I am really a jackass for pulling my stories again, aren't I? Wait! Don't answer that. LOL I was just very stressed out, angry, hurt. A little of it all. So, I took it out on myself. I'm gonna be known as the drama queen of fanfic if I don't stop. lol

The lights dim rather suddenly as the Luca stadium began to rise. The crowd's in a uproar of cheers as it came into full view. The band began to play as Yuna's and Lenne's words are heard.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

Magenta and aqua colored lights began to flash brightly midst the stage as they then exploded into rays of sapphire and lavender, which danced around the stage as Lenne and Yuna stepped forth.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
I can hear you

Yuna and Lenne moved their body to the beat of the music, keeping in perfect rhythm with each other.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

Lenne twirled in front of Yuna, stepping aside as Yuna began to sing. They both kept dancing the same steps together in perfect harmony together.

Far beyond the hazy borders of my heart
I could see a place that's something like this
Every now and then I don't know what to do
Still I know that I can never go back
But the things I've seen in those hazy dreams
Can't compare to what I'm seeing now
Everything's so different that it brings me to my knees.

The band picked up the beat of the tune as Yuna and Lenne prepared to sing together, their dancing a bit more risqué.

And though I know the real world of emotion has surrounded me
I won't give in to it
Now I know that forward is the only way my heart can go
I hear your voice calling out to me
"You'll never be alone"

Yuna then stepped back as Lenne stepped forth, singing the next verse in solo as their dancing became more robust. The music became more expressive and artistic with the melody as the excitement and cheering of the crowd grew spontaneously.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
I can hear you

Yuna twirled around over to Lenne, standing beside her as they both began to sing together.

And if I find the real world of emotion has surrounded me
And I can't go on
You are there the moment that I close my eyes to comfort me
We are connected for all of time
I'll never be alone

The girls continued to sing, however, even though the performance was surely to go out with a bang, little did they know just how right they were about to be.

Meanwhile. . .

Underneath the stadium, attached under the stage where the girls are now performing, numbers are counted down on the side of a packaged device.

Meanwhile. . .

The words of their song could be heard throughout the stadium. The cheering from the crowd almost as loud and vigorous as the music playing.

And though I know the real world of emotion has surrounded me
I won't give in to it
Now I know that forward is the only way my heart can go

I hear your voice calling out to me
"You'll never be alone"

Lenne walked to the right side of Yuna who stepped forth towards the front of the stage, closer to the crowd. Lenne continued to sing as Yuna began to work the crowd.

What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?
What can I do for you?

"Come on! I can't hear you!" Yuna called out to the crowd, which only worked them up even more. "I can't hear you!" The crowd grew louder and began to get a little out of control. Yuna suppressed a giggle as she stepped backwards, meeting Lenne center stage.

I can hear you...

3. . .2. . .1. . .

I can hear you…

Suddenly, out of no where, the stage surrounding Lenne, Yuna and their band members exploded into flames of fury. Hysteria instantly broke free from the crowd. Lenne slowly opened her eyes, everything very hazy before her. She could hear people screaming and the fire burning around her, though as she adjusted her eye sight, she saw Yuna lying next to her unconscious where she soon lost consciousness herself.

3. . .2. . .1. . .

Another explosion suddenly erupted from the left side of the building where another soon followed from the right. Fire quickly set in and spread throughout the building. Many lives were lost where some still hung in the balance

Hours later. . .

Hours had passed since the explosion of Luca Stadium. The fire was extinguished where many people were rushed to the hospital. Upon hearing about the explosion, the most powerful man in all of Spira was there in Luca within minutes.

A fist is slammed down on the desk in front of the chief of police of the LPD as a deathly glare is also given to him. The c.o.p looked into the eyes of the man that stood before him, swallowing hard.

"You were suppose to be protecting my daughter and her friends!" Braska said with a deathly tone in his voice. "And you failed to do that! This is the third attack this month! First, it was the phone calls, then someone following her, and now this! What's next, a stampeding herd of chocobos after my daughter!"

"Sir- -" Logos began.

"Silence!" Braska demanded. "I'll hear none of your accuses! I want the best men guarding my daughter and her friends."

"I'll send Ormi and- -" Logos began, but was instantly cut off by Braska.

