Author's Note: Just so you know, this fic was entirely my best friend's idea. I showed her a picture of Yuan and explained that he had a certain affinity for his cape…so she decided to steal it. This takes place at Dirk's house, where Lloyd and Kratos are currently living. Michelle, my best friend, and I are staying there, and I wake up one morning to find her wearing Yuan's cape. You know what that means: CHAOS! Not to mention a very grumpy Yuan.

Disclaimer: I do not own ToS or any of its characters. I also do not own Michelle. She came up with the plot and even wrote some of this. Basically, I own next to nothing…except a copy of the game and the laptop upon which this story was written.

Now, please enjoy the insanity!

Someone Stole Yuan's Cape!

I wake up early the next morning but apparently Michelle has woken up earlier. Something seems different about her but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"Mornin', buddy. Do you think I look cool in this?" she asks as she spins around once.

My eyes go wide. "Don't tell me that's… you didn't…." I stutter. She is just smiling. "You did." I say burying my face in my hands.

"What? Don't like it? I think it looks really cool. I've always wanted a cape," she says, happily smiling.

Then suddenly we hear a knock on the door downstairs. Lloyd answers the door. "Hey, Yuan, what's up? Something seems different about you but I can't put my finger on it."

"Where's… my… CAPE!" Yuan demands. "SOMEONE STOLE MY CAPE!" Lloyd cowers in fear.

"Uh…well, I have no idea," he says.

"Forget it. I'm coming in to search the entire house," Yuan states, shoving Lloyd aside and storming into the house.

On his way to the stairs, Yuan runs into Kratos. "Hey, Yuan, what brings you here?" Then Kratos gives him a puzzled expression. "Wait a minute…something looks different about you. Where's your cape?"

Yuan sends Kratos a death glare that would have killed any mortal being instantly. Then suddenly he grabs Kratos by the shoulders and sobs into his chest. "Oh it's horrible! Just horrible! Someone hic stole my hic sob CAPE!" He keeps sobbing for a few minutes while Kratos just sweat drops. Lloyd is still cowering in the corner. He suddenly takes on an evil, demonic voice and yells while pointing to Kratos, Lloyd, and Dirk, "AND I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YOU! THE GUILTY PARTY SHALL PAY!"

Kratos thinks to himself, 'So this is what happens when Yuan loses his cape…mood swings.' He says, "Uh…Michelle and Silvan Arrow are upstairs. Maybe they know where your cape is."

"YES! THEY SHALL PAY!" Yuan exclaims, still in a demonic voice. He regains

his normal voice and stomps up the stairs.

Meanwhile, I have overheard the entire conversation. "Uh…Michelle, I think you should run for your life."

"Why?" she asks innocently. "I didn't do anything."

"When Yuan gets his hands on you, he is going to KILL you!" I whisper. "Just go, and I'll cover for you."

"All right, here I go!" she exclaims, jumping out the window. "Woohoo! They'll never catch me!"

Yuan bursts into our room, slamming the door in the process, just as Michelle makes her grand escape. "WHERE'S…MY…CAPE!" he roars, sprouting his wings. Yes, roars.

I quickly lose my brave resolve in the presence of the enraged angel. I point to the window and yell, "SHE WENT THAT WAY! I SWEAR I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! SHE WENT THAT WAY! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! SHE WENT THAT WAY! IT WAS ALL HER FAULT! SHE WENT THAT WAY!" Yuan dashes to the window and looks down. Michelle is standing under the window, looking up at Yuan. She grins, waves, and promptly takes off running, whooping and hollering the whole time. And, of course, she is still wearing the cape.

"MY CAPE!" Yuan yells in his creepy voice. "YOU SHALL DIE!"

"You have to catch me first!" Michelle calls back over her shoulder with a wave.

"COME BACK HERE!" Yuan yells as he starts flying after her. I start praying for Michelle's life to be spared.

Kratos walks into the room and sighs. He casually sprouts his wings and says, "I'd better go make sure Yuan doesn't kill anyone." He flies out the window after Michelle and Yuan.

Meanwhile, Yuan is having the hardest time of his life catching up with Michelle. Even while flying, he can't catch her. Kratos gets Yuan in sight and thinks, 'Maybe I don't have to help her after all. Yuan is really out of it without his cape.'

6 hours later…

Michelle is sitting on the couch in Dirk's room, still with the cape of course. Yuan is on his knees begging and pleading for her to return his precious cape. "Please…return…my cape," he begs with outstretched clasped hands. "If there's any kindness in your heart, please give it back… sob sob"

"But I like it! It looks so cool on me!" Michelle whines, hugging the cape around her shoulders. "Don't you think it looks cool?" she asks, turning to me, Kratos, and Lloyd.

Suddenly Yuan faints! "Oh my gosh, you killed Yuan!" I exclaim in horror.

"Geez, even I feel sorry for him. Just give the poor guy his cape back," Lloyd says.

"Indeed…" Kratos agrees.

"Oh fine," Michelle concedes with a sigh. She takes off the cape and tosses it so it lands on Yuan's upturned face.

"MY CAPE!" Yuan exclaims, instantly coming back from the dead. "MY LOVELY CAPEY! I MISSED YOU!" He huggles the cape tightly as tears of joy stream down his face. He puts the cape back on and resumes his normal reserved demeanor. "Well, I must be going. I must tend to some urgent business at the Renegade Base." With that, he strides out of the house without another word.

Once he's gone, Lloyd remarks, "Wow, that cape is like Yuan's security blanket."

"He was more fun without his cape," Michelle adds.

I say, "Note to self: for more fun, steal it again and blame it on Lloyd."

"HEY!" Lloyd protests. Kratos just sweat drops.


Author's Note: Like I said, this is what happens when we're up late at night and have had too much sugar. I do actually plan to write some serious ToS oneshots, but this one is just for fun. Please review!