The Whisperer
-Chapter 56- Final-

Was it real? Did what they see that day even happen? It had to be if practically the whole world saw it. The beacons, arm-slaves, that flying tower. All of it vanished. Rumors of alien activity, and secret organizations spread. The pictures people had taken were real. The images were still there. So why did everything disappear. After a while no one spoke about. No one could explain it. Eventually everyone forgot about it. Well everyone but one person. She sat boringly watching the news. Her hair was a mess and she looked as if she wasn't getting enough sleep. The reports about what had happened ended a couple of days ago. Tessa had been upset with the death of her brother, as well as Sousuke's. Mithril had of course taken care of whatever Sousuke had missed before his last battle. The young soldier was not given a big ceremony for his death. But they had promised to bring Kaname on board to be there for his technical funeral. None of her friends knew about it just that Sousuke was away. As for herself she had a small collection of pictures of him in her room, some of them had both of them together. She thought she might get a cupboard for her living room to make a small sanctuary or something. . It was all she could do for him. He would not want anything fancy but she could probably get him a gravestone. He did not care about leaving his mark on the world even if he had already done so by accident. Kaname thought about the chances she missed with him. She should have pushed more. She should have not have hesitated so much. Kaname scolded herself after giving Sousuke that speech that he died before they could… be intimate. She let the thought drift not wanting to think of finding someone else or how her future would be now.
"Why is my life always so hard?" A tear slid down her cheek as she sat unhappily watching television. Pulling her legs to her body she sat like that on the couch. She hadn't ever felt this bad before. Not even when she thought of committing suicide. She was stronger now. What a feeling to be brought upon her by such a strange person that her heart wrenched.
"Jerk, stupid head…" Kaname said pulling a pillow to her. "Moron, military misfit, baka!" She screamed his insulting nick-names into the pillow as once again tears unwanted began to flow. This hurt more than when she thought he had died in France because this time she was certain he would not come back, after all weeks was a long time to be gone. She was there luckily able to spend a few more moments with him
"Sousuke…" she whimpered his name as she soaked her pillow with tears. She was getting tired of doing this. She wondered if her eyes would ever run out. Yes she spent time trying to have fun and always made sure to go on but she still had these moments. Today she hadn't even cleaned herself up resulting in her disheveled appearance. She closed her eyes tightly before opening them determination set. She was not going to mope or weep anymore. He would be angry if she did. Instead she would try to have a good day. It may have seemed cold or heartless but she couldn't let herself fall into the pit she had long ago. But what was there to do. She didn't even have school right now to distract her. She could visit her friends but she didn't want to end up giving them a story.
"Alright I'll figure something out or cry myself to sleep again tonight." Kaname frowned at the thought.
"I really am pathetic." She dragged her feet as she headed for her room. She had a few preparations to make before she could shower. Scrounging about her room looking for a certain set of clothes and some other things she scolded herself once again for letting such things slip. Just because the man she loved died didn't mean she could become irresponsible. Searching under her bed a knock came at her door. Surprised she hit her said trying to get out from under the bed. She wondered who it could be as she angrily stomped towards front door. Instead she was stopped at her bedroom door bumping into something. She angrily stared at what it could have been directly in her way only to find it wasn't a thing. Her eyes widened as they traced the body up to the face. Once again tears began to fill her eyes as they locked with the grey orbs in front of her. As if making sure he was real she ran her hand along him even making sure the scar on his cheek was a scar.
"Why are you crying?" He asked his face taking on a confused expression.
"Sousuke is it…"
"But…how? I…we…that… day."
"Actually there is quite a…"
"Never mind!" Kaname interrupted Sousuke, throwing herself onto him. He lost balance but caught himself bringing his other foot back to support the weight. Shifting he made it so that they stood while she cried into his chest. Sousuke did not know what to say but stared down at her softly as he felt her tears soak through his shirt.
"Sousuke it's really you! I missed you so much." She said as she pulled her face from his chest to look at him. She moved slightly so she could stare at his face. "How did you survive?"
"As I was trying to say before there is quite a long story behind that."
"Really. Well can we talk about it later?"