"I don't want your clowns, Logos!" Braska stated sternly "I want the best of the best!" Logos' eyes began to widen as he listens to Braska speak. "Yuna and Lenne are to tore in Zanarkand by the end of this month if all goes according to schedule. That is to be the biggest concert of the career and I want NOTHING to stand in the way of their hard earned success. You will get on that phone and call Auron of the ZPD this very minute. Tell him I want his best men. I will make sure he gets what's coming to him if they prove worthy to my daughter and Lenne." Logos hesitated at first because the last person he wanted to deal with was Auron whom was very strict and to the point. "Now, Logos!" Logos immediately picked up the phone and began to dial.

Meanwhile, in the city that never sleeps, the two best that Braska seeks are having troubles of their own as they are about to bust a huge drug dealer they have followed for weeks now.

The alleys of downtown Zanarkand are dark with an eerie silence. No one dared to set foot in there. Not unless they had a death wish, and in this case, two agents seek more than just that. The buildings stood tall, the streets very damp underfoot. The street lights gave a dim glare of light into the alleys.

A gun is pointed from around the corner of the building before he proceeded on. Upon hearing or seeing nothing, he rounded the corner followed by his partner whom is covering his back at the moment. Upon taking three steps into the alley, a gun is fired from somewhere off in the distance. The bullets struck the side of the building near them as they returned fire. In the distance they saw a shadowy figure run away swiftly where they soon gave chase.

The figure ran down the alley way before he at last turned the corner where the two agents soon followed. The one agent continued persuit where they other one stopped, took aim and fired. Upon firing, the figure running in the distance grabbed the calf of his leg and hit the ground hard. Upon reaching him, the agent grabbed him immediately, kneeling down upon his back as he dug his knee sharply into his back.

"You're under arrest, punk!" the agent said as the other swiftly approached them. "Good aiming!"

"Ha! When I aim, I don't miss." the other agent boasted. "Unlike you, of course. You always miss."

"Do not!" he said back in a playful manner as they forced the dealer up from the ground and proceeded to take him in.

Meanwhile, back in Luca, the news media and everyone has already gathered in front of the police department and L.C.M in hopes of getting the scoop on what went down.

Braska is hit with a tone of questions as he forced his way through the media crowd, refusing to answer their rediculous questions. Upon entering, he headed straight for his daughter's room, and as he entered, his heart sank in his chest at the sight of her.

"How is she?" came a timid voice from behind as Braska turned only to find Rikku standing behind him.

"I am unsure of her condition, for I have just arrived." Braska assured her.

Before anyone else could respond, Cid entered the room and gasped loudly at the sight of his niece, his blood boiling from the anger deep within.

"I'll be a son of a- -" Cid stated angrily though stopped himself from cursing. "Who's doing this to these girls! And why!"

"That we are going to get to the bottom of. . . and soon." Braska assured him. "I have to best to agents in Spira coming to look in on this case and protect these girls until this psycho is caught."

A hard day at work deserves a good nights rest I always say, however, that's not to be the case for Spira's best on this night, for as they are about to head out the door, they are headed off by their chief who stepped in front of the doorway.

"Where are you two off to?" Nooj questioned.

"In search of a good time." the one agent said in a boastful manner, which did play too well with Nooj.

"Not tonight you're not." Nooj said. "Gather your things up. You're to be in Luca within the hour. High demands from Braska himself."

"Whoa!" the one agent said. "Braska? Not THE Braska!"

"The one and only." Nooj said. "Apparently, there was another attack at the concert in Luca and Braska has sent for the best two in Spira to guard his daughter and her friend until this villain is caught."

"Are you referring to whom we think you are preferring to, sir?" the other agent asked.

Nooj nodded his head. "Yes. You are assigned to guard the one and only duo of Yuna and Lenne."

"Now there's a babe I wouldn't mind getting close to." the one agent said.

"Yeah!" the other one said. "No kidding." Nooj cleared his throat loudly and they two agents straightened up.

"This is a serious assignment, you two." Nooj said in a stern voice. "This is not a game. There's a serious predictor out there that's after these girls and no one knows why. There's no telling what he or she may try or even do next."

"Not to worry." the one agent said. "As long as either of us still breath, this predictor will be stopped."

"See to it that's a promise that you keep, agent." Nooj said before walking away.

Meanwhile, back in Luca, the news media is still as strong as ever as they try and get the story of what had actually happened. The girl's condition was still unknown of as well as the details of the events that occurred.

A pair of bi-colored eyes slowly open to see her father, uncle, and cousin before her.

A smile slowly formed upon her features. "Father."

"You must rest, my daughter." Braska said.

