Well, everyone did say they wanted a little more and here ya go! I guess the way I ended it in the last chpt was a little irritating. I just wanted a simple ending, but I think everyone was expecting more. Well, if you want something, all you have to do is ask me. And I packed this chpt with as much action and suspense as I could without overdoing it. lol Anyway, here's one more chpt. Enjoy!

Yuna walked through the dark parking lot, heading for her car. She fumbled with her keys only to drop them once she reached her car door. She cursed under her breath as she picked them up, got the right key and unlocked her car door. She opened it only to have to slammed shut on her. She gasped though her fear subsided once she saw a certain someone in front of her.

"Tidus. . ." Yuna trailed off.

"Going somewhere?" Tidus asked only to step in front of her to keep her from entering her car.

"I- -" Yuna trailed off though before she could finish Tidus snatched her keys from her and ran away laughing. An amused smile just played upon Yuna's features. She should have seen that coming, but for some reason didn't. It seemed as though that Tidus tricked her like this every time. She then slowly turned and gave him a playful smile. Tidus raised his eyebrows at her, gave her a crooked grin that was followed by a flirty wink and then waved her keys at her. Yuna then walked over to him and held out her hand. "Give then to me, Tidus."

"Not a chance." Tidus teased. Yuna sighed, placing her hands upon her hips. "You have to kiss me to get them." Yuna gave him a girly smile, placed her hands upon his waist, and tilted her head slightly only to greet Tidus with a kiss that was full of tender loving care. Tidus deepened that kiss as Yuna slipped her arms around him and up his back. He embraced her, holding her tight. He then slipped her keys to her as their lips parted, however, Yuna noticed something a little more than just her keys.

"What's this?" Yuna asked as she held up a simple key.

"It's. . . the key to my apartment." Tidus admitted. Yuna looked at the key then back at him. "Come by later." He caressed her face, gazing into her eyes. "Let yourself in. I'll be waiting."

Yuna was certainly loving the sound of that. Especially if that meant getting what he gave to her earlier. Her mind wandered back to the pleasant event for a moment only to relinquish itself from her mind as she sighed. "Okay." She then slipped the key in her purse only to lean in and kiss Tidus once more.

The kiss was so tender, so full of desire that their hearts skipped a beat and they melted into each other. His lips moved over her own in perfect harmony with each other. Tidus pulled her closely to him while she wrapped her arms around him.

"Hey, get a room!" came a deep voice. Tidus and Yuna slowly pulled apart only to see Auron approaching them and were they ever embarrassed. "The dynamic duo is parting I see." He then took a step beyond them. "You'll no longer be partners after tonight." He then turned and faced them. "You two were the best I had. I'm gonna miss seeing the two of you in action together."

Tidus put his arm around Yuna's neck. "Ah, Auron. You still have me." Auron just grumbled in his usual manner. "We'll always be the dynamic duo no matter what."

"Indeed." Auron agreed. "It'll take an unbeatable pair to even match up to you two." He then sighed. "I'm outta here. You two be safe going home." Tidus and Yuna waved goodbye to Auron as he walked away.

Rikku walked into the kitchen wearing her baby doll pjs, her hair in pig tails with big bunny slippers on her feet and did she ever look adorable. She got in the refrigerator and got herself, three cans of soda, a big bag of chips, and two cakes. She then headed by the kitchen doorway when suddenly the phone rang. She squealed loudly only to drop her snacks. She then sighed and answered the phone.

"Hello?" Rikku asked. No one answered. "Someone there?" Raspy breathing could be heard on the other end of the line. "Look, speak up or I am gonna hang up."

"How do you want to die tonight?" came the raspy voice.

Rikku felt her heart come to a dead halt within her chest. "Who is this?!" The voice just cackled. "This isn't funny!!"

"I am coming for you!" the voice said and then the phone went dead.

Rikku was certainly scared out of her mind. She dropped the phone and began to run around the house closing all the blinds, locking all the doors and windows, and turning off all the lights. She then grabbed the poker from the fire place and headed for the closet in Yuna's bedroom due to where it was the one closest to the front door. All that could be heard was her uneven, nervous breathing when suddenly the closet door flew open and Rikku let out a blood curling scream.

Yuna drove down the road singing along with the song Real Emotion and was she ever getting down with the beat of the music. Her cell phone then rang. She picked it up and looked at the number only to see that it was her home number and automatically assumed it was Rikku. Therefore, she flipped the phone open and answered it.

"What's up, Rikku?" Yuna asked.

"I'm not Rikku." came the raspy voice.

Yuna's eyes went wide. "Who is this?! Where's Rikku?"

"Yunie!!" Rikku cried.

"You have exactly 15 minutes to get here or I'll put a bullet in her brain." the raspy voice warned only to hang up the phone.

"Dammit!" Yuna cursed. There was no way that she could get home within 15 mins and she knew this. Therefore, she floor boarded the gas pedal and hit Tidus' number on speed dial.

Minutes later. . .

Rikku sat on the floor in Yuna's room with tears streaming down her face from fright. She had once again found herself in a very sticky situation and couldn't think of a way to get out of this one. It would have to take some fast thinking or a miracle to get out of this.

"Looks like you have less than a minute to live, my dear." the raspy voice said. "So long!" Rikku squeezed her eyes together, expecting to hear the gun go off when suddenly the front door burst open.

"FREEZE!!!" Yuna demanded while taking aim only to nearly drop the gun once she saw who was holding Rikku at gun point. "What?!" She was in total shock. "How can this be? You're dead!"

"Wrong, my sweet darling." Rio said with his raspy voice, which was created from where he was shot in his throat. "I am very much alive." He then quickly withdrew a gun from his side pocket and aimed it at Yuna. "Unlike you!"