"It's not a problem. I have missed you a significant amount as well."
She smiled greatly her face beaming with delight. She opened her eyes when she felt his fingers run across her cheeks. Opening her eyes she saw he was wiping away her tears.
"Apparently I have made you cry once again." He gave her a concerned look.
Tearing up again she pressed close to him enjoying the feel from his body. "Yes you did you jerk. How many times are you going to pretend to die on me?"
Sousuke was confused but did not dare move her away to ask. Instead he let his arms wrap around her holding her close. "I am confused I did not pretend to die." He wasn't perfect. He jumped slightly feeling a sharp pain at his chest. Looking down he saw Kaname looking up at him the fabric from his shirt in her mouth. "Did you just bite me Kaname?"
"Yeah so what of it?" She said his shirt still clenched tightly between her teeth. He lowered his eyelids realizing he could not do much. Suddenly he remembered something. Moving his hands from around her he placed them on her ribs. His fingers began to move causing her to release his shirt and let out a breath.
"Ahh! Sousuke c'mon!" Kaname called laughing. She moved back breaking free of him. He was not trying to keep her there just cheer her up. He looked away placing his hand behind his head.
"I have completed my mission. May I have permission to return?" He looked at her from the side of his eye. Kaname now stared at him confused. Finally she remembered the strange promise she had made to him. "Yep even if you died." Kaname moved forward embracing him again. This time though she looked at him. Sousuke felt his cheeks become warm seeing the expression in her eyes. The emotion, and longing in them drawing him in. He slowly lowered himself coming close enough to feel her breath. Closing the distance the kiss was soft more emotional than anything else. Kaname was surprised when Sousuke deepened the kiss first. She made him wait instead of giving him entrance. His tongue withdrew rather than pushing Sousuke pulling back. "Uh. I apologize. I did not mean to…" he was stopped by Kaname moving up to him kissing him again. This time she accepted him.
The expression on his face was cute when he was apologizing and he looked so embarrassed and guilty that she had to fix it before he felt too bad. He had no idea how happy she was to see him. After a couple of minutes he moved back. Kaname's eyes fluttered open.
"What's wrong Sousuke?"
He looked worried. His eyes were lowered and his frown deeper.
"C'mon you can tell me."
"If you agree not to strike me I will explain the situation."
"Sure no problem."
Taking a deep breath Sousuke prepared himself.
"Chidori I enjoy kissing you very much but you're mouth. It seems as though you have let your care for your hygiene decrease. That is unhealthy and…"
"What!" Instead of the harisen she reached for her bat. She was not so happy to see him anymore.
"Chi-Chidori you said you would not strike me." Sousuke moved back cautiously. A fear he had not felt recently returning.
"That was before you said that. At least you aren't making me break a promise." Bringing the bat around she prepared to swing. Sousuke fell over the couch the bat just missing his face.
"Chidori please calm down."
"It's Kaname baka!" The bat came down hard as Sousuke fell headfirst onto the ground. He sweated profusely when he saw how the bat had just barely stopped short of his groin being stopped by the back of the couch. Rolling backwards he avoided her horizontal swipe with the bat. He was pinned against the wall now. Kaname brought her bat up preparing for the final strike.
This time she was stopped. In an instant had moved forward his lips pressed against her his, right hand on her lower back, his other on her upper back. Kaname began to respond slowly lowering the bat then broke the kiss remembering his words.
"Jerk! Why'd you kiss someone with smelly breath, huh?"
Sousuke brought a hand up to remove her bangs from her face. "I did not say it was smelly merely that you were not taking care of yourself. I admit it was not as pleasant as usual but just being able to kiss you was worth it. As for now I realized even more how much I missed you. Surprisingly having you attack me gave me an old feeling."
Kaname looked away her cheeks turning redder. "Well anyway let me take care of my personal hygiene for you."
"Of course." Sousuke replied having no problem with the idea. Kaname scowled at him. "Hmmphf!"
Walking to her room Kaname turned to him. "Want to join me?"
"Negative. Not now anyways." Kaname gawked in shock. He had answered as if it was a casual question rather than his usual innocent blurt of 'uh' then turning down the offer. Suddenly the thought of showering with him reminded her of something.
"Sousuke aren't you… you know those marks on your body. Are you still going to die?" She swallowed worried with the answer. She did not want to sour his mood or kill the mood of the reunion. He stared at her as serious as usual.
"Negative that problem is taken care of." He said his voice the usual monotone. It was a bit annoying the way he acted as if nothing had happened. Nodding with a smile she headed to the bathroom.

