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Chapter 7: Tori Stole Yuan's Cape!

After experiencing the pain and heartache of having his cape stolen so many times, Yuan is ready to collapse from exhaustion, both from the physical and emotional fatigue. With Kratos and Lloyd now officially out of a job as cape-guards, since they failed so miserably in the last chapter, Yuan drags himself into his bedroom in the Flanior Base and flops face-first onto his bed. "I won't let anyone else steal you ever again, my dear capey," Yuan mutters into his pillow.

No sooner does Yuan finally start to relax than Botta walks by the open door and sees his boss lying face-down on his bed. He hesitantly peeks in and asks, "Um…Yuan, sir? Are you okay?"

"No, I'm not okay, Botta," Yuan snaps, his voice still muffled from the pillow. "I'm tired, cranky, and emotionally challenged. Go away and let me sleep."

"Uh…o-kay. As you wish," Botta replies hesitantly before closing the door to give Yuan some peace and quiet. He tip-toes down the hall, turns a corner, and lets out a sigh of relief. "Whew…he sure has been a crank lately. Looks like I can play Mr. Boss-man again. Hehehehehehe…"

Sometime that night…

The door to Yuan's room opens silently, letting in a small shaft of light. Four furry feet pad softly across the floor…four feet belonging to a cat. The cat in question hops up onto Yuan's bed pulling a blanket along. The cat quietly switches Yuan's cape with the blanket and leaves, bringing the cape along.

That morning…in Hiemdall…

Kratos wakes up in a guest house in Hiemdall as the sunlight streams through the window and warms his face. However, he immediately senses that not all is right in Symphonia. 'My Yuan senses are tingling,' he thinks grimly. After getting dressed, he grabs his sword and strides out of the house. On his way out of the city, the elf chief asks, "Where are you going so early in the morning, Kratos?"

"To check on a friend. I will return shortly," Kratos replies simply before sprouting his wings and flying in the direction of Flanior. Once he arrives at the Renegade Base, the guards let him in without question, and he heads for Yuan's office.

Knock knock.

"Come in," Yuan beckons, and Kratos strides in calmly. "Ah, Kratos, this is a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?"

Kratos struggles to maintain his composure upon seeing Yuan. Instead of his cape, Yuan is wearing a blanket of the same color. 'Yuan obviously hasn't noticed this yet. I'll keep quiet about it for now.' He replies to his friend, "I was in the neighborhood and thought I would pay you a visit."

"Oh, well that was nice of you," Yuan states. He paces around his office while talking: "You know, there hasn't been much to keep the Renegades occupied, but…" He trails off upon catching his reflection in his office mirror. He takes a closer look and sees the blanket in place of his cape, and his eyes about bulge out of their sockets. Yuan turns to Kratos, wide-eyed, and exclaims, "MY CAPE IS GONE!"

Just then the door bursts open, and Botta rushes in. "Sir, what is going on in here?" he asks frantically.


"Um…I thought you were trying a new fashion statement?" Botta suggests. 'Oh, I hope he buys that. Please please PLEASE let him buy that!'

That's when Yuan switches to his demonic, cape-stolen voice: "WELL, YOUR FASHION SENSE SUCKS! MOBILIZE THE RENEGADES! NOW!"

"Yes sir! Right away sir!" Botta replies with a salute before rushing out of the room.

Meanwhile, Kratos is standing passively to the side. 'Yep, I was right. My Yuan senses never lie…'

Two hours later…

Yuan is sitting on Kratos' lap sobbing into his shoulder. Yep, more cape-induced mood swings. "My precious capey -sob-…why can't the -hic- Renegades -sniffle- find it?"

Kratos, meanwhile, is completely weirded out by the whole situation. 'May the goddess help him,' he prays silently. "You probably just misplaced it. I'm sure the Renegades will find your cape soon."

"But -hic- what if they -sniffle- don't -sob-?" Yuan protests. "To think that my capey is out there…alone…and scared. Who will take care of it?" He starts sobbing again.

"OREO! How many times have I told you not to steal people's stuff?"

Yuan jerks upright. "Who was that?" he asks.

"I'm not sure. Maybe you should go see," Kratos suggests, hoping that that will be a good enough reason to get this crazy half-elf off his lap. Yuan gets up just in time to see a strange girl walk in, followed closely by a cat. However, Yuan's eyes about bulge out of their sockets for the millionth time this week at seeing what the girl is carrying…

"MY CAPEY!" Yuan screams. He lunges for the girl who is holding his cape, but she holds up a hand to stop him.

"I'll only give it back if you sing Happy Birthday to me!" she states with a smirk.

"Now why should I do that…and who in Symphonia ARE you?" Yuan demands half-way composed.

"My name is Tori, and this is my cat Oreo," she replies, indicating the cat sitting by her feet. "He sorta has a bad habit of stealing people's stuff, including mine. About the Happy Birthday thing, it's because today is my birthday. So start singing!"

Yuan starts muttering something under his breath, but Tori cuts him off: "I can't hear you!"

"Oh fine!" Yuan exclaims in exasperation. And thus he begins singing…

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to Tori

Happy birthday to you-now-give-me-my-cape-back!

"Thanks a bunch!" Tori exclaims with a grin. "Here ya go!" She tosses Yuan his cape, which he immediately begins to huggle. "Sorry about Oreo. I promise he won't do that again." And so Tori and Oreo leave without another word, although Yuan could swear Oreo had smirked at him on his way out.

Once the situation has calmed down, Yuan, now wearing his cape instead of the blanket, turns to Kratos, who is still sitting in a chair completely weirded out, and asks, "So…did you like my singing?"

"Don't quit your day job."

End chapter 7

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