My Human Slave

Summary: ChihiroxHaku Humans are considered dirt in the Spirit World. So when they are auctioned as slaves near the bath house, Yubaba decides that Haku needs a little company, and sends him to the auction.

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Note: This is my first Spirited Away fic, so please no flames. Dedicated to Blackbelt, my favorite author! She doesn't write Spirited Away fics though...

Chapter One: I Don't Need One!

Haku calmly stepped into the elevator, staring blankly at the red elevator doors. The doors opened, leading into the room of Shoji screens that had voices of guests behind them. Haku just pulled the lever again, seeing the doors closed.

Ding. The door opened.

Haku stepped out of the elevator, facing the colorful hall. Haku walked up to the right door and knocked.

"Ah yes. Haku. Come in." The golden little head said as the door unlocked, opening all the other doors. Haku nodded and walked through the colorful hall way that was full of paintings and vases.

"Haku, you must walk faster then that." The voice said again, the woman's hand curling in. Haku let the magic bring him to his boss's room.

"You...wanted me, Yubaba-sama?" Haku asked bowing.

"Ah yes. I heard their was a human slave trade nearby..." Yubaba said, smirking at the boy's scowling face.

"..." Haku stayed silent, impatient and furious.

"And I want you to buy a human slave." Yubaba stated, inwardly cackled at Haku's face.

She can tell he was holding the urge to open his mouth in shock. His left eye was twitching, and his mouth was in a deep frown. His eyes were narrowed and his eyes showed anger. He stomped up to her desk and slammed his fists on the table.

"What do you mean you want me to buy a human slave!" Haku asked furiously, his shoulders up high.

"Well, you do need some help around the bath house. And you seem very quiet." Yubaba said, getting up and pushing him to the floor. "Now, consider that an order, you hear?"

"Wahhh!" A cry was heard from behind the red curtain.

"Mommy is coming, dear!" Yubaba said as she put a smile on and ran to the curtain but then turned around. "What are you still doing here? Go on! Shoo! Go get a human slave!"

Haku scowled, bowed, and marched to the first floor. Leaving the bath house, he walked across the bridge...Well, more likely stomped. His eyes widened at the crowd of black spirits.

On the stage was a fat man, whose skin was black because he was a spirit, who had a whip in hand. Haku stood their, arms crossed and glaring at any human that met his eye.

First was a girl with long silver hair was midnight blue eyes. When she met Haku's eyes, she blushed, but he held no interest at het at all.

Next was a girl with blonde hair and violet eyes. She looked like she was a mother already, so Haku just glared.

Then... "We save the best for last, ladies and gentlemen spirits." The spirit said as he raised his hand, signaling for the human to be brought in. Haku's eyes widened.

The girl had brown hair and blue/brown eyes. She was struggling, and very stubborn. Her mouth was covered and her hands were cuffed.

"She is pure and innocent, stubborn and energetic, childish and determined." The spirit yelled out as he held up the girl, who managed to get the cloth of her mouth.

"Put me down you...THING!" The girl yelled kicking. When Haku glared at her, she just returned her glare, which surprised Haku. He had a sudden urge to have her. But her remark to the spirit earned her a whip on the back.

"100 G!" A spirit yelled. Haku's eyes narrowed. That girl was worth more than that.

"1000 G!" Another one yelled.

"40,000 G." Haku stated calmly. The girl looked at him and stuck her tongue at him.

"Y-yes, Master Haku." The spirit shook in fear at the strong boy. Haku nodded, grabbing the girl and putting her over his shoulders.

"He-hey! What the hell! Put me down!" She screamed as she tried to squirm out of his grasp.

"You are mine now. So at least give me your name." Haku stated calmly, unfazed by the girl's shouts.

"Chihiro..." The girl replied, glancing at the ground.

"..." Haku stayed silent.

"Tell me yours, MASTER. After all, I need to know my own master's name." Chihiro said, sarcasm dripping in her voice.

"Haku. Haku-sama." He introduced. Short, simple, and to the point. How lovely.

