Without a word spoken, Tidus moved closer to her, letting his arm find its way around her to pull her even closer to him. Tracing his finger along her bottom lip, he slowly leaned in, however, just as Yuna closed her eyes, Tidus quickly grabbed her sides and began to tickle her and laughter instantly broke out.

"Tidus!" Yuna squealed out in laughter. "Cut it out!"

Tidus abided by her wishes as he stopped tickling her, running his left hand from around the small of her back, to the side of her waist and down the side of her right hip, however, as he reached the bottom of her skirt, he let his hand wander upward and around her backside a bit, feeling its firmness.

Yuna was stunned at what she just experienced, however, she wanted more. As she looked at Tidus, the truth was obvious in both their eyes, but no one played upon it.

"Sorry." Tidus tried to apologize in an innocent manner.

Yuna shrugged her shoulders. "Don't worry about it."

Meanwhile, back at the station, Auron had stepped out for a bit and was to return at a later time.

A tall figure dressed in black entered the police station only to find it empty. A sinister grin snakes across his lips as he proceeded to enter Auron's office. His shadow danced upon the wall as he entered where he then slung a strange note upon the desk and then left as quietly as he entered.

Meanwhile, just arriving at the club, the party is on as the group of friends enter the club.

The club itself is quite nice. The dance floor if off by itself at the back of the room, the bar is located near the front of the room as you first enter. Round tables sat everywhere. Music is playing loudly as well.

"Ohh, yeah! Now this is what I call a fun night out!" Rikku shouted with excitement in her voice as she headed straight for the bar to order up a round of drink for her and the others.

"You guys find us all a table to sit at. Me and Rikku will get the drinks." Gippal said, tailing after Rikku like a puppy.

Tidus then turned to Yuna. "Wanna dance?"

"Maybe later." Yuna said "Let's find a good place to sit before they're all taken."

"Good idea." Tidus said as he and Yuna headed towards the back of the room near the dance floor.

Being the gentleman that he is, Tidus pulled Yuna's chair out for her, With a smile, Yuna sat down and after he made sure she was comfortable, Tidus sat down beside her where only seconds later, Rikku and Gippal joined them with a round of drinks.

"Are you drunk already, Rikku?" Yuna asked shocked.

"She's buzzed if that's what you mean." Gippal said. "She downed six shots of a Zanarkand Blitz Blend before she left the counter."

"Damn!" Tidus said with a mere chuckle afterwards.

Taking a huge drink of her mixed drink, Rikku began to hack and cough. "Whoo! That's good stuff!" She then turned to Gippal. "Let's shake our booties out on that dance floor."

The first song ended as another began to play. The song called Bump-n-Grind by R. Kelly began to play.

Rikku grabbed Gippal by the arm and literally dragged him out on the dance floor. Tidus and Yuna laughed at the sight of them as he then turned his attention to her.

"So, that offer still good?" Tidus asked

"Not to this song!" Yuna said with a smirk. Tidus just let out a small chuckle.

An hour had slowly gone by. . .

Rikku was now plastered where Yuna had barely finished her first drink. Tidus has had quite a few as well as Gippal. A slow song had begun to play. "I'll Make Love To You" by Boyz II Men is now playing.

Yuna watched the couples dance very closely to each other out on the dance floor. She let out a long, lonely sigh as she then turned to Tidus who was listening to the song play. She watched him momentarily before gently placing her hand over his. Tidus turned, looking at her hand upon his then at her.

"Let's dance." Yuna said as she stood up, keeping her hand upon his. As Tidus stood up, he laced his fingers with Yuna and they headed out on the dance floor.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Auron had returned where an unexpected surprise awaited him.

Auron entered his office, sipping around on some coffee and as he approached his desk, he found a mysterious note upon his desk.

Retrieving the letter from his desk, he unsealed it and opened it to a startling thing.

Auron read the note to himself, picked up the phone and began to quickly dial a number.

Meanwhile, back at the club, everyone is caught up in the moment of the song as they dance and hold each other close.

Gippal tried to hold Rikku up and dance with her at the same time, however, has found it quite difficult to do so. Everything kept spinning in front of Rikku who quickly placed her hand over her mouth and staggered away from Gippal and headed for the bathroom. Gippal quickly ran after her. Thing are very different with Tidus and Yuna right now who are having a much better time.

Yuna ran her hand up his chest as she leaned her head against it. Tidus glided his hands around the small of her back. Feeling her breath hot against his flesh, Tidus leaned his head against hers as he pulled her even closer to him, meeting her with a romantic embrace.

As they became lost in the moment, everyone around them seemed to disappear. They were the only two there. They had each other and that's all that they needed and wanted.

Meanwhile. . . several police cars drove swiftly down the road at a deathly speed with their sirens wailing. . .

"Tidus?" Yuna said softly.

"Hmm?" Tidus responded, never breaking his hold on her.

"There's something I want to tell you." Yuna began. "Something. . . I've wanted to do to you since the day I met you."

Tidus gently pulled away from Yuna, looking into her bi-colored eyes to see the seduction within. And as Yuna was about to express her words, the entire place blacks out and everything grows quite, which is instantly broken as murmurs filled the room.

Glass shattered somewhere off in the distance when suddenly a huge explosion erupted from no where. Fire spread quickly as the front part of the building caved inward.

What just happened? Is everyone okay?