The Whisperer

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"Cruise missiles are on the way to destroy the enemy facility you have 10 minutes to leave."

Mardukas voice sounded throughout the Mithril AS's. He had lead the TDD-1 all in hope of regaining his cute little captain. He was now so close.


"…" Nothing but deep breathing could be heard in the cockpit of the two arm-slaves.

His long silver-white hair was frazzled, and a mess as he kept his eyes focused on the screen in front of him. Blood dripped from his nose. His face was curled into a form of anger unknown to the normally cool-headed whispered boy.

Everything was perfect, wasn't it? He destroyed his only opponent, Mithril. He had somehow captured/convinced his sister to come along with him, and the only man, and machine that truly had any ability too stop him had been defeated, machine destroyed. There was no way he could have found them, much less gain information and supplies to fight Amalgam.

Leonard had become truly on top of the organization, and in his head on top of the world. All were inferior to him. While Kaname had not totally fallen for him, she had been…stopped being incredibly cruel. Then she saw the video that made her more upset than ever in her life.

He thought he could truly win her when her so-called savior had been declared, and caught on camera dead. Leonard hadn't meant for her to see the images of his death, because he wanted to win her with him still alive, but she walked in unannounced and it saw the images of Sousuke Sagara's dead form. Sadly so did his sister. He wondered how they could have harbored feelings for such a person. He was a murderer, killer. One way to describe him is anti-hero. In fact he was the perfect description of an anti-hero. Therefore unlikable.

These thoughts only took hold of him for a second as he concentrated on the figure in front of him. It was large obviously, an AS but it wore a torn black cloak, hid its face and the pilot would not speak. But this opponent was proving to be overly-disruptive in his plans on taking lead in the organization, and Kaname's heart. Who was the being in front of him seemingly capable of destroying everything he worked for, the whole organization was being destroyed by this one machine, Mithril had somehow survived, but that did not surprise him because he had his sister she had mentioned it. She was rebellious, but not totally unco-operative with him. Kalinin though not officially affiliated with Amalgam still proved useful when necessary.

Amalgam had come far in its rule. People had learned about both organizations but no one really cared. While Amalgam continued to gain power, everyone played it off as simple terrorism. Mithril survived though. They had rebuilt the Merida Island base, and are now using a new mass-produced Arm-slave. They some-how gained funds and support enough to rebuild quickly, and more efficiently than before. But what really bothered him was the fact that they somehow had those AS's, with lambda driver. Though none were as truly skilled as him others could manipulate to win a few battles against other Amalgam pilots. He did not expect THIS kind of resistance. And then there was this one in front of him.

The machine did not personally attack with weapons, but it did use the Lambda driver very well. Leonard knew no matter how it looked the other pilot must be getting tired. He could push until he won.


He looked to his bottom right screen panel. He saw Kaname, and Tessa were being moved to a more sheltered area by soldiers, and Arastols. Tessa was scared, Kaname was- still upset. He was even angrier seeing her face.

"How could she still be so upset?" Leonard wanted to rub the sweat dripping into his eyes but was afraid of removing his arm from the control.

"Who is he…?"

Leonard pushed forward on the controls. Belial leapt at an incredible speed toward the enemy AS.

The cloaked AS placed out its hand, and initiated a Lambda drive field.

The strange sound of light clashing against light erupted as the cloaked AS began sliding backwards on its feet.

It had not expected that attack, the cloak was now in pieces the figure of the AS could finally be seen by Leonard, and the Mithril opponents.

"Activate EIS…" His cold eyes stared at the screen in front never taking his eyes off his opponent.

"Roger" The deep robotic voice sounded throughout the cockpit confirming the command.

The black once cloaked AS disappeared.


Leonard focused looking around the area.

"Initiate search mode, use ECCS system; find the enemy!"

Leonard continued to look from screen to screen. Nothing. Leonard bought his hand up to block a stream of light that came out of no where.

Suddenly it appeared again exactly where it had disappeared. Leonard was confused.

"Enemy located. Search mode disabled." Why didn't his opponent take advantage, and attack him. If he never moved why didn't the ECCS locate him sooner?


Leonard looked back at the lower-right screen. Mithril agents were attempting to capture Tessa, and Kaname. Many of his soldiers were dead, most of the Arastols destroyed, and the two protecting Venoms were in pieces.

Leonard grinned, and returned his attention to the main screen. His calm demeanor had returned.

"I can still win…forgive me."

Leonard leapt towards the two arm-slaves, and group of soldiers making their way towards his girls. He incapacitated the two Mithril machines, and pointed his hand down, light beginning to form around it.

