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Maureen was leaning back in her hospital bed, Mark sitting at her side. Every surface of her body was covered in a thin layer of sweat, but that didn't stop Mark from taking her hand in his. He rubbed slow, gentle circles on the back of her hand. They were at a good place right now; Maureen was between contractions and was able to rest for a moment. They had been sitting like this for several hours. Shortly after Mark had arrived, Maureen's mother dismissed herself to the protests of Maureen.

"Honey, you don't need me. It's not my time to help you anymore." With that, she had left.

"Mark," Maureen said, breaking the silence, "this sucks." He chuckled at her. Receiving a glare from Maureen, he held up a plastic cup containing ice chips. She shook her head, indicating no. Yet another contraction racked Maureen's body. A nurse came in to check on her progress. The nurse looked up at the pair, and nodded.

"She's fully dilated," she elaborated. "At the next contraction, you'll need to start pushing." The nurse stayed at the foot of the bed as the actual midwife made his way into the room. Minutes later Maureen was hit by another contraction. With the encouragement of the nurse and Mark, she began to push. What seemed like months later to Maureen, the nurse midwife made the announcement that he could see the head. Realizing that she still had a long battle before her, she was tempted to give up. With the announcement of the first shoulder being out, Maureen dreaded going on. With more encouraging looks from Mark, she held on a little longer. She squeezed his hand through the pain. He winced along with her, but knew better than to vocalize the pain her was going through, as hers was undoubtedly greater.

Mark himself was beginning to feel tired. How many hours had he been in the same chair next to Maureen? His back ached from leaning over her bed. His hand hurt where she had been squeezing it with every contraction. He felt almost guilty thinking of his discomforts with the love of his life screaming in pain on the bed next to him. He remembered the pained expression on her face when she had first told him about the pregnancy. Her face had held fear of rejection, fear of the future, and hope for the unborn child. Thinking back further, he remembered her emotional pain. The cutting, the crying, the therapy. Thinking of all the pain she had been through, he vowed to make her life happier, and hoped that the baby would help. He felt Maureen giving one final push, and felt her relief that the pain was over. The midwife called the time of birth and the gender: 3:04 AM on October 31, a female was born. Mar leaned up to Maureen's head and kissed her flushed cheek.

"What should we name her?" Mark asked quietly. A look of contemplation covered Maureen's flushed features.

"Angela. It's just right."

"Angela. I like that. Angela Johnson?"

"Angela Cohen, you dummy." She had just enough time to slap Mark lightly before being handed her child. Angela Cohen was small and pink in her mother's arms. Tears fell once again from her eyes as she handed the girl to her father. Maureen had m ton of emotions rolling through her body, and she could see every one of them reflected in the blue eyes of her lover.


Mark left Maureen's room as soon as she fell asleep and made his way to the waiting room in search of Mrs. Johnson. Upon seeing Maureen's mother, he rushed to her side. He failed to notice the couple sitting across the waiting room from her.

"You have a grand daughter," Mark said breathlessly. "Her name is Angela." The older woman pulled Mark into a tight embrace.

"Thank you. Thank you for giving my Maureen something to hold on to; something to live for. And thank you for giving me a grand daughter. If you don't mind I'd like to go to the nursery to see her. Whose last name did you give? Yours, I suppose?" He nodded. As Mrs. Johnson left, he noticed Roger and Mimi watching him intently. He made his way over to the pair.

"So what did you name her?" Mimi jumped in.

"You're such an eavesdropper," Mark said as he chuckled lightly. "We named her Angela." Both Roger and Mimi nodded, realizing the importance of the child's name.

"It's Halloween," Mimi said. "It's right that it's Halloween, for Angela."

"It is," Mark agreed.


Hours later, Mark and the now awake Maureen were sitting together in her hospital room with their daughter. The past year and a half didn't seem to matter anymore as they felt, for the first time, like an actual family. They had overcome so much together, and for now they seemed to have it all. They had a life together, a child together, and most importantly, they had a future together.

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