'Hmph. He seems anti-social.' Chihiro thought as she slouched. She squeaked as she suddenly felt her body go up. She noticed they were in the elevator.

"Ugh!" She moaned as she rubbed her bottom. She hit solid wood that was covered in a large carpet.

"Yubaba-sama. I have brought my slave." Haku stated as he ignored his slave's protests.

"Hey! What the hell was that...for..." Chihiro's statement suddenly disappeared at the doors opening.

"Come in." Yubaba invited, sounding amused.

'What's she amused about?' Chihiro thought as she raised an eyebrow. She squeaked when she felt arms around her that picked her up. The next thing you know, they were back in Yubaba's office.

"Ha. I really didn't think you'd actually buy a...human." Yubaba said as she lit her huge cigarette with her finger. Chihiro turned to Haku, who seemed totally unfazed. She realized she was on the floor and stood up.

"Girl, what is your name?" Yubaba asked, puffing out smoke from both her nose and mouth.

"Ch-" She was cut off by he master.

"She is MY slave, so you are not aloud to control her. You will not give her orders, I will." Haku possessively said as he let out a possessive growl, holding an arm in front of the brunette. Yubaba laughed.

"Very well. She will share a room with you." Yubaba said, getting more amused by the minute at her apprentice's actions. He bowed and left. Chihiro looked at him and then at Yubaba. She bowed and then followed Haku.

"Ha-Haku-sama..." Chihiro muttered as she glanced at the floor. Then her eyes moved the to the up left corner, recalling a painful memory. Then she moved to the bottom right, remembering the pain. She shivered and then accidently hit Haku's chest.

"You were so caught up in something that you didn't notice I stopped." Haku said as he stared at her, like predator at prey.

"Oh...Um...Its nothing..." Chihiro said, waving it off. Haku gave a trouble expression, knowing that she was lying, but shrugged it off.

"Okay, so here's our room...I'll be sleeping on the floor..." Haku stated who left to get blankets but was cut off by his slave.

"A-are you sure? I can always...Sleep on the floor and you can sleep on your bed..." Chihiro said as she fiddled with her fingers and looked at the floor. Haku smiled politely.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. I'm a..." Haku stopped himself from giving too much information. "Tomorrow you will start working with me." Chihiro nodded, getting into Haku's bed and sighing at the comfiness.

"ah..." She sighed blissfully and automatically fell asleep. Haku turned from his futon to face Chihiro. He smiled.

'Childish.' He thought, smirking. Soon, he fell asleep.

Spirited Away! The Next Day!

Chihiro opened her eyes, then shut them from the sunlight. She groaned as she got up and rubbed her eyes. Groggily, she looked around.

"Okaa-san...Otou-san..." Chihiro muttered. And slapped her forehead. How can she forget? She was captured and became a slave of... Chihiro turned to Haku's...Empty bed?...

"Kuso!" She muttered angrily as she slipped on her clothes, muttering a string of curses at her master. She ran out the door, only to meet a strong chest. She fell but was caught before touching the ground.

"AH! Haku! You could've woken me up, you know!" Chihiro shouted at him angrily, only to get angrier at his smirking face.

"Well, you were sleeping like a baby. Your acting like one too." Haku insulted playfully then continued, "Remember, Haku-SAMA."

"Yes, Haku-TEME." Chihiro retorted, turning away with her arms crossed. Haku rolled his eyes and motioned her to follow. She eventually complied.

"Where we going, Haku...sama." Chihiro asked, adding the suffix after a long pause.

"Downstairs." He stated, "Not be quiet. Yubaba's servants aren't used to the smell of humans."

"And you?" Chihiro asked, raising an eyebrow and sarcasm dripping in her voice.

"Well, let's just say, I met you when you were very little." Haku said, smiling softly and then pulling the lever down, causing the elevator to close and go down.

Spirited Away! The Next Scene!

Chihiro quietly followed her master like a lost puppy, ignoring the glares and stares from the workers of the bath house, who had quietly, after a while, and slowly stopped working.

"What are you staring at?" Haku yelled in a strong voice, "Get back to work!" He ordered.