"Excuse me but if you don't surrender I will kill the two men in these machines, and the women down there." Leonard truly regretted his action. He had really come to care about Kaname, and his sister. He also was disgusted that he had to use such tactics but he was not willing to lose.

Tessa's eyes shot wide. Kaname still sat crouched in a corner.


Kaname placed her hand on her stinging cheek.

"What the HELL was that for?"

Kaname went from down-trodden to angry in an instant. Tessa crossed her arms she looked strong but she was afraid.

"We have just been threatened, are being used as hostages, and you are just sitting there moping over…over…" tears formed in Tessa's eyes.

Kaname's softened up a bit.

"What happened to the strong good ol' Kaname who saved…HIM and others many times?" Tessa was furious. But could not bring herself to say that name.

Kaname face fell and she clenched her shoulders.

"If I saved him why is he dead?"


Tessa's face was tearing.

She slapped Kaname a third time.

Tessa said nothing just stared into Kaname's brown eyes, her grayish-blue eyes filling with water.

Kaname weakly smiled, she knew Tessa was right. She felt sick realizing how she had been acting since then.

"Ok, I would like to see Kyouko again!" Kaname looked up, and finally realized the threat. She saw the light surrounding Belial's hand.

The black individual looking AS stepped forward…then again. It began walking in Leonard's direction.

Belial leapt away just as a sniper-bullet glistened in light zipped through where he once stood. He looked behind him to see an AS mounted a good distance away using lambda driver on his shots.

"Don't…" The cold voice came over Kurz speaker.

Kurz smiled, and located a new target. He didn't have to say anything; he knew what the pilot of the black AS wanted.

"You don't have to worry about interruption…" The cold voice came from the machine Leonard was facing. His eyes went wide. Despite the cold emptiness in the voice he recognized it. He finally took in the features of his opponents AS.

Two green eyes could be seen on the head of the machine. The body looked awkward for an Arm-Slave. It was a bit sharper than other AS's, and looked less like, a machine than the other Arm-slaves. He couldn't quite describe it.

"You…you can't…but." Leonard began to tremble. He had seen him die. He re-watched the footage over, and over again. He had the body checked so how? His placed his head on the screen. He grinned again.

"You won't take what is mine." Leonard's machine began to glow.

He became a ray of light flying towards the enemy AS.


No one noticed but Kaname and Tessa were gone. Melissa picked-them up, and extracted them, sadly they had to skip the warm reunion for now. Everyone was evacuating now, everyone but the two combatants in the center of the battlefield.


"Sir, enemy had initiated lambda driver on a higher level than we anticipated, I doubt we can escape this attack. We have only 5 minutes left as well are you sure about this?"

The voice sounded in the AS, as the Belial began to light up.

Reddish-grey eyes stared at the screen.

"Why did I bring you back if you're just going to doubt?"

"I don't know sir you did it, heh"

The pilot sighed. This AI just made fun of him was he really worth keeping?

"No time for jokes…" The man's brown hair began to flutter a bit. He locked his eyes on the glowing figure in front of him.


Belial stuck out both hands as it went flying towards the strange AS. The AS simply placed its hand out. Awkward light began to stream from its body at incredible rates.

Then the light crashed, everything within 30 yards was absorbed in light.

The light from Belial threatened to rip the strange AS apart but it was using both hands to block the charging Belial. Leonard was sure his opponent could not keep this up.

Suddenly light began to stretch from its right hand. Leonard realized that only one hand was actually being used as a shield. He also noticed the hand beginning to fall apart from the stress. The tentacles pierced into the Belial but did not destroy it. This wasn't going to be easy for either.

"Sir left hand has taken severe damage, it cannot hold for much longer." The AI began to state what was obviously on other panels in the cockpit.


His eyes stayed focused making sure not to lose concentration, if he did it would all be over. The screen flashed red.

"Sir left hand has been destroyed we cannot…"The AI stopped the shield was still coming it was being released throughout the whole arm.

"Do you really doubt me so much from that one failure?"

His cold voice came out but he never stopped his focus on his task.

"Uhh…I." The AI sounded sad.

The light continued to force its way around and into Belial.

"What the?" Leonard was surprised that the machine was holding out even with the loss of its hand. He became worried as the light from its right hand began to force it's way through Belial.

Leonard's eyes went wide. He saw it he saw the memories of his life go before his eyes.


This can't be happening he thought. When this happens you…die. Everything Leonard could see was gone, everything was black.

The light faded it was over…The missiles came down in that very instant no one saw which machine came out of the light but realized it would not matter if the missiles destroyed them both.


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