Sousuke walked into the kitchen while Kaname showered. It was relief to be back. The past few weeks had been hectic. The memories of his last moments before the seeming end came to mind. He looked through her fridge. Finding left over food he helped himself to it. He wouldn't normally do this but he hadn't eaten decently in quite a few days. He rested his elbows on the counter while he ate the small snack. He poured some water from the fridge generator into his a glass and down it in one drink before refilling it. He was glad this hadn't turned out he way you saw it in movies where it was long and filled with tears and sweet words. In fact it was almost opposite. He stared at his hand. He was going to be alright.

He was watching the news when Kaname had come out of the shower. He was watching the few remaining reports on the incident a few weeks ago. It was definitely a problem having so many rumors about what had happened go around. It didn't matter now though.
"Sousuke why don't you find something else to watch?" Kaname said pushing some of her wet hair back. Honestly it was good to come out of the shower and have him right there.
"I am just checking up on the event. Though you are right it is insignificant." He changed the channel flipping to a movie he had seen recently. He turned around when something tapped his shoulder.
"Yes Chidori?"
"You really like me hitting you don't you?"
"No Kaname…"
"Good now go take a shower…"
"But… I took one yesterday. My time for another shower is still…"
"One day late. You're going to shower whether you like it or not. Even if it means dragging you in there and cleaning you myself." Kaname placed her hands on her hips and leaned towards him with her authoritative expression.
"Yes ma'am." He stood up walking past her and going straight into the bathroom. She watched him with a frown. 'What happened to when he stuttered when I was like this? He didn't even turn blush.' Kaname thought as she looked down at her towel clad form.

Sousuke breathed heavily in the bathroom. Not seeing Kaname had taken a great toll on his endurance. He may have held off in front of her but once he was out of sight his face had become a bit of a tint mostly to the strain against his pants. He hadn't realized in how many ways he had missed her. He struggled to get his clothes off. His swollen tool made it obvious he was going to need a cold shower.
He examined himself in the mirror. He was checking for scars and the marks Kaname had mentioned. He was thankfully clear of the marks. He hadn't felt sick in a long time now. He thought back to what he did as he stepped towards the shower in the shower. Anything to get his mind off Kaname. Suddenly the bathroom door opened. He turned around surprised. Kaname's face had become a deep crimson. Sousuke's whole body turned red from the bottom up.
"Chi-Chidori I can explain." Her eyes had become fixated on a certain part of his anatomy.
"So you did notice…" Kaname said looking away. "I was worried a moment." Kaname looked away holding his clothes out. "Here's a set of your clothes." Sousuke's eyes softened hearing what she had said first. He nodded as he stepped forward to take them. He couldn't help notice she was still in a towel. She probably hadn't expected him to be still out of the shower. "Chidori…would you like to join me?" He looked away the red on him couldn't become any redder.
"Wh-What…?" Her head shot turning to him. Did he really say what she thought he said? "Excuse me?"
"If you do not wish too…it's not a problem."
"N-no it's not that… it's just sudden." Kaname looked around a bit her eyes not focusing anywhere. Suddenly she felt his hands come up to her face. He pulled her close kissing her again. It was a soft decision making kiss. He accepted immediately when Kaname deepened the kiss. He pulled her in and closed the door behind her. He pulled back for some air. "You will be exceptionally clean after another shower…"
"After I get dirty again baka." She kissed him again before she let him go. He held her hand as he led her into the shower. They turned the water on. Sousuke did not want it cold. Soon the water was not he only thing hot in the shower. "I love you…"

Their breathing was labored as she lay atop him on her bed. He held her tightly against him. They had gone from the bathroom to her bedroom. Sousuke kissed her forehead as he breathed. Kaname looked up at him. She enjoyed the expression on his face as they made love. She enjoyed the expression he had now. Smiling she moved up and gave him another kiss. Sousuke had more stamina then she heard men had. His experience was tremendous for a first-timer. She had heard things about no release for the woman the first time, and selfish men but Sousuke was all but selfish. It had hurt like she heard but he was kind and gentle then as well. She brought her hands up and began playing with his hair. It had grown a good bit since last time she saw him. He opened his eyes meeting her chocolate orbs. "I can't believe I almost lost my chance at getting this close to you Kaname." He said as his hand played through her hair. She moved up so she could continue kissing him. Sousuke hands began to roam again causing Kaname to moan and squeak pleasantly. "We're going to need another shower..."

Sousuke sat rubbing Kaname's hair dry with a towel. They had taken a more or less successful shower, this time cleaning themselves and staying off each other. She smiled at the pleasant feeling of him drying her off. When he finished she gave him another kiss before grabbing the towel and leaving for her room. Sousuke stood up drying himself off.

