Heart's Blood

Summary: A young woman is condemned as a witch and is sentenced to be the town's ritual sacrifice to a dragon. Unbeknownst to everyone the dragon is actually a young man under a curse that can only be broken by learning to love. Flora and Riven pairing in a non Winx Club setting. Although the other characters may surface.

Note: Before reading this story I would like everyone to remember that Magix, Alfea, Red Fountain, the fairies the specialists and the witches don't exist. This is just so none of you get confused. The story is dark and I took a lot of liberties. But I hope everyone likes it.

Dedication: This is dedicated to Neko Kioko for inspiring me to write Flora Riven stories.

Disclaimer: Do not regret growing old. Many are denied the privilege- Irish saying

Chapter One: Innocence and Survival
All our lives get complicated
Search for pleasures overrated
Never armed our souls
For what the future would hold
When we were innocent

"I'm innocent I swear it!" Flora cried to the crowd gathered in the room. The town courthouse was filled to bursting. People from as far as the out lying farms had come to watch the trial.

"Can you prove it?" The judge sneered. "You're accused of witchcraft and seducing one of the town's leaders."

The girl just lowered her eyes. To the entire town she was a nobody and an easy scapegoat for whatever went wrong. "No sir." She whispered.

"Well. The penalty for witchcraft is death." The judge intoned. "However I would like to remind the jury that we have had a dragon plaguing our town for the past month. Perhaps if we sacrificed her…."

The jury of twelve men all murmered their agreement as Flora turned pale she knew what was coming.

Finally one of the men stood and spoke up. "We find the defendant guilty of witch craft. The sentence, being sacrificed."

Flora's anguished cry was drowned out by the cheers that erupted from most gathered. As tears began to form in her large emerald eyes the young woman made no move to brush them aside. True no one cared about her grief, but she was too tired to try holding it inside any longer.

A few hours later Flora was bound and loaded roughly on to a horse drawn wagon to the outskirts of town.

"Here you go bitch." One of the men growled as he roughly dragged Flora from the wagon.

The whole thing was rather unceremonious. Since she wasn't being hung no crowds gathered to cheer. And since it was late in the woods the men hurried off to avoid chancing a meeting with the dragon.

'Well' thought Flora as she gazed into the starry sky. 'At least I get to die in peaceful surroundings'

End first chapter

Yes, I'm going to end the first chapter here and be evil. I know this was a rough start, but trust me it'll get better.

And as an added bonus I'll be updating my other stories and adding new ones as well. Happy New Year!