When Love Means Trouble

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Leena and Bit continued to walk down a path in silence hand in hand, neither daring to look the other in the eye or ask where there were heading. Hating the uncomfortable silence, Leena laughed bitterly.

"Did you see Harry's face? It was a classic," she laughed, this time more nervously.

Bit remained quiet, his face still red from the past incident. Silence filled the night air once more. "L-Leena…" Bit managed to stutter after a minute or so, "d-did you mean it when you said that you wanted me t-to be your b-boyf-friend…?" he asked half-hopeful, half-not. Unconsciously, he squeezed Leena's hand gently.

Leena's cheeks grew hot. "Er… I, well… it was the spur of, er… the moment…" she replied, turning her face away so Bit could not see her embarrassment.

Stomach fallen and unrealised hopes dashed, Bit muttered an "oh", causing Leena to blush even further, hearing disappointment in that one word. "So… I knew it. You used me, didn't you? I guess I had you all figured out from the beginning, didn't I?" Bit said coldly, wrenching his hand away from Leena's.

"No, Bit I-I…" Leena watched worriedly as Bit turned his back on her.

"Maybe, walking with you was a bad idea. Maybe, I would be better off kissing one of those other girls," Bit said.

Leena grabbed Bit's arm to prevent him from leaving. "Bit… please… listen…"

Now it was Bit's turn to laugh bitterly. "Listen? Did you listen to me under the mistletoe? Nope. So why should I listen?" Bit scoffed, attempting to shake her off.

"Please Bit… I'm sorry… I'll return you a favour too if you want me to…" Leena whispered. She was scared of this cold side of Bit that she had never seen before. Why had he been so disappointed in her? It wasn't as if he liked her or anything.

Bit's back remained facing her and he was glad for this, for his face had suddenly grown hot at the thought of the favour he wanted in return. Instead of wording his thoughts, he simply sighed and muttered, "I don't want any favour in return. Unlike you, I won't use people to my advantage."

There was a sharp intake of breath from behind Bit. After a moment there was another and another followed that one. It took Bit a while to realise that Leena was crying. He spun around to see Leena staring at the ground, her eyes brimmed with tears. She was trying to hold it in when she noticed Bit staring.

"Oh," she gasped and turned away quickly, wiping her eyes furiously with her arm, "I'm s-sorry. Th-the cold is st-stinging my e-e-eyes…" she sniffed.

Bit's heart began to ache. 'Damn. I made her cry.' He was both surprised and shocked that Leena was crying that he simply stood there. 'I mean, this is Leena. Hardcore, bordering on psychotic, Leena. And now she's crying because of me. Damn.'

Not wanting to embarrass her by wording that he knew she was really crying, Bit decided to take off his black pirate coat and drape it on Leena's shoulders, his hands remaining there. Leena stopped sniffing.

"Here, if you're cold, take this," he whispered into her ear with his head over her shoulder.

Leen felt rouge return to her cheeks as Bit's warm breath fanned her cheek and tickled her ear.

"BBBBIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!" shouted a familiar voice from down the path.

Both Leena and Bit jumped and turned to see Harry, speeding up the path in a cloud of dust.

"Hold my hand." hissed Leena from the corner of her mouth.

"Whaaat? No!" refuse Bit, irritated. Leena trod on his foot hard. Bit bit his tongue and quickly grabbed Leena's hand. It was cold compared to his, so unlike her warm sweet lips… Shaking his head, Bit tried to appear tough with a flushed face.


"You're my boyfriend," hissed Leena to Bit.

"No, I won't--" Leena stepped harder onto his foot. "OW! I'm her boyfriend!" Bit practically yelled.

Thinking Bit wanted to have a yelling competition, Harry bellowed back, "SHE WOULD NEVER DATE A LOW LIFE LIKE YOU!"

"OH YEAH?" Bit shouted back, fired up, "WELL MAYBE SHE WOULD, SEEING AS SHE WON'T DATE A RICH SNOB LIKE YOU! Let's leave Leena!" commanded Bit, his grip on Leena's hand now firm as he dragged her away.

He continued dragging her along in a huff, still aggravated by the fact that Harry had referred to him as a "low-life" and gritted his teeth in annoyance at the very thought. Finally, Bit stopped when they met up with the rest of the Blitz team.

"Bit! Leena! Where have you been?" asked Doc. not noticing the two holding hands, which they quickly released. "We're going to leave now that you two finally came," explained Doc., gesturing for the group to head on into the base which they all happily obliged to, stepping into the warmth of the craft and out of the bitter cold.


