When Shane awoke, the sun was slipping through his bed covers, making his skin feel hot and gasping to be cooled down by a shower. It was 2.00pm and he just remembered his date with Annabell. He got to the shower in a matter of seconds and cooled himself down. He stepped out of the shower and wiped himself dry with a towel which was hanging from the dresser. As he did, he saw coach Jimmy Mcginty walking to his boat. He quickly shoved a top and trousers on while towel drying his hair.

''Shane, are you decent?'' Jimmy asked stepping onto the boat.

''Uh, yeah sure'' He replied walking to Jimmy.

''Now, this is important. San Fransico SF's quarterback is down. They need a replacement and fast. You're finally needed kid'' Jimmy said and smiled, but Shane's reaction wasn't the one he was expecting.

''The game is tonight isn't it?'' Shane asked.

''Yeah, that's why it's so urgent Shane. I'd advice you to do it''

''But...i can't. I have a date and i really don't want to turn her down since it would be the second time''

''Shane! You're still on about that bloody cheerleader? You'll meet plenty more girls, especially after tonights game'' Jimmy said while winking.

''That cheerleader is my girlfriend as a matter of fact. Look, i'll see what i can do. I'm gonna ring her okay? Just give me a minute''

Jimmy nodded and sat down. Shane picked up his cell phone and rang a number and Annabell answered. It seems it didn't go down too well and she hanged up on him. Fair enough, she was fed up of him standing her up.

''Well, she's pretty pissed off about it, but i'll do it''

Shane and Jimmy shook hands.

''Come to the ground at 5.30pm for training beforehand. See ya then'' Jimmy then turned and walked towards his car.

That was an awful chapter wasn't it! Sorry i couldn't think of much. I'd appreciate it if someone could please tell me the name of the guy who hates Shane and replaces him in the last match at the end of the film. Sorry to be a bother, thanks to KerriRane & Elven-princess Ginny for your review!