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He was beginning to wonder why he had even went to Midgar. Yeah, to get away from Nibelheim, the kids who picked on him for no reason, the fights, the whispers behind his back…and some just blatant ones said straight to his face. But why go from a bad situation to worse? He was still picked on just as much there as he was back at home, nothing had changed. Still the little runt who everyone seemed to find amusing at his expense. Why had he thought it would be different? Oh right…he wanted to prove something, to show everyone that he could amount to something…or rather prove to someone. Tifa Lockheart. She probably forgot his name and face as soon as he stepped foot out of the small town. But he was determined to make her notice him, he would be like the great general Sephiroth someday….or not. He had already been in the trainee program for about two months, and he hadn't even seen the General, at least not up close. Nothing seemed to be going right.

"So you're hiding in here huh?" A voice spoke shaking him out of his thoughts. The blonde turned his head in the direction of the door that his roommate Kyo had just entered. Grumbling Cloud didn't budge from his spot on the bed but continued to lie on his back looking up at the ceiling.

"Still hurting from that five mile run?" Kyo asked grinning as he hopped onto his bed across from Cloud.

"What do you think?" Was the even reply that he received. Tearing his eyes from off the ceiling he looked at Kyo before flashing a quick smile.

Kyo was the only true friend Cloud had, he wasn't an asshole as many of the other trainee's were, coming in with the attitude that they just knew they were Solider material and everyone…well the "runts" better stay the fuck out of their way. Kyo, though taller and probably stronger, thought of Cloud as just another one of the guys and didn't understand why they hassled him so much. Though he did mention to the blonde that if he weren't so mean and uptight at times that they may leave him alone, he didn't understand that Cloud had to be that way…he had to put up a shield, he had done so since he was little.

"Take a hot shower, it'll help relax your muscles," Kyo explained before reaching down to grab a magazine, short brown spikes falling into dark green eyes.

Cloud let out a grunt before shifting very painfully and closed his eyes again, that hot shower sounded good but he was too sore to even attempt to make it there. He heard his roommate make a few comments about the magazine he was reading but barely could make out the words as he drifted off to sleep.

Blinking his eyes open slowly the cadet turned in his bed. Just how long had he been asleep anyway? It was still dark in the room…but also really quiet. Sitting up a little Cloud glanced to the clock before his eyes widened.

"Shit!" He shouted while scrambling out of bed. It was six a.m. and he was supposed to be in his basic training class at six. And his instructor was one hell of an asshole so he knew he was going to pay dearly for this.

Changing quickly he dashed out of the room cursing to himself about why Kyo hadn't woken him up. He didn't stop his sprint even though his muscles were still sore from the other day, he tried to push the pain from his mind and focus on his destination. He could hear his instructor now, yelling and cracking some joke on him before making him do two-hundred push ups for his tardiness. 'Can I ever get a break?' He thought just before smacking into something and falling back on the ground.

"Hey no running in the halls kid," a voice spoke with a laugh.

Blinking Cloud looked up before his jaw dropped.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" The raven-haired youth before him asked, extending his hand.

"I, I was…am late for class," he responded shyly accepting the offered hand.

"That's no reason for you to hurt yourself…and others," the other replied with a grin, glowing blue eyes shining. "I'm Zack."

"Yeah, I know," Cloud replied quickly with a blush. The better response probably would've been "my name's Cloud," but all he could think was that he had just slammed into a first class soldier, THE Soldier who was second to Sephiroth himself.

"Oh, well good," Zack's grin widened, "and you are?"

Why was he asking for his name? Was he going to report him?

"Nameless?" Zack asked tilting his head when he got no response.

Shaking his head Cloud smiled, "Sorry I'm Cloud…Cloud Strife."

"Cloud," Zack began with a nod, "It's nice to meet you, even if you did almost knock me over," he teased.

Clouds blush deepened as he cleared his throat uneasily. "Yeah I'm really sorry about that," he began quietly.

"No problem," Zack said with a wave of his hand, "what class are you heading too?"

Snapping his blue eyes back to Zack he hesitated. Here he was talking with a first class Soldier and he was just a little…cadet. "I was going to basic training….I'm only a cadet…sir."

"Really?" Zack asked with a raised eyebrow, that same grin appearing on his face again. "Well I know what a pain the instructors can be," he started while turning to walk, then pausing and motioning for Cloud to follow, "I'll walk you there, that way I can excuse you for being late."

"Oh you don't have to do that sir," Cloud replied quickly while falling into step with Zack.

"It's not a problem, and quit saying sir," he added while smiling at the blonde, "I feel old when people say that."

Cloud nodded, his blush slowly fading.

"How do you like it so far?" Zack asked focusing on the cadet.

"What?" Cloud asked a little confused.

"The trainee program, Midgar, the whole nine," Zack explained with a sweep of his arm.

I HATE IT! Cloud's mind screamed. It had proved to be everything he was hoping it wasn't going to be. Sure he didn't think it was going to be easy, but this hard?

"I'm…it's okay," he spoke turning his eyes to the ground.

"Yeah," Zack began with a nod, "I remember when I was a cadet, I didn't like it much at the beginning either, but it gets better," he finished while patting Cloud on the shoulder.

The blonde tensed for a moment when he felt Zack's hand on his shoulder. It was just a habit that he had, his instinct always put him on defense mode when he was touched in any kind of way.

Reaching the class Zack motioned for Cloud to stay with him as he approached the instructor. The blonde looked around at the student's who were already practicing different fighting techniques with partners.


He instantly jumped at attention from the sound of his instructor's voice, "Yes sir!"

"Do you know what time it is?" The man began while walking over to him.

"Excuse me," Zack spoke up catching the instructor's gaze.

"Ah, Zack, what are you doing here?" He asked with a raised brow.

"Brining Cloud to class, I needed him earlier for something, it took a little longer than I thought," he explained looking to the blonde, "he tried to leave but I wouldn't let him, so it's not his fault for being late."

Cloud stood frozen glancing from Zack and then to his Instructor who was glaring at him.

"Well, in that case, Strife go grab a partner and catch up with the rest. I believe Sasuke needs a partner," he explained while pointing to a boy across the room.

"Yes sir," Cloud began with a nod and then made his way across the room, but not before pausing and looking back to Zack to mouth a thank you.

The soldier winked and grinned before exchanging a few words with the instructor and then he had exited the class.

"Come on Strife! Don't hold back!" His partner Sasuke began with a grin.

This was going to be terrible, the blonde was way too sore to spar with anyone now, but he really wasn't thinking about it much. Glancing at the door hegot in a fighting stance.

"Don't plan too."

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