At the base, as Bit was about to enter his room, Leena appeared at his side smiling brightly with a cookie in her hand. "Thank you, Bit." she said.

On sudden impulse, Bit snatched Leena's cookie and put it in his mouth. He was genuinely surprised when Leena did not attempt to knock him out but instead smiled up at him.

"It was for you anyway," she explained at his quizzical stare.

"What? No, 'Bit, give it back!'? No whacking me viciously? No chasing me around the base?" asked Bit, still surprised.

Leena smiled once more, hands held behind her back. "Thank you Bit," she said simply. "Goodnight," she whispered, turning to leave.

"Wait!" called Bit, grabbing her arm. He pulled her back into his room and closed the door.

"What's up?" asked Leena, raising a brow.

"I want you to return the favour."

"Okay. What is it?"

"Stay here."

Leena blinked. "Er… what?"

"Stay here." Bit repeated.

"Stay where?"

"Here. In my room."

"In your room? Where in your room?"

"Where else, baka?"

Growling slightly, Leena turned her head in annoyance. "I don't know! What, your bed?" Realising what she had just said, Leena blushed furiously.

"Yup," agreed Bit, pulling her along with him to his bed.

"No way! No way! Not on! I'm NOT sharing your bed! I-It's so… wrong!" complained Leena, her cheeks rouge.

"Hey, you agreed to the favour." Bit grinned.

"Bad things happen in a bed!" Leena said, not knowing how else to put it.

Bit turned and stared at her. "Leena, I give you permission to beat me up, if you feel that you're really uncomfortable," he said kindly and Leena had to register that he was being serious. "Besides," he grinned, "I wouldn't do that to you! You're not my type," he joked.

Steam came out of Leena's ears. "WHAT DID YOU SAY? BIT CLOUD, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" she yelled, clenching her fist threateningly.

"Now that's more like the Leena I know. That's the spirit," teased Bit as he pulled her onto the bed matress with him.

"IF YOU DO ANYTHING… er… BAD, I'LL KILL YOU BIT," threatened Leena, grinding her teeth.

Bit smiled at Leena as they looked at each other face to face, his hands holding onto hers. "Ahh… you wish Leena. By tomorrow, everyone will hear that we've 'slept' together and I'd say, it was your idea. Such good pay back, ne? Revenge is so sweet," he sighed contently as he closed his eyes to sleep.

Leena attempted to shift her body further from Bit as she could feel his body heat but Bit's grip tightened and he pulled her closer, provoking the urge for her to punch him as she ground her teeth together.

"Damn you, Bit Cloud," cursed Leeana as Bit began to snore softly, his soft sighs causing the hair falling over her face to dance.

"Yeah, I love you too Leena…" Bit snickered.

"Have some shame, man!" Leena cried, face burning.

"All right then," Bit said, eyes still closed yet a grin on his face. "Good night, Ms. Cheery."

"I'm going to buy a bazooka for Christmas to shoot a particular someone," growled Leena in annoyance.

"You've forgotten one thing…" said Bit, opening his eyes and leaning forward slightly so that his warm breath fanned Leena's face, "it's already Christmas," he whispered seriously before kissing Leena on the cheek, making her entire face turn red. "Merry Christmas," he said before closing his eyes and sleeping.

'Bit is unpredictable. He always manages to surprise me. Will I ever know the real him?' Leena thought, the question saddening her the more she dwelled on it. She leaned forward until their foreheads were touching and their breathing rhythm matched. She gently pulled her hands out of his and clasped them both in hers before squeezing them gently.

'I used him when he was so nice to me…' Leena thought, her heart aching. 'I'm so cruel to him…' Hot, salty tears streamed down her face and onto the pillow Bit was sharing with her. Her eyes widen. 'Why? ….why? What is this feeling…?'

Leena's heart was aching so much that she could no longer stand it. She slowly and carefully sat up before bowing over Bit and kissing his forehead. "I'm sorry." she whispered before she released his hands, placing them gently down on the bed before she cautiously climbed out of the bed, careful not to wake him. Gingerly, she crossed the room to the door and opened it before glancing behind her at the peacefully sleeping Bit.

She smiled sadly. "I just don't know what to think any more… you deserve someone better than me…" she said her smile slipping as tears stung at the corner of her eyes. "Still, you've surprised me more than anyone else has… I won't tell you… about this feeling… I know, you won't accept…" she whispered, gazing at Bit for a while before she turned and walked out of the door, closing it quietly behind her.

Her feet automatically led her to the exit of the base and then out into the cold night.


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