Many people might know me from a medley of places. A lot know me as Hannibal King from Blade Trinity. I'm the smart-mouthed, David Hasselhoff listening, Vampire killing member of the Nightstalkers who helped Blade in his goal to defeat and kill Drake, as well as my number one mission of defeating Thunder cunt and numero uno Bitch known as, Danica.

Others might know me as the Hannibal King from the Marvel comics, and a member of the Midnight Sons, a team dedicated to killing the bloodsuckers we come in contact with.

In reality I'm a mixture of it all. You can call me a legend, you can call me an oaf, you can call me your daddy for all I care you. Like I said I'm a mixture of both and then some. A lot of people, alright only a handful of people, know my true story. I wasn't born in the modern age, and I wasn't born during the Sherlock Holmes time. Hell, I wasn't even born in this world.

No, this Hannibal King is different from what you know; has lived in a world that not even money grubbing Hollywood execs who want to make a few extra bucks by creating bullshit storylines and cast only the 'beautiful people,' can conjure up. (Note: And please shit-eating Hollywood Exec, if you're going to make my movie, do it justice and don't do some bullshit cop out like you do with all the good stories. And PLEASE don't cast Paris Hilton as my love interest. I've got taste and she definitely ain't nor will EVER, be it.) My story is ten times better than the bullshit out now, or hell it might be ten times worse depending on your point of view. My real life has it all drama, romance, action, and all those mushy moments that make a tear slide down your cheek and go 'aww,' and other things as well. It'd surprise you the shit I've gone through and the shit I've made my family go through, but if you manage to stick through it, I promise by the time this story is over you'll see a Hannibal King that no one has ever fathomed.

So you still wanna know more about me? Alright then, don't say I didn't warn you….

…..You still have a chance to turn back you know…..

…Alright then, if you really wanna know. My story starts out in….

Chapter 1?

"Alright Marin, just push a little more, the head's almost out, come on, just a little more."

That right there is one of those women who deliver babies. That head coming out, yeah it's me. Look at me, I'm all bloody and shit. But don't worry….

…. I'm just pulling your nuts. I'm not going to start off here. Hell naw! You want me to get sick or something? I'll fast forward a few years, my story starts off a little before my birth, and after that it really doesn't continue till a few years down the road.

Chapter 1 (The Real One)

The Beginnings Of….

"Hannibal King! Stop that right now. How many times have I told you not to play with these servant children?" She said quickly, her eyes narrowing in rage at the thought of her son playing with children who were beneath them. She grabbed his hand and ushered him right to the lounge. Sitting by the fireplace was a man wearing a large cloak, and was holding a book, titled "Tomes of the world." She eyed him with rage as she pulled the child towards him.

"Hektor, how many times have I told you to speak to the boy? I don't want him playing with that Ian child. He's not only filthy; he's a Lycan no less. Do you want our son to grow up being a Lycan lover?" She asked angrily. When she didn't hear any answer, she marched out angrily, throwing the door closed.

He sighed and stirred from his chair. She had finally left, and he turned slowly to stare at his son. "Come on Hannibal." He beckoned him over and saw the child walk quickly towards him. "We've spoken about this before. Don't listen to your mother. She doesn't know what she's talking about. You can play with who you want. Do you understand, Hannibal?" He watched the boy nod his head and he smiled. "Alright then, let me read to you." He pulled his son up onto his lap and outstretched his arms, making sure the book was right in front of Hannibal so he could see it. When he found a comfortable position he started reading, looking down every so often to see his son reading the chapter with curiosity. He smiled and kept going hoping that these moments would last for a long time to come.

"What do you think that is, Hannibal? It looks like a snake that's about to eat a bear, but it's not possible, is it?" Desmond asked with a curious voice, as he ran his hand over the brief imprint of the clouds in the sky. He turned to his older brother, wondering what he was doing, but he noticed that he'd gone off away from him. "Hannibal? Where are you Hannibal?"

