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It was all a big blur. Greece, Rory, truck…….. Rory! Oh no. Where's is Rory! I have to find someone! Tell me where my baby is!

"Ms, where am I? Where is my daughter? Luke! Rory! Suki! Anyone!", Lorelei was beginning to feel like she didn't want an answer.

"I'm sorry Ms. Gilmore, your daughter died when you were asleep. The truck fractured her spine which punctured her heart and she bled to death. There was nothing we could do-

"Lorelei! You are alright! Thank god!" Suki exclaimed. Once she heard that Lor and Rory had been in an accident she-

" Lor, where is Rory?", thinking she must be with Dean.

" Sook, Rory is –", at once they both embraced each other and cried until Luke, jess, dean, Emily and Richard entered.

"Lorelei, you're okay!' Emily sighed a sigh of relief. But where is Rory?

"Lorelei, the desk said Rory was not her. Did she go home. I can't believe she would go home with you here like this." Richard tried to hide his worry about what happened to Rory.

"Dad, everyone, Rory……….. she……… is not with us anymore."

At that moment everyone stood there in shock and all wondered what life would be like without Rory Gilmore.

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