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Title: You're One Step Ahead

Summary: Rikku found a sphere that when Yuna looked into it she saw Tidus, the person who left 2 years ago, after they defeated Sin but now he is back. He remembers Yuna just as she was but now when she meets him for the first time in 2 years, she forgets or is made to forget about Tidus but still remembers everyone else. Tidus is always one step ahead of Yuna and who wants them to be separated? Is it the girl Tidus meets or who?

Genre: Romance/Tragedy

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy X or X-2 but I'm playing X and I'm going to start playing X-2 when I'm done and also I don't know how the plot is in X-2 so I'm making some of it up.

Aging: Yuna – 19, Tidus – 19, Rikku - 17, Paine - 18

NOTE: It is going to be part game setting and maybe part modern … I'll have to think about that. Also that I already mentioned that I'm taking some characters from X and putting them in X-2 because I'm not sure if they are mentioned in X-2. The whole fic is gong to be in Yuna's POV and if I change it you'll see it.

--Chapter 7: A Dream of The Future And Past, Two New Gullwings --


Yuna's POV

"See you..." Were the last things I whispered before I fell into a deep sleep.

I dreamt of a wedding. Someone's wedding. Who's wedding?

The bride and groom walked up to the altar. The bride's veil was taken off. The bride was me? Then was the groom Tidus? I tried to see his face but then I found myself in the bride's position.

I tried to get a side glance at the groom's face but I couldn't see.

"Do you take Yuna to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The priest asked.

"I do." Were the words from the groom. Still who was he?

"And do you, Yuna, take ------ to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I d-... don't know...who he is..." I stuttered. Suddenly everyone gasped and ran like fiends in an ambush. I turned and looked at the groom who was now crying. And then I saw his face. Tidus.

"I- I thoug- you said you loved me Yuna!" He cried. "You said you would marry me! Why this! How could you not know who I am!" He ran away after that.

"Tidus.." I felt a tear roll down my cheek, "Come...back... I LOVE YOU!" I called out. There was no answer. He probably left by now. I shook my head and sat down crying.

When I looked up I saw that I wasn't at the wedding anymore. I was in someone's house. Then I saw Tidus come around the corner.

"Tidus!" I ran and hugged him. "I was just at the wedding and you left me all alone and then I cried and now I'm here. What happened?"

"Yuna... Is that you?" He asked curiously.

"Why yes. How could you not remember?" I replied looking up at him. He looked older and had longer hair. He no longer wore his blitzball uniform. He wore just a plain T-shirt and jeans. What was going on?

"Yuna.." He said quietly as he pushed me off gently, held my hand and sat down on the couch, with me sitting next to him. "That wedding... It was 5 years ago.." He looked away from me.

"Fi- five years?" He nodded. Right then and there I started crying. He just looked at me sadly and walked away.

Then again when I looked up I was in a different place. I was in a place with machine building and bright lights. I looked to my right and found a sign that said, 'Welcome to Zanarkand! The city that never sleeps!'

'Zanarkand?' I wondered. 'Isn't it supposed to be ruins?'

I then walked until I found some sort of stadium. I saw someone in a blitzball uniform much like Tidus. He was signing people's blitzballs. Everyone was cheering. I ran over and saw that it was Tidus.

"Tidus!" I called. This was probably before the wedding and all that had just happened to me.

"Hm?" He looked up and spotted me waving to him. He came over.

"Hi!" He smiled.

"Hi Tidus!" I smiled back. He was so cheerful but was this all before he came to Spira?

"Do I know you?" He asked now looking serious.

"Tidus it's me, Yuna!" I shouldn't have said that. This was before he came to Spira. Of course he wouldn't know me.

"Oh! Hey Yuna!" He smiled and gave me a hug. Wasn't he not supposed to know me. He let go.

"Yuna wake up.." He laughed. "You're dreaming."

"Dreaming?" I asked. He nodded and just then I woke up to see the real Tidus next to me.

"You're awake." He smiled. I giggled.

"I had a dream. A really long one. I dreamt that we were at our wedding but I didn't know who you were and then you left me and then I dreamt it was five years later and you talked to me and then I was in your Zanarkand and you knew me but I thought you wouldn't since I guessed that it was before you came to Spira and then you woke me up."

"Wow. That was long!" He laughed and I laughed too.

"Well.. why'd you wake me up?" I asked.

"Yuna... it's 'Mission Time'." He said quietly. My eyes widened.

"Al-already!" I was shocked.

"Yep!" He smiled, "Now hurry up and get ready! Otherwise Rikku will be the death of me!" He said sarcastically.

"OK!" I got up right away and got my hair fixed.

"Come on!" He hurried.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" I finished in a few minutes. "Ready!"

"Good!" And he gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Let's go!" He said as he motioned us to go. I nodded.

We got to the bridge just in the nick of time, before Rikku exploded.

"Finally you guys are ready!" She practically screamed at us. We smiled at each other.

"We tried." I said.

