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Part 1: Mirror Madness

The Titans were investigating a series of disappearances. None of the victims had anything in common, except that they all disappeared without a trace. At the moment, they were investigating the disappearance of a teacher, who was said to have been last seen in his office.

"Maybe they got abducted by aliens?" Beast Boy suggested. Terra laughed at that

"Eh hem!" Robin coughed at Beast Boy while pointing at Starfire.

"Uh, sorry Star!" Beast Boy said

"That is alright, Friend Beast Boy. I know you did not mean any Tamaranians," Starfire smiled.

Robin turned to Cyborg, "Got anything, Cy?"

"I got nothing. Whoever did this must be pretty slick!" Cyborg answered.

Raven, quiet as always, felt a strange vibe everywhere she walked. There were no signs of a struggle and the door was locked. There weren't any clues anywhere. This was too perplexing, even for her. She looked at the mirror hanging on the wall. She remembered that at all the scenes the victims were near mirrors. But that could only be a wild coincidence. As she walked away from the mirror, she did not notice a silhouette of a strange figure inside it.

In the T-Car, all the Titans (except for Cyborg, since he was driving and all and Raven) were sleeping. Raven was sitting next to Cyborg, while the others were in the back sleeping. Terra was leaning on Beast Boy's shoulder, while Starfire had her head lying on Robin's lap.

"Got any clues Raven?" Cyborg asked.

"No. All I know is that there were mirrors at all the scenes," Raven answered in her monotone voice.


Raven shook her head. "Never mind. Maybe it's just a coincidence."

They were driving along the street when Raven sensed something. Then there was a scream.

"Cyborg! STOP!" Raven yelled. Cyborg stopped suddenly and all the Titans who were sitting in the back groaned in pain as they hit something.

"Dude! What's the deal?" Beast Boy groaned.

"Yeah, Cy!" Terra complained.

Raven turned around. "Something's going on. We heard a scream. Someone is going to be another victim!"

All the Titans jumped out of the car and ran to the source of the scream. When they got there, they saw a monster, resembling a giant spider, hovering over a woman.

"TITANS! GO!" Robin ordered.

"Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven chanted and the monster was floating in the air, covered in black energy. Cyborg had his sonic cannon ready, but the monster let out a deafening screech forcing all the Titans to cover their ears. The monster fell to the floor and ran. Starfire was firing starbolts at the monster while Terra was chasing after it, floating on a flat piece of stone. Beast Boy followed suit, changing into a cheetah. Raven and Cyborg, who were closest to the monster when it screeched, were shaking their heads, trying to get the ringing out. Robin told them to stay put while the others gave chase.

"Man, what is that thing?" Beast Boy asked.

"Ugly," Terra smirked. "And it's gonna be road kill!"

The monster ran from the Titans, but it suddenly stopped in front of a glass window and jumped in, disappearing. Beast Boy ended up flat on his face as he tried to follow it.

"Ow! What gives!" Beast Boy yelled in pain. Starfire and Terra looked dumbfounded as the monster disappeared.

"Looks like it escaped," Starfire stated the obvious. Terra nodded. Suddenly, the monster flew out of the window. However, it seemed like it was forced out of the window. The Titans (except for Raven and Cyborg) were ready to attack, however, they saw something else coming out of the window.

The figure was human and male, obviously, and clad in a red leather bodysuit and armor. The armor itself was red with a silver chest plate etched with the symbol of a dragon. On his right forearm he wore a red and silver gauntlet and on his left forearm was a red gauntlet in the shape of a dragon's head. On his legs he wore a pair of knee high red and silver metallic boots. His head was concealed under a red helmet with a silver headpiece that held a red dragon symbol, green lenses and a split mouthplate. The headpiece held short horns and 'fangs' that framed the eyes. Around his waist was a belt with a rectangular case on the right side and the same dragon symbol that was on his chestplate and headpiece. The buckle had a crystal orb imbedded in the centre.

The armored figure walked towards the monster. The spider monster lifted one of its legs, attempting to strike the figure.

"Watch out!" Starfire yelled. But the figure stood still. He smacked the leg away with his right arm and punched the monster with his left, sending it a good few feet away. The figure walked towards the monster and drew a card from his belt.

"Um, Dudes, what is he doing with a card?" Beast Boy asked. Terra and Starfire just watched, as well as Robin who just got there.

The figure inserted the card into his left gauntlet and spoke, "Final Vent!"

A red dragon flew out of a nearby mirror. It looked like a long bodied dragon from Chinese mythology, with its long body, horns, whiskers and claws. It surrounded the armored figure and then he jumped into the air. The dragon followed as the figure did a flip, spun in the air, and extended his right foot at the monster.


His foot burst into flames as he struck the monster head on. The monster exploded as the figure jumped away. Starfire shot at any debris that was flying towards them while Terra stopped some rocks in mid air. The figure landed in front of them and turned his head towards the Titans. A ball of energy rose from what was left of the spider monster and the dragon flew at it and swallowed it.

Raven and Cyborg had just arrived, but they saw the figure destroy the monster. The figure gave them a salute and ran.

"Hey, wait!" Robin yelled. The figure stopped and turned. He waved at Robin and jumped into a mirror, disappearing entirely.

Everyone was silent, until someone spoke up, "Dudes! Who was that?"

To be continued...