Hannibal walked down the path right behind their house. He had been with Desmond a few moments before but he had heard something and he wanted to find out what it was. He made it behind a few trees and he stood behind them. He heard a woman's brief moans, and a man's groans and he made a face. He'd heard those voices before, plenty of times actually, but they were usually inside the house. He moved to another tree wondering if he could get a better look and to his luck he could.

It was a woman and a man, and they were kissing rather forcefully. He raised an eyebrow, and shifted himself to get a better view and gasped. That was his mother, and she was all over Landley. He couldn't believe. She was with Landley, the Lycan she had sworn to hate with every fiber of her being. And now they were all over each other. He shook his head and clenched his hands into a fist. The stupid bitch was cheating on his father. Sure he was only 10 but he knew about this. He'd read a good amount of books to know about this, and even his father told him about this, in one of those one on one life talks. He glared at the scene and turned quickly, another moan coming to his ears. He shook his head and hurried back right where he had come from, hoping to get Desmond away from the scene as quickly as possible. Sure he and Desmond fought a lot but he loved his little brother and he wouldn't let him see something so nasty at such an early age.

"There you are Hannibal!"

A voice called out from behind him and he knew who it was instantly. He turned around slowly and forced himself to smile, as Desmond drew closer. "Hey Desmond, come on, lets go inside we can play some game or we can read, whatever you want." As he spoke another, very loud, moan came from behind the bushes and he sighed. He saw his brother turn quickly and he stepped forward grabbing Desmond's shoulder. "It's just some animal don't worry. Come on, lets go, I think it might rain."

"But I wanted to look at the clouds for a bit longer. It's nice, don't you reckon? What's that sound? Think we should go check it out?" Desmond asked curiously.

"No, it's nothing, don't worry. I already checked it out, it's some foxes or something." He smiled to his brother again. He needed to get him out of here before they made another noise or came out of hiding. He looked down and picked up a rock and threw it towards the house. "Whoa…I think I just saw a baby dragon walk towards the house."

"No you didn't," said Desmond, "Dragons wont appear out of nowhere, brother."

"I'm telling you, Des, it was a very small one, a green one like in those books dad bought us. If you don't believe me fine, maybe my eyes were wrong but you wont know till you see it, will you?" Hannibal added quickly.

"Alright, Hannibal, let's go check it out, but if you're wrong I get your chocolate treats for a week," and with that Desmond ran off towards the house.

Hannibal stood there sighing of relief. He felt bad for lying to his brother but he had no choice. He heard some movements come from where his mother and Landley had been at and he knew they were heading this way. He sprinted towards the house and the entire time his thoughts were filled with hatred towards his mother.

"Your father is dead, Hannibal." His mother said glumly. Tears filled her eyes, although Hannibal suspected them to be fake. "We'll be contacting your uncle Lucius so he can attend the funeral." She said glumly once again. "Please behave yourself when he's here alright. I'll go and send his letter now."

"Yeah whatever, don't worry I'll send him the letter myself, mom." He sighed and turned walking away from her. He had felt something had been wrong all day today and when he got home he found out why the feeling. His father had died. He'd died in his sleep. He walked along the corridors and moved towards Desmond's room. He knocked a few times but when he didn't hear a response he just went right in. "Desmond? You in here?" He sighed a bit and looked around. It seemed like only yesterday when they were outside looking at clouds and just questioning things and now a few months later their father was dad.

"I did something didn't I? I did something and that's why he's dead, Hannibal." Desmond spoke out of nowhere as he came out of the closet.

"Naw, Des. It's not your fault, he died in his sleep. It's not like you killed him. It was just his time to leave us. Come on, don't worry we still have each other right? I always told you I'd be here for you didn't I?" Hannibal looked at Desmond trying to smile, but it wasn't any use. He was just as sad and depressed as his younger brother.

"I got so angry at him last night when he didn't let me read his book. I told him I'd wish he'd died and this morning….well…" He said sadly.