After getting dressed he stepped out to the living room to find Kaname already in the kitchen making dinner. His stomach growled uncontrollably not having had a real meal in a long time. Sousuke walked into the kitchen he placed his hands around Kaname's hips. "How long before dinner is ready?" He asked still standing about an inch or two away.
"In a couple of hours." She laughed when she heard his stomach growl again. "If we hadn't taken so long I could have started sooner. Or if I had started it before we could have done that while it was cooking."
"Negative I would not have been able to wait. I am satisfied with my choice." She stopped and turned around staring up at him. Their faces flushed slightly before she moved up to kiss him again. His hands wrapped around her waist. Suddenly a bubble of the food burst landing on his arm he pulled back.
"I'm sorry just I was burned." He showed her his hand. Kaname took it into her hands and brought it to her lips. She slowly licked her hand across picking up the food and cleaning it off. Sousuke stared surprised. When she noticed she released his hand and turned around her face pink.
"I'm sorry. That was very unlike me." She had her head down and went to stir again. Suddenly she felt his lips press against the back of her head. "It's not a problem. I am changing as well." He said before turning around and heading towards the living room again. She smiled watching him walk away.

"Dinner's ready!" She called from the kitchen. Sousuke had just finished setting up the table. He went into the kitchen to help her bring out some of the food. "Wait Sousuke grab that first." He put down the chicken and went to get the fish, while she carried side dishes. He went back grabbing the chicken; she grabbed the pot with the main dish. When they were finished Sousuke went to his seat. He was still not an expert on manners or etiquette. She frowned at him for not pulling her chair for her before a smile crept onto her face. At least he hadn't changed. "You know Sousuke I used to wish you were normal and like everyone else."
Sousuke waited for her to serve him. He knew that much since she always served him or brought the plate already with food. "I am well aware of that. I had the bumps and bruises to prove it."
"I'm sorry. I regret it now. If you had ended up like everyone else well then. I guess we wouldn't be sitting here now would we."
"Negative. You would either have no interest in me or I would be dead." He said seriously. Kaname was about to frown at what he said but knew she shouldn't feel bad at everything he said. To him that was just something he said. She smiled and nodded agreeing with him. She began spreading the food accordingly. Eventually she noticed an excess. "I think I made too much…"
"It's not a problem. I am hungrier than usual and we can have them for leftovers." He said staring at the plates as she filled them with food.
"Right. Maybe we can have a picnic tomorrow."
"That would be pleasant. We can invite Tokiwa and the others."
"Not tomorrow. First it has to be just the two of us." Sousuke stared at her confused; he spoke with his mouth full. "I don't understand."
"You really are clueless. You just got back. Don't you think we should spend some time together."
"But we have spent a lot of time together today."
Kaname glared at him whispering. "Hentai."
"Uh, that sounds like an excellent plan Kaname. We will execute a picnic tomorrow just the two of us."
"Great. And don't talk with your mouth full."
Sousuke swallowed before answering. "Roger."

Dinner had gone by rather quickly. Sousuke had eaten quickly and made sure to show he was grateful for the food she had prepared. Now they sat on the couch watching an action, love movie involving futuristic ninjas. Kaname was happy just to be cuddled close against him on the couch. She had convinced him to bring his feet up so she could lie against him. "Sousuke, are you happy? I mean being here like this with me?"
"I am always happy as long as I am with you Kaname." Kaname smiled cuddling closer against him.

Sousuke sat watching the last half hour of the movie. Kaname's head was rested on his chest as he watched the movie. He was actually finding it to be an interesting movie. It was long too. He was petting Kaname's head unconsciously. He could feel her controlled breathing. He let his eyes fall to her content face.
"I'm home…"
Mission Complete…

Cliché end, sorry. I was going to go for the ending everyone hated but I had other ideas that would involve a happy ending. Sorry it took so long but I was taking an unofficial break from writing.
Now I'm going to finish Yamanote Release. As requested I may do a prequel to the Whisperer. I most likely will do that while writing other stories. I don't think I'll do a long one again until I do a few shorter ones. But I'll be looking forward to it then. As I said this probably shouldn't have been my first but…
It's done. Hopefully anymore stories I write will come out better. I have to admit I'm disappointed at points with this but that's to be expected. If you read this and hated it, good endurance. If you liked it…I think pretty much the same thing. That's all I have to report.