Chapter 1- Fun with the gilmores

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Luke's Diner in Stars Hollow, Connecticut

Lorelei: Luke, slap us down some of those marvelous g,goobers you make for us.

Rory: Please?

Luke: Goobers? Have you guys been drinking coca cola in the morning again?

Lorelei: Why do you falls off chair say that?

Rory: Yeah, why, Luke, why? Huh, huh, huh?

Luke: Ok, two "goobers' coming right uprolls his eyes

Luke: Weirdo's……

Rory: What didcha say Luke?

Luke: Oh, just that I'll sprinkle some magic fairy dust on them for ya to make 'em extra special.

Rory: Yay, fairies!

Walking in Stars Hollow

Rory: I just love poking fun at Luke!

Lorelei: But those goobers sure were good!

Both laugh

Lorelei: Well, I gotta go to the inn so catch ya later?

Rory: Yeah I gotta go meet Dean anyways.

Lorelei: Goober buddies are broken apart but will be reunited!

Rory: Away we fly!

On the bus with Dean

Rory: I missed you. they give each other a kiss as she sits down in the seat.

Dean: Yeah, it's been so long since last night.

Rory: man it so has.winks maybe I need another kiss; you know to tide me over.

Dean: Well, I don't know how many I store in these lips.

Rory: You want to see?

Rory leans in closer and so does Dean and their lips meet

Dean: hold on, backs away with short breaths

Rory: what?

Dean: do you really want to do, this, here?

Rory: I see what you mean.

Dean: this is my stop anyways

Rory: Bye, meet me later at the park. 7 o'clock sharp.

Dean: I'll be counting the seconds.

They go in for one last kiss and break apart grinning

7:00 at the park

Dean walks towards Rory with a single red rose and doesn't look very happy

Rory: Dean, what's wrong?

Dean: My parents… they

Rory: No, No!

Dean: My dad got a promotion in New York and we'll be moving in a week.

Rory: Sobbing Dean, you can't leave! I lllove you!

Rory runs towards dean and throws her arms around him and they hold each other tightly, never to let the other go.

Rory and Lorelei on the couch

Rory: Life sucks.

Lorelei: Tell me about it sister. Today Suki got gravy all over her new dress….

Rory: Mom, not the point. Mom, were you in love with Dad?

Lorelei: Sometimes, you don't know whether you are in love or its fake passion.

Rory: Do you think me and Dean have something ….. real?

Lorelei: I don't know Rory, I just don't know. Will you go get me some ramen? You'd make a goober buddy verrry happy!

Rory: Oh, all right but think about my question.

Lorelei: Daughter's can be so bossy…..

Rory: I heard that!