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You're not going to live forever.

The game is over. They won. But what does the quarterback do with his life afterwards?

The crowd was cheering until they finally got up from their seats and left. The atmosphere was ablaze. But where was the man of the match?


He had returned home with Annabelle to his boat. He had good times with the boat, but like himself, it was reaching a certain age and they both weren't going to live forever.

He smiled at the former cheerleader; she had planned to give up her job since she preferred life at her pub. She quit due to the amount of attention she was receiving from working with ex-strippers and drunken men wanting something. Shane had earned millions and was planning to buy a house rather than another boat in which he would just sail in it until there would be that time where he would have to sell it on.

He passed a beer over to Annabelle, but she shook her head not wanting it.

''I ought to be getting back. Well done Shane, i knew you could do it'' She smiled, turning around to leave the boat. She was so proud of him.

''So soon?'' Shane said, walking up to her, she turned to face him and laughed.

''Yes, i have to open my pub remember?''

''Mm...'' He said, bringing her closer to eventually kiss her when she let go, he took a step back but still kept that grin on his face.

''How about you come to my house...let's say tomorrow evening at 6.30pm? And this time, please make it'' She said, smiling while bearing her teeth.

''Sure, I'd like that. See you tomorrow then'' He replied, giving her a wave.

After she left, he put on his wet-suit to go scuba-diving for the last time. He finally came back up when he was hungry and made himself some dinner while watching TV. All throughout the news, it was about him and his team and how miraculously close they had come to loose. He stood up then turned the TV off to then go to bed.

Winning an important game would make anyone tired, including Shane Falcon.