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Chapter 3

The Start of the Inevitable

He sat back, watching as the flies flew around the body of the fourth person he had fed from in a four week span. The more he drank blood the more he felt he was becoming stronger. He had always been told that you should only feed when you needed it, but he was beginning to realize the amount of strength he got after feeding. Why should he wait until he felt the thirst, when there was food everywhere he walked?

He stood up and walked away from the alleyway. His eyes were a little bloodshot, since he'd been drinking like a sailor for the past two nights. He hadn't seen Malachi, nor did he want too. He knew the words that awaited him and he wasn't in the mood to hear them. He moved along the block, blocking the light from the candle stands with his arms, since they hurt his eyes, and then moved right back into the tavern he'd spent his two days in. He walked to an empty table, and almost immediately a barmaid came up to him holding a bottle of Demonic Whiskey, and laid it right in front of him.

"Thanks." He unscrewed the top, and took a long swig from it. Some whiskey spilling from the sides of his mouth and onto his shirt. Tonight he was keeping his eyes on a pair of Vampires. They seemed to be a gang that terrorized the area, and what he thought to be leader was again trying to get with a very pretty girl, who felt like a Lycan to him.

"Come here sweet stuff. I promise you the time of your life. No Lycan can promise that." The leader smirked as he put his arm around the girl's waist.

She was obviously terrified by the way she shifted in her seat, Hannibal noticed. She tried moving away but the punk held her tightly. She looked around frantically, like asking for help but no one was coming to her aid.

"I wouldn't do that, you know. You might make me angry, and that's something you wouldn't like, doll. I'm not too nice when I'm angry, so stay still and we'll have a great ol' time, you agree?" The leader asked, as the girl nodded slowly.

Hannibal sighed. He had just about had it with the scene. He stood up, and walked over to the table of the young Lycaness and the Vampire Gang. He didn't speak though, he was waiting to be acknowledged by these vampires, and with a close inspection he saw the leader had a bite mark, so he wasn't even an ancient. He smiled inwardly; he wouldn't feel too bad about killing this one if he had too.

"What the…who are you? Can't you see we're busy? Get the hell out of here before I mess you up." The leader said suddenly, when he noticed Hannibal standing there.

"How about you let the girl go then we can talk, punk."

The leader started laughing. He turned to his gang while pointing at Hannibal. "You know who I am? I'm Ely and I'm the boss around here, not some young pussy like you." He stood up slowly.

"You're not a boss, you're just some dickwad who got bitten and now has some dreams of grandeur." He looked at the table, and saw the girl had long gone by now, which he was relieved.

The leader, Ely, turned and saw the girl had gone off, and he bared his fangs. "You saw what you did punk! She left! And now you're going to pay for that." He snapped his fingers and the other five members of his gang quickly got up and circled Hannibal. "Fuck this one up." And with that said, Ely walked out.

"You better run now before you really make me angry." Hannibal said quickly. But no one took heed. They smelled foul to him; probably even Malachi would agree that they stunk worse than him. He looked at the Vampire in front of him, then the two on his left and right, and he wasn't even going to bother with the two in the back.

"Just go now!" Slowly Hannibal's own fangs began to retract. They were pissing him off now. But once again they didn't listen. He felt the sudden shift in the air and he moved to the side, watching as the punch intended for him, went to the Vampire in front of him. Hannibal quickly moved his arm, and elbowed the Vampire who was behind him, in the face, then grabbed at his arm, and used it as a balance, as he moved quickly and kicked the Vampire to his right on his knees. He watched as the Vampires knees buckled, but before he could shift his weight, a punch came straight for him. He was hit square in the face by the Vampire who had been in front of him.

"Shit-eating, Cunt Monkey…" He clenched his teeth, and brought his arm back, punching the Vampire hard on the face, then using his body as leverage, he jumped right over him. He was now against the table that the leader had occupied just minutes before. He eyed them all. They were already heading his way, and he knew if he didn't play his cards right he'd be coming out of this fight pretty hurt. He grabbed a Vodka bottle that was on the table and broke it against it. He didn't want what was left of the bottle, he wanted the shards. He picked them up and threw them towards the Vampires, two of them getting hit in the neck, and lots of blood was already spilling. He smirked to himself, now was when the real fun was going to begin.

The other three Vampires came edging for him. One of them moved pretty quickly, catching Hannibal off guard with another punch to the face. But using the opportunity to make pretend he was rubbing his cheek, he pulled out a dagger and with the Vampire close enough he grabbed his arm and dug the dagger into the Vampires chest. He could hear the screams and he let himself smile. The other two Vampires pulled out two short swords and started swinging them at Hannibal. Hannibal moved back, but he felt the table digging into him, and he knew there was nowhere to go but forward.

He braced himself; he knew he would end up getting a few gashes. He moved forward, the blades of the swords cut his skin, and he winced as they did, but he wouldn't stop. He moved his leg and then stomped his foot on the others foot, and then in the seconds when the Vampire began to tend to it, he kicked him square in the face. The vampire quickly dropped his sword, and Hannibal picked it up. He turned to the last Vampire with the sword, but before he did anything the other dropped his sword and left running. Hannibal stood tall and took a breathe in, everyone in the tavern was looking at him, and clapping. He looked down to see the four bodies, all of them were spilling blood and he found himself licking his lips. His fangs were still retracted except now he felt a very strong blood lust come over him.

He bent down and grabbed one of the Vampires that got hit with the shard on the neck. He bent his head low, and then let his fangs pierce into his skin, and he drunk his blood, but with a grim satisfaction. When he was done he threw, the now lifeless body, to the side and took another, and drunk from him. He kept doing the same thing until he had drunk the blood, and the life, from the four Vampires. He stood slowly, the people who had clapped moments earlier, were now looking at him with frightened eyes. His own eyes had taken on an odd color; it was a mixture of black and crimson. He moved from his spot and headed outside. He turned his sights to someone else. He wanted the Gang Leader, and he was determined to find him, and drink from him until there was nothing left but a shriveled imprint of a skeleton with skin.