Yuna's eyes went wide as she gasped, Rikku shouted "NO!" only to pounce like a tiger and grab the gun just as it went off, which in turn caused the bullet to strike the ceiling rather than Yuna. Yuna immediately reacted and fired her two remaining bullets, striking him in the chest both times and he fell backwards. Yuna let the gun slip from her fingertips and to the floor below. She then turned her attention to her cousin when unbeknownst to her, Rio opened his eyes. Rikku nodded her head as she and Yuna talked when she happened to notice Rio getting up.

"Yunie!!" Rikku shouted. Yuna looked and saw Rio getting up and she gasped.

Rio made it to his feet and took aim at the girls when suddenly there was a rather loud shatter. Rikku and Yuna screamed once they saw the glass from the bedroom window shatter and fall to the floor below, for Tidus had jumped through the window, landed on the floor only to do a tuck and roll and stand up shooting at Rio who had already sprinted away and Tidus gave chase.

Rio ran through the living room, knocking over lamps and tabled to try and ward Tidus off, however, his efforts were done in vain. He ran up the stairs as quickly as possible while turning and firing a few cheap shots at Tidus who returned fire, however, both missed. Rio ran on up the stairs and down the hall, disappearing into one of the rooms. Tidus made it to the top of the stairs, holding the gun in an upright position, ready to fire. Slowly he walked down the dark hallway, kicking the doors in to make sure that he wasn't in there. He made his way down the hall when he came upon the balcony door. The wind blew the curtains back as Tidus slowly approached the door. He moved the curtains out of the way only to side step around the door and take aim as he looked about. Everything was clear and eerily silent, which he did not like one bit when he suddenly heard a clicking sound. He turned only to find Rio standing in the doorway, aiming his gun at him. Tidus immediately took aim, for if he was gonna go down, he was certainly taking Rio down with him.

"Well, this is an interesting situation." Rio said as he began to walk circles around Tidus who kept a dead aim on him.

"One would think." Tidus said coyly.

"I could kill you and you could kill me." Rio said "Or one of would miss and only one would die." He came to a stop in front of the banisters and placed his hand upon the railing. He seemed too calm for this type of situation, which made Tidus a little worried. Rio and Tidus studied each other as if trying to guess what the other's next move was going to be.

"TIDUS!!!" Yuna called out from the distance, which distracted both Rio and Tidus.

Rio instantly looked back at Tidus, however, as he started to pull that trigger he happened to notice Yuna run through the doorway with gun in hand just as Tidus looked back at him. Yuna fired just as Rio did and struck him in the abdomen and he went down. The bullet fired from Rio's gun also struck Yuna and she went down.

"YUNA!!!" Tidus shouted as he ran to Yuna, kneeling down beside her only to cradle her in his arms. Yuna opened her eyes and blinked them a few times, however, he words were silent. Tidus certainly felt the rage within him now. He fought back his emotions only to gently lower Yuna back to the ground. He very slowly stood up just as Rio tried to fumble to his feet, however, fell back down onto one knee. "You son of a bitch!!" Tidus said through narrowed eyes and clinched teeth. He then cocked his gun, took aim and fired away in complete hysteria. He kept firing till there were no more bullets in his gun.

A bloody hand slowly grasped the railing as a bloody Rio slowly pulled himself up. Blood oozed from his mouth and wounds. He staggered backwards, lost his balance, and fell over the back of the railing where he fell to the pavement below, instantly breaking every bone in his body.

Tidus dropped the gun to the ground, panting from anger and exhaustion. He then turned to Yuna only to see blood seeping from her open wound. He then rushed to her. Upon kneeling beside her, he cradled her against him.

"I- - I love you, Tidus." Yuna whispered softly.

"No!" Tidus said as he tried to fight his emotions. "Don't you do this, Yuna! Don't you dare! Don't you dare say goodbye to me!" Tears began to escape his eyes.

Yuna couldn't fight back her own tears once she saw the tears fall from his eyes. "I'm sorry." She closed her eyes and cried. "Forgive me." It was only after she uttered those two words that silence had befallen all. Sirens wailed off in the distance as Tidus held Yuna closely to him.

A few days later. . .

Rikku sat humped up in the chair that sat in the corner sleeping restlessly. Tidus stood by the door, bandaged up from the cuts and coverer in bruises. A pair of dazed, mismatched eyes slowly opened and tried to adjust to the brightness before them. Rikku awoke only to see those one of a kind eyes and smiled. Tidus also saw them and smiled as well and they both went to her side.

"Finally wake up, sleepy head?" Rikku teased.

"Hey, beautiful." Tidus flirted.

"Where am I?" Yuna asked.

"You're in the hospital." Tidus said. "You lost a lot of blood from bullet wound, but you're going to be okay." Yuna slowly slide her hand over and placed it over his own and squeezed it as tight as she could. Tidus took notice of how weak she still was, however, didn't say anything as so not to cause her any concern.

"The dynamic duo does it again." Auron stated as he entered the room. All eyes were on him as he raised the newspaper up in the air. "You two made the front page yet again." He then tossed the paper aside. "Giving the people of Spira one last thrill before parting, eh?" Tidus and Yuna just laughed. "Rio's dead for sure this time. Even the doctors can find to medical explanation how he was even alive after taking in two bullets to the chest like he did. You got one hell of an aim about you, Yuna."

"Thanks." Yuna said with a soft smile.

"And that trigger happy lunatic beside you if a whole other matter." Auron said, snaking his eyes over at Tidus who gave him a crooked, cocky grin.

"So, where do we all go from here?" Rikku asked.

Yuna shrugged her shoulders. "Time will tell, Rikku." She then looked at Tidus and caressed his face. "Only time will tell." Tidus looked to his love only to smile.