"It's not your fault, Desmond. I've said that a ton of times. Look he wouldn't have wanted you sad. At least we get to say goodbye. Remember Ian? Well he didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to his father before he died."

"Yeah, but Landley just kinda disappeared. And then his body was found cut all over..." He looked up at Hannibal. "Brothers to the end right, Han?"

"Yeah, you got it, brothers to the end, Desmond. Remember we're the infamous King Brothers, and we'll always have one another, always." He smiled and hugged his brother patting him on the shoulder.

"Stop lying! Come on get off it, that's not true. That girl was so over you, bro. I mean did you see the way she looked at you. 'Hannibal King, mind if we talk for a few minutes,' and a few minutes turned to a few hours." Desmond shook his head as he laughed.

"Hey, what can I say, when you've got it, you REALLY got it.' Hannibal laughed hard and hit his brother on the shoulder. "Besides you were pretty busy yourself with her friend. What was her name, Brinta?"

"Brinta? I hope no one would ever name their child Brinta, I think the poor thing would commit suicide. For the record her name was Brianna." Desmond smirked. "She was pretty nice, we didn't do anything. I'm not like you. I don't sleep around."

He coughed. "I don't sleep around. I've known Lesienne for about a year now. Look I don't sleep around as much as the rest of the people around here." Just as Hannibal got those words out their mother passed by eyeing them both. He rolled his eyes then turned back to Desmond.

"Why do you hate mom so much, Hannibal?" Desmond asked bluntly.

"I don't know, maybe because she thinks she's the queen of the universe." He shrugged his shoulders. A dark shadow coming over his eyes as he spoke. "I wish it'd been her to die and not dad, she's nothing but filth." He looked down eyeing a leaf on the ground then looked up again. "Anyway…"

"Those are some pretty mean words you know. You're not a saint either. I mean look at you." He shook his head.

His eyes flashed for a minute and he turned to Desmond, grabbing his shoulder and squeezing his fingers into his skin. "What about me, Desmond?" His voice had changed to a darker tone.

"What the…! Calm down! I don't know what's going on but for the past few weeks you've been changing Hannibal." Desmond said.

"You don't know anything so just shut up. I've been like I've always been. I've been like me." He pulled his hand away from Desmond's Shoulder.

"See! Listen to you, telling me to shut up and jumping down my throat with one comment. Calm down. I'm not out trying to get you. You talk about mom but look at you, you're turning exactly into what she is."

He eyed his brother, but didn't say anything. He brought his arm back and punched Desmond square in the face. "Don't you EVER compare me to that sack of shit, do you hear me, Desmond?" His face shadowed over once again into a much darker mood.

"You're fucking crazy, Hannibal!" Desmond held his jaw, massaging it since it was hurting. "Look at you, you're turning into the shit you've said you've always hated." He just looked at him.

Hannibal just stared at him, in a distant state. It almost looked like he hadn't been there for a moment or two. He shook his head and looked at Desmond. Had he really just punched him? He turned away. Something in him was changing and he didn't know what nor did he know why, but he didn't like what was happening. He turned back to Desmond, almost apologetically. "I'm…sorry, Desmond….Look….I…" He sighed a bit.

"I don't know what's going on, but I don't think I should stay here for now. I…something's happening, I think I need to get away from here." He made eye contact with Desmond. "And until I find out what exactly is going on….I think I should leave. I'm sorry Desmond, but I promise I'll come back as soon as I can."

Hannibal walked away from his brother and headed towards the house to grab a few things, he was determined to leave that very night. He didn't know what was going on, but he was determined to find out. And as he turned a corner to head for the front door, he couldn't help but look up too see dark clouds quickly cross into the sky and unbeknownst to him….this was but a sign of things to come…

Disclaimer: I do not own Hannibal King. He is property of Marvel Comics, I'm only borrowing him, besides you can see he's not the same, since he has my added twist.