The Living Bride

He lifts a glass

And toasts a health

To her past

And future self

She shall be forgiven for her pride

When she becomes The Living Bride

They shared a sweetness

The boy and she

They knew no less

Than what they could see

But she will never leave his side

For she is now The Living Bride

He went to them

To grant them peace

A black ribbon stem

To make nightmares cease

She saw it and she tried to hide

She did not want to be The Living Bride

But he saw her run

And caught her arm

She ran into the sun

Away from harm

For in sunlight his hands are tied

He could not make her The Living Bride

He found her soon

And pulled her near

And said in a croon

And she trembled with fear

"My love, how long I have my time bide

Waiting to make you The Living Bride."

He smeared her face

With blood of life

She hated the taste

Of her lover's strife

But now he was dead and she had not cried

Her fate – to be The Living Bride

So now she lies

In peaceful sleep

She no longer tries

To come back from the deep

For she no longer has her pride

She has become The Living Bride

A/N: I'm not really a poetry person so I'm a little nervous about posting this. I worked really hard on it though, so I hope someone enjoys it! Unfortunately the spacing has gone a bit skew-iffy.