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"I know you're in here. . . somewhere!" called the eerie voice of Cain. Slowly he stepped forth, his footsteps loud and fierce to the sound. He gazed about as he slowly walked around.

Shuyin and Yuna ducked back around the side of the large crates they were hiding behind. Yuna was most certainly scared out of her mind. She knew she was safe with Shuyin, however, it was Tidus that she wanted at that very moment. Shuyin was frantically trying to come up with a plan at that very moment, but without his witty, sarcastic partner it was like he was only half.

"He's coming this way." Yuna said in a frightened voice. With a motion of his hand, Yuna and Shuyin moved farther back behind the crates only to realize that they had been cornered and were strapped with no where to go. "We're trapped!"

"Dammit!" Shuyin cursed.

"Why don't you just shoot him?" Yuna asked.

"Out of bullets." Shuyin said.

"Wonderful!" Yuna said sarcastically.

Cain's footsteps were now even closer than before. Yuna could hear her heart pounding in her ears. Shuyin made sure that Yuna stayed behind him in order to protect her. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped and silence fell upon everything. All anyone could hear were the sounds of their own nervous breathing and pounding hearts when suddenly an evil cackle broke that very silence. Shuyin and Yuna looked to each other only to look up where they saw Cain standing on top of the crates straight above them. Frightened eyes connected with the eyes of death and they just glared at each other when out of no where the crates began to shift their weight from left to right. Cain tried his best to maintain his balance, however, his efforts were done in vain.

"Run!" Shuyin shouted as he grabbed Yuna by the arm and they ran as fast as they could just barely making it out of harms way as the crates came tumbling to the floor below. Dust flew everywhere and made it hard to see, however, as the dust settled a bit a dark figure began to approach Yuna and Shuyin and through the dust appeared Tidus who was holding the back of his head still.

"Tidus!" Yuna shouted in delight. Tidus looked only to see her coming at him with open arms where he greeted her with a warm embrace. "I'm so glad you're here."

"About time you got here." Shuyin teased.

"Always got to make jokes, eh, Shuyin?" Tidus asked and Shuyin just shrugged his shoulders.

Suddenly, with a loud growl, a hand protruded through the fallen crates, startling Shuyin, Tidus and Yuna, however, when they looked towards the fallen crates, no one was there. Tidus and Shuyin knew right away that Cain was loose in the building and could be anywhere. Therefore, they gathered around a frightened Yuna who clung to her love.

"Get Yuna out of here." Tidus said to Shuyin.

"No!" Yuna snapped. "I'm staying with you."

"Yuna- -" Tidus began.

"NO!" Yuna said. "Tidus, please. I want to stay where you are."

Tidus started to speak, however, froze in his tracks once he felt cold steel upon the back of his neck. Yuna looked behind Tidus and gasped for there was Cain holding a gun to the back of Tidus' head.

"Give me the girl!" Cain demanded. "And I promise I will make your death slow and painful."

"Over my dead body!" Tidus said through clinched teeth.

Cain just chuckled. "Bravery. That's something you've always had, but sometimes our strengths can only lead to our weaknesses. You're brave enough to stand up against me, but yet that same bravery is gonna cost you your life."

"You're going down with me, old friend." Tidus said. "You just don't know it yet."

"What are you talking about?" Cain asked.

"You're about to find out." Tidus said who gave Yuna a certain look and when she backed away, Tidus took his foot and kicked backwards only to kick Cain right in the groin who yelled out as he grabbed his package and fell to his knees. "GET OUT OF HERE!" Tidus yelled at Yuna before he turned his attention to Cain. Yuna yet again refused to go. Shuyin grabbed her by the arm and had to drag her away.

Cain done a tuck and roll only to stand to his feet and take aim at Tidus who slowly approached him with anger in his heart and death in his eyes. They walked circles around each other, keeping their eyes locked together. Cain cackled his usual evil laughter, which only annoyed Tidus to the core. That was one thing that always got on his nerves about Cain other than his cocky attitude.

"Well, you have me where you want me." Tidus began. "Why don't you pull the trigger already?" Cain didn't answer. "I know why you won't." Cain narrowed his eyes. "You see, that's the difference between you and me. You're scared, Cain!"

"Am I?" Cain taunted.

"Yeah!" Tidus said. "Why not put that gun down and let's see just who the better man is!" "Cain didn't respond and Tidus just chuckled. "A scared little boy with a big toy." Tidus sneaked a grin upon his face once he saw a certain look appear on Cain's face and that was a look of serious doubt, anger and pride. He knew right then that he was beginning to get to Cain and that's what he wanted. If there was one thing that Tidus knew, that was to use psychology when it came to a crazed wannabe psycho such as Cain who was weak minded, pull of arrogant pride, and just down right freaky. Tidus this motioned for Cain to bring it on and that's when Cain lost control.

With a loud growl, Cain charged at Tidus, raising the gun to strike him down, however, Tidus grabbed the gun and that's when the struggle was on. Tidus twisted Cain's arm around and tried to force the gun from his grasp. Cain was not about to let go of that gun either, for he took his elbow and struck Tidus right under the chin, however, Tidus kept a tight grasp on the handle of the gun and their constant struggling caused them both to fall. Neither knew which way the barrel of the gun was pointing either. Cain leaned over Tidus who was struggling to get up when suddenly a shot was fired out. Tidus' eyes went wide and he gasped as did Cain. Silence fell upon them both. Tidus took quick, deep breathes as he looked at Cain when suddenly blood began to ooze from Cain's mouth, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell over. Tidus pushed Cain off of him as he sat up only to see Braska holding a smoking gun.

Braska lowered the gun, glaring at Cain's dead body. "No one hurts my daughter and lives to tell about it." Tidus just looked at Braska in pure and utter shock. Never in his lifetime did he ever think he's live to see the day that Braska would actually kill another human being, but like with all parents, we have to do whatever it takes to protect our children.

Moments later. . .

The face of Cain was soon zipped within the body bag and loaded in the ambulance that drove off with the sirens wailing. Yuna stood next to Tidus who had his arms wrapped around her. Both battered and bruised just as well as Lenne and Shuyin who were standing off in the distance talking to each other.

"Great job!" came a voice from behind. Tidus and Yuna turned only to see Nooj approaching them. "The psycho is dead. Lenne and Yuna are alive and safe."

"You served my daughter well." Braska commented. "Now, what will you two do?"

"Well, sir. . ." Tidus began only to place his hand upon the lower part of Yuna's stomach and rubbed it gently. He gazed upon Yuna who looked at him with a smile. "I think we'll let fate decide that for us." Braska's eyes went wide as well as Nooj's. Tidus placed a timid kiss upon her lips, taking Yuna in his arms.