Chihiro looked right to left, seeing the faces of all the workers being taken off her and back to their work, but still grumbling complaints.

"Arigato..." Chihiro muttered, sensing that Haku knew she was getting scared of the angry stares. He just nodded, not turning his head towards her.

"Rin." He called out, looking around.

"What is it?" Rin said, her face turning a sour look and her arms crossed.

"Can you take care of this girl for me while I'm gone?" The dragon boy asked, pushing his slave in front of him.

"Hey! It's a human! Why should I?" Rin exclaimed, furious that she had to babysit a...a...Human!

"Because I said so." Haku said smugly as he pat Chihiro on the head before leaving the bath house quickly. Chihiro glared at his retreating form.

"Hmph. Follow me." Rin ordered, also glaring at Haku. As they continued to walk, Rin stopped and turned to Chihiro and smiled.

"Hey. What's your name?" She said, grinning and then scratching the back of her head, "Sorry for being so rude early. I couldn't stand that guy!"

"Uh...Chihiro." The twelve year old girl replied, holding one hand in the other.

"Chihiro, huh? Well, my name is Rin. If you need any help, just ask me, 'kay? First, let's talk a little in my room. I bet I can't work and take care of you at the same time." Rin said as she grinned ear to ear, hand on her hips.

Spirited Away! In Rin's Room

Chihiro sat on the blue pillow in front of the tea table, which had tea and dumplings on it. Steamy and hot.

"So, how DID you meet Haku anyway?" Rin asked curiously, pouring herself and the other girl a cup of tea.

"Well...I was being sold at the Human Slave Auction..." Chihiro began, gulping, waiting for her response.

Rin sat their, so silent, you can hear a needle drop. Her eyes widened and her mouth slightly opened.

"So...Your...Haku's slave?" Rin said in shock. Chihiro nodded stiffly, gulping as she tightly gripped her shirt. The older woman burst out laughing.

"So I'm babysitting his slave!" Rin said as she laughed. Chihiro, who was shocked, nodded slowly. Rin kept laughing. Chihiro tilted her head to the side, a little question mark above her head.

"Sorry." Rin said. She had slowly stopped laughing. "Are you hungry?"

Before Chihiro could even reply, her stomach replied for her with a hungry gurgling noise. Rin laughed again and then said, "I'll get more lunch, since we finished the dumplings and all."

Rin left, leaving Chihiro all alone. So, the brown haired girl took the chance to wander Rin's room. Of course, she knew that was impolite, but she needed to get used to this place. And if she's in trouble, maybe Rin can help her.

'I wonder what's taking Rin so long...' Chihiro thought worriedly. She had already memorized how to get to this place from Haku's room, but that took at least thirty minutes. This play IS big, you know.

Chihiro sighed, walking to the balcony that's windows were already open.

"This place looks like a sea..." Chihiro muttered as she leaned on the railing, her elbows supporting her.

"Well, what do you expect after the rain we had like about a week ago?" A voice said out of nowhere, which made Chihiro jump. "Sorry if I startled you."

"Oh...That's okay Rin." Chihiro replied to her apology, sighing in relief.

"I brought rice balls, sashimi, and miso soup." Rin laughed at Chihiro's grumbling stomach. Chihiro squealed in joy as she was finally seeing food. After what she's been through, I bet you would want food too.

"ROAR!" Both Chihiro and Rin looked to see where that noise came from.

Author's Note: How did you like it? Well, this is my first Spirited Away fic, so please, no flames...

Preview for the next chapter!

"Haku! Are you okay?" Chihiro cried at her master while holding him on her lap. Haku nuzzled deeper, giving a muffled reply. Chihiro blushed and muttered, "Pervert."

In A Different Area...

A girl, the same girl that has silver hair and midnight blue eyes, stared at the couple, shaking in fury and gripping the shoji screen, nearly ripping it.

Another Scene.

"Chihiro, I think it's a time you got a day off..." Haku suggested, slightly blushing. Chihiro had a confused look.

"Hm? Why?" Chihiro asked, falling onto Haku's bed next to him.

"I have my reasons..." Haku said, smirking.