When Love Means Trouble

Desperate to rid herself of Harry, at a Christmas party, Leena pulls Bit under the mistletoe while Harry is watching and kisses him passionately. Fate can be so twisted when a fullproof plan can be foiled so easily...BL

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Chapter One: Under the Mistletoe

It was breakfast and the Blitz Team were enjoying a rather quiet meal when suddenly--

"I HATE, HATE, HATEHARRY!" Leena burst out suddenly, pounding her fist on the table and causing Bit and Jamie to jump in surprise.

"We all know that Leena. Quit telling us your life story," Brad said calmly before taking a sip from his coffee mug.

"Ooo, but you don't understand. I absolutely hate him. And he thinks that he has the right to ask me to go out with him to the Christmas party tonight," grumbled Leena causing Bit to inhale a whole lot of cereal and choke on it.

"C-Christmas p-party?" he gasped as Jamie patted him on the back. "What Christmas party?"

"The one that's been specially planned for zoid pilots like us," explained Brad as if it were obvious.

"How lame. I have tonnes of things to do today rather than go to a stupid party," mumbled Bit.

Jamie nodded, "Yeah but Doc has agreed for us to go anyways. He accepted the invitation so we basically have no choice and no say in this," he metioned, chewing on his piece of toast.

All four of them sighed in union, each with their own reason of not wanting to attend the party.

Steve entered the kitchen in a rather cheerful mood giving a loud "good morning" to all occupants of the room and not noticing the dull reply he received. "Well, I hope you all are going to look your best at the party today. It'll be a great time to socialize with other zoid pilots. How exciting, ne?" he asked, still in a cheerful mood.

Leena groaned inwardly. She dreaded the thought of seeing Harry.


The whole night, Leena dodged Harry; looking around corners, avoiding any mistletoes (just in case he suddenly appeared out of nowhere) and other weird things that won her odd looks from people she passed. At the last minute, her father told the Blitz Team that the party was a fancy dress one and made her wear an outfit that had belonged to her mother. The dress was made of fine violet silk, matching her eyes and Leena believed her father wanted to wear the dress because she was always reminded that she looked like her mother Lily, hence, she was forced into the dress by her father to remind him of his deceased wife.

Her hair was pulled back into an elegant knot and though she appeared to be graceful she did not act as such. Everytime she saw Harry in a room, she'd rush out and run to another or hide outside. Usually, she'd beat him up but lately Harry had been getting oddly stronger and now he was able to catch her arms when she went to 'silence' him. So strong that it scared her.

Exhausted from what seemed like hours of dashing about, she sat herself on a bench out in the garden and watched as Bit shook off a bunch of girls trying to pull him under the mistletoe. Leena smiled to herself as Bit headed her way, shaking snow off of his head.

"Hey Pirate Bit," she greeted teasingly for it was the only outfit that Bit was able to create.

Unfazed, Bit mumbled, "Wanna walk together?"

Surprised, Leena asked, "Why?"

Bit shrugged. "Well I thought, with you by my side those girls wouldn't try and force me under the mistletoe."

Leena giggled. "Sure Pirate Bit," she replied smiling up at him. Bit smiled back.

As they began to walk together down the path in a rather awkward silence, a plan was slowly formulating in Leena's head. A plan that involved alot of risk and embarrassment. But would rid herself of Harry quickly. A plan that would involve Bit. Leena blushed slightly and was glad for the cold.

She began searching around quickly and finally spotted what she needed under the shelter. And something else too. Harry. Her stomach churned and without thinking, reached out and held Bit's left hand, alarming him and surprising herself.

"Erm...uh...it's er...cold," Leena lied, blushing.

"Er...okay..." muttered Bit but still looking unsure.

"Um well...can we go under the shelter? It might be more warm," Leena suggested, her hand still around Bit's warm one.

"Yeah, all right."

They headed off to the shelter and once they had reached it, Leena steered themselves in a position where Harry--if he turned around--would have full view of the two. And Leena positioned herself to stand under a mistletoe that Bit was not aware of. "Bit..." began Leena, determined for her plan to work, "I want you to do something for me..."

"All right... any benefits for me?" Bit asked.

"Er... yeah..." lied Leena, having no idea what kind of benefits he was thinking of. "Um, well..." she blushed even further.

"Uh Leena, maybe we should go inside. I mean it's much warmer because I think your still cold. Your cheeks have gone redder," commented Bit naively, pointing at her cheeks with his free hand.

"No...it's not that..." Leena answered, nibbling her lip as she blushed even more. "It's just uh... Bit please kiss me."

Bit's eyes widened briefly before he started laughing. "You're... joking... right?" he asked between laughs. Sobering up, he noticed that Leena wore a very serious look of her face and he sweat dropped. He felt his cheeks grow hot at the thought of actually kissing Leena.

"I... I... Leena, no!" he spluttered, too much colour in his cheeks. "You're d-doing this to get r-rid of Ha-Harry aren't you?" he asked, refusing to be used.

"Bit, please! I want you to be my boyfriend! Now kiss me!" ordered Leena, no longer embarrassed since that emotion was eaten away by anxiety and fear and the need for her plan to succeed.

Bit's head was practically spinning and he was quickly racking his brain for a valid excuse. "B-but not in public! W-what if Doc s-sees? A-and I can't k-k-kiss you, Leena!" cried Bit.

"You have no choice," explained Leena quietly pulling Bit a little bit closer to her. "We're under the mistletoe." she breathed finally, blushing an extreme red.

Alarmed, Bit tried to jerk his head back and that's when he heard--

"LEENA I'LL SAVE YOU! BIT DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" shouted Harry, jumping up from his seat.

Before Bit could do anything, Leena grabbed his red handkerchief tied around his neck and yanked Bit's head down. Their lips met in what appeared to be a passionate kiss and Bit felt butterflies fly around violently in his stomach as he heard wild cheering erupt from the crowd around the them. He knew he should break away from the kiss but Leena's lips tasted so sweet and were warm.

Finally, when they did pull apart, Leena steered a dazed Bit away from the shelter where howls and cat calls followed them. And as they walked down the path in silence, hand in hand, Bit could still not believe what had happened.

Leena had just kissed him.

Fate must have a twisted mind...


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