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Rick, Evy and Jonathan watched as Chris walked over to Daniel and kept him busy, he then put his hand behind him and gave them thumbs up. Rick and Jonathan walked towards the door, Evy in between the two of them.

"Where do you think you're going?" came Daniel's voice, apparently he saw them making a run for it. As he walked up to them Chris could be seen slapping his head with his hand. Daniel walked towards Evy, the four cousins behind him.

Evy held on to Rick's shirt and started to whisper, "please, don't let him hurt me, please get me out now."

As Daniel reached them two of the cousins, Kevin and Marcus, held Jonathan back and the other two, Fred and Robert held Rick back, oddly enough over powering him.

With both Jonathan and Rick out of the way, Daniel grabbed Evy around the wrist and pulled her down the isle, not caring who saw her kicking, screaming and crying.

"NO! LET ME GO! NO!""NO! LET ME GO! NO!" she cried as she tried to break her way free from Daniel's death grip. How can they all just sit there and watch this with out even helping me? Evy thought as she watched her family members looking at her as she made a huge scene.

Evy took another look to Rick who was being held back by all four of her male cousins; Jonathan was on the floor after taking a hit from Marcus. She made eye contact with Rick and started to kick and scream more.

Suddenly Greg got out of his seat and made his way over to her. Oh thank god, help has finally come. Evy thought as Greg made it to her side.

Once near Daniel, Greg grabbed a hold of Evy's other wrist and helped his brother drag their niece down the isle. WHAT? NO! He's supposed tot help me! She cried in her head.

"Rick! NO!" she screamed again as she saw him flinch to run towards her, but her cousins were stronger. Evy jumped up as to jump out of their grip, but that only allowed Greg to grab Evy around the waist and pull her much easier.

"Evy, we're doing this for your own good." Daniel said struggling with her as she hit his chest with her fists.

"Yes, woman." Greg said as they reached the alter. "You're going to marry Chris and no one else."

"NO! I WANT Rick!" she cried.

As they finally hit the alter, Greg and Daniel put her down and held her in place, one uncle on each side of her and holding on to holding on to her shoulders.

As she lifted her head, Chris could see how unhappy she was. Two mini Niles ran down her face and her eyes were now puffy and her cheeks stained, her cries had reduced to deep breathed hiccups and the occasional fall of a tear drop.

The priest took one look at Evy and shrugged, he was used to prearranged marriages, this was not one of his worst either. He looked to Greg and Daniel and continued with the ceremony. Only this time when the question came up on who objects Rick kept his mouth shut, not that he had much of a choice, knowing full well either one of the cousins he could take on, but that if something happened, he'd end up taking them all on at once.

Chris looked deep into Evy's eyes and knew what he had to do. "I do." He spoke.

"No son, you're supposed to wait until later for that." The priest stared at him smiling.

"No, I mean I object, I can't marry her. She loves another man; I can't take her away from that." Chris explained and pushed Daniel and Greg off of her, then picked up her head and looked her in the eyes. "Go, Evy. Go live with the man you love." He then turned her towards Rick and pushed her forward.

She turned, kissed Chris on the cheek and ran over to Rick. She then pushed her cousins off of him, though they really weren't going to protest. Once her cousins were away she looked Rick in the eyes and kissed him passionately.

"I will not stand for this!" Daniel yelled walking furiously towards Rick and Evy. Rick pushed Evy behind him to help Jonathan up, whom, evidently, was still on the floor. As Daniel made his way over to them he looked Rick in the face and rudely said, "Move!"

"Never!" Rick replied.

"Move or else."

"Or else what? You going to hit her?"

"I would never," he lied.


"Rick let it go." Evy mumbled just now getting Jonathan to stand on his feet.

"no." he told her not loosing eye contact with Daniel. "We've done this your way the whole time; I've stood by and watched as this fiasco has taken place, now we do things my way." He said. Evy only shrugged, knowing full well whatever he did he knew the consequence.

As Jonathan finally stood up on his own he put his hands on Evy's shoulders causing her to wince.

"You seem like you'll hit her." Rick continued t tell Daniel as Jonathan examined Evy's shoulders.

"You've already dragged her down the isle in front of the whole family, hitting only seems like the logical thing to do." On Evy's shoulders were two big bruises from where her uncles had held her still.

Jonathan got Rick's attention for the moment and showed him what had happened, and that's all it took, he lost hit.

"Unfortunately the only hitting here will be done by me." Rick said as his fist made contact with Daniels face, knocking him down in the process.

"That's for MY girl." He shouted to him on the floor. Everyone looked to the four cousins as they got ready to tear Rick limb from limb, but Greg stopped them. He put his hand on Kevin's shoulders, the eldest, and shook his head 'no.' Kevin got the attention of his brother and two cousins telling them to let it be.

Rick than gave a quick smile to Greg for understanding and letting them leave, but it was so quick one would swear it was never there. Of course he was still made at Greg for dragging Evy down the isle as well he only gave him the smile as a thanks to let them be together.

Rick then looked to Chris and nodded his thanks for all his help, Chris nodded in reply and smiled as Rick turned around, picked Evy up in his arms and walked out of the chapel leaving the family behind, Jonathan walking behind them smiling as Rick and Evy shared a kiss.

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