Letters from Amy

by Jedi Amara

Author's Note: This fic is linked to my main chapter-fic, Pokémon Friend. There'll be one letter from Amy for each chapter, and they're basically aimed to show more of Amy's feelings. You don't need to read one to read the other, although I'd love it if you read both.

NOTE ON SPELLING: I'm Australian. I use Australian/English spellings not US spellings. If that bugs you, sorry. I'm not changing them.

Letter 1 (Chapter 1 - Just An Idiot)

Dear Mom,

Well, I thought it would turn out to be another boring day, but I guess I was wrong. Riya's still playing tricks on me, as usual - she let Wingull out today and hid so I wouldn't notice! I wonder how I managed to get the cheeky Pikachu. Dickie's and Bran's are so different from Riya - outgoing but sensible, both of them.

Apparently Dickie is called Richie now. Is Bran still in contact with him? I met a bunch of other kids today, and it turns out they know him! I guess it's a small world, isn't it? They asked me to travel with them, and I said yes, because there's only one girl in the group of four! She's about my age, or she might be a little older, and her name is May. I think we're going to be good friends. She has this really cute Torchic. The boys are Max, who's May's little brother, Brock, who's sixteen, and Ash. Max is a bit silly and immature - he keeps calling his friends idiots - but I guess I was like that too, and he'll grow out of it. Eventually. Brock was a Gym Leader for a few years! He must be a really good trainer, but I think he wants to be a breeder, because he mentioned studying breeding techniques. Ash - I think he's a bit older than May, maybe around 12, and he's got a Pikachu! Another sensible one, although Ash isn't, or doesn't seem to be in any case. He keeps arguing with everyone and saying silly things. I guess Pikachu keeps him in check. I think Riya's got a bit of a crush on Ash's Pikachu though - they're always together. Maybe they're just enjoying having another Pokémon of the same species around.

Don't worry, I'm eating properly, and so are the Pokémon. I found the best little Pokémon supplies shop last time I was in Aleadell, and they just love its special food mix, so I bought a few tins a couple of days ago when I was passing through. I got some rice balls for myself too, but I didn't realise they were peanut butter and vinegar. Ash seems a bit weird, because he actually likes them! Luckily, Brock is a great cook; I don't know how he manages to fit that pot and so much food in his pack, but he definitely makes a good stew.

I'd better stop now, because I forgot to write before dinner and my torch is low on batteries. We're going to Kassorine next, Ash and I both want to get a new badge. I'll write you from there. Take care!

Love, Amy