"What happened?" Yuna asked. "Where am I?"

"Yuna. . ." Braska trailed off.

"Tell me!" Yuna pleaded.

"There was an explosion and- -" Braska began.

"An explos- -" Yuna began, but didn't finish as a memory flashed before her eyes.


Flames erupted from beneath the stage surrounding Lenne and Yuna as hysteria broke loose from the crowd.

End Memory

"Lenne!" Yuna shouted. "Where's Lenne!"

"I'm right here." called a timid, soft voice. Everyone turned only to see Lenne, who's sitten in a wheel chair, roll herself inside the room. "Didn't know I was in such high demand in here." She rolled herself over to Yuna, greeting her with a friendly hug. "I'm glad you're okay and not hurt like I thought you were."

"When are we getting out of here?" Yuna asked as Lenne released her from the embrace.

"Possibly tomorrow. Maybe in a few hours." Lenne said. "I spoke with the doctor and- -"

"Neither of you are leaving this room until they get here." Braska said.

"They?" Yuna questioned.

"I hired Spira's best to guard you and Lenne until this creep is caught or hopefully killed." Braska said. All Yuna and Lenne could do was look at him.

A few hours later. . .

The two agents had packed a few things and headed to Luca where they are about to meet the girls face to face. Will this meeting be a friendly one?

Braska stood in the hallway awaiting their arrival and is he ever angry. He sent for them two hours ago and they still haven't arrived. He sighed as he looked at his watch when he then looked up and seen them approaching and as the one agent started to speak, he was cut off by Braska.

"Spare me the excuses!" Braska said very sternly. "I sent for the two of you nearly three hours ago. You were told to arrive within that same hour. Now, if you consider your job important to you, then I suggest that you stop fooling around and get in there at once."

Braska wasn't the demanding type, however, when it came to his daughter, he was like a whole other person. Everyone who knew him very well knew of this and took it quite seriously.

No a word is spoken as the two agents walk passed him and into the room where the girls are. Upon entering, their eyes locked together instantly.

"Hi." Yuna said. "I'm Yuna and this is Lenne."

"I--I'm Tidus and this is my partner, Shuyin." Tidus said as Shuyin nodded his head to the ladies.

"Thank goodness you two are finally here." Lenne said. "Now we can get back to the inn."

"Good idea." Tidus said. "That way we can converse all that has been going on as of late."

"Very well." Yuna said.

"We'll be waiting out in the hall. Call us when you're ready." Shuyin said as he and Tidus then leave the room.

"Talk about hot!" Lenne said.

"Man, we were nearly blown away and you're already thinking about a guy." Yuna teased.

"He is THE guy, Yuna. He's one of the best damn agents in Spira." Lenne said. "Not to mention his partner with his deathly aim."

"Yeah. He doesn't miss when he aims his gun." Yuna said.

"Well, enough talk." Lenne said. "Let's get the heck out of here." And with they begin to gather their things.

Moments later. . .

After working their way through the media, Yuna, Shuyin, and Lenne got in Tidus' custom built Dodge Viper with it being the only one of its kind because he had it built personally to his liking, which in turn ran him like around 295,999 gil and that was only pocket change to Yuna if you compared her with Tidus.

The outside was painted crimson with black leather interior, surround sound stereo system, tinted windows, and everything. One can say it was a hell of a car.

After getting out on the highway and heading for the inn, the ride was somewhat quiet until Shuyin broke the silence with a somewhat crazy question.

"So, uhhh, you girls known each other very long?" Shuyin asked and Lenne and Yuna giggled as Tidus rolled his eyes.

"They don't come dumber than that, Shuyin." Tidus said

The girls continued to giggle, that is, until a car came out of no where, rear ending Tidus' car and they both gasped.

"What the- -" Tidus trailed off as he looked in his rear view mirror only to see a solid black Monte Carlo trying to keep up with his Viper. "Son of a- -" He floored the gas pedal, nearly running off and leaving the other car behind, however, upon seeing it getting closer, Tidus swerved his car around, coming to an abrupt stop. He then got out, withdrawing his gun as he then aimed at the tires, shooting the front side out, which sent the car skidding across the road where it then slammed into the guardrail. However, within seconds, the remaining three tires began to spin, forcing the car to back up. Tidus' eyes widen as he then watched the car head straight for him and the other three. Just as they all made it out of harms way, the Monte Carlo slammed straight into Tidus' car, forcing it up against the side railing as it then made a get away.