"Fine. OK, let's go!" Tidus nodded.

"Wait!" I said suddenly, "Uh... where are we going?"

"The Calm Lands... Another sighting." Tidus said simply.

"Oh OK. Let's go!" I said excitedly.

We got off the Celsius to see countless people crying and waiting in front of us.

"What's going on here?" Paine asked.

"Please... please h-help us... the monster is just over in the fields... d-destroying our crops!" A lady sobbed.

"OK!" Rikku sounded excited. "Let's go Gullwings!" We ran towards the fields to see the monster destroying all of the crops and we saw Shuyin and Lenne. Probably followed it.

"Shuyin! Lenne!" I called out.

"Hm?" They turned around.

"Yuna!" Lenne called back.

"Huh? Yuna you know these people?" Rikku asked.

"Yep. Long story." I said quickly.

"Yuna.. We need to kill that thing soon or else all the people of the Calm Lands may die!" Lenne cried.

"Winter is coming and they need the crops!" Shuyin explained. I had forgotten that the Calm Lands got Winter. Besaid didn't so I wasn't really used to it. Tidus looked at Shuyin strangely. When Shuyin noticed Tidus staring at him he stared back. Tidus growled.

"I don't want him near Yuna." Tidus looked away.

"And you near Lenne." Shuyin looked away too.

"Why?" Rikku asked. "OH!" She moved closer to Paine.

"Why don't they want their lovers near them?" Rikku whispered to Paine.

"Because they look alike and the mistake could be easy to reach." Paine said aloud.

"OH! Now I get it!" Everyone sent Rikku death glares. She smiled sweetly.

"Can we stop the fighting and kill that thing already!" Lenne and I said at the same time. They all nodded. Tidus and Shuyin took a swing at the monster but it didn't do much.

"Stay back!" Paine warned before she used 'Power break'.

"Rikku!" I called. Rikku nodded. I used 'Trigger Happy' to distract the monster and then Rikku attack it in one swoop. That did some damage. Lenne used dance and Tidus hit it with his sword.

"Ahh!" Rikku screamed as she bent down. She had 'Darkness'. I used 'Eye Drops' on her and the darkness lifted.

"This... is...going to be...a...long...fight!" Shuyin shouted.

"Yep!" Tidus agreed. I changed from my Gunner dress sphere to my Warrior dress sphere. I hit it a couple of times and did some heavy damage.

"I'm all tired out!" Rikku complained.

"Who would think Rikku would get tired!" Tidus laughed.

"HEY!" Rikku shouted.

"Hey everyone else is tired too!" Shuyin called.

"Look! It's leaving!" Lenne called out.

"No it won't!" Shuyin and Tidus shouted at the same time and took huge damage to the monster. Thinking it was dead Tidus walked up to it and stabbed his sword in it. It cried out in pain and disappeared.

"Where'd it go?" Paine asked.

"Farplane? Maybe." I answered.

"No it's... still alive, just resting to build up it's strength." Shuyin said.

"Yeah. I can still feel that it's alive." Said Lenne.

"Well we'd better go up on the Celsius, rest and find out it's next location." Tidus suggested. Paine, Rikku and I nodded.

"You guys can come aboard too." I motioned for Shuyin and Lenne to come. They nodded.

"You guys want to be Gullwings?" Rikku asked Shuyin and Lenne, excitedly.

"Uh...Sure?" Shuyin looked at Lenne.

"Sure." She confirmed.

"YAY!" Rikku squealed.

"OK. OK. Calm down Rikku." Tidus said calmingly.

"Well we all should get some rest." I started.

"Long day." Paine finished. Shuyin nodded.

"Here I'll show you guys up to the cabin." Tidus suggested.

"OK." Lenne said quietly.

"Uh.. wait you guys!" I said, remembering the sphere we found at Mt. Gagzet.

"Yeah?" Shuyin asked.

"Can you guys come for a sec? I need to ask you something." I said motioning them to come. Lenne nodded.

"Have you seen this?" I asked just before the movie sphere started.

"Uh... Shuyin... That's us?" Lenne questioned.


"Uh.. just to ask... What happened to Saiyra and Miraki?" I asked.

"Miraki ran away and she should be safe in Luca by now. Saiyra must've ran away after the battle, she wasn't there when we woke up after the night." Lenne stated. I nodded in approval.

"Well just wondering. You two should get some sleep now." I said.

"Yep. Well see you later!" Lenne waved as they went to the cabin.

"See you!" I called.

"So.. 2 new Gullwings?" Buddy asked as they left.

"Yeah. It seems so." Shinra said.

"Where should we be going now Yuna?" Brother asked quietly.

"Luca. We can do them a favor and check if Miraki is safe and maybe Saiyra might be there." I stated.

"OK!" Rikku shouted, standing up from her chair.

"Well I'm going up to bed now. Goodnight everyone!" I called heading to go to the cabin.

"G'night!" Rikku called.

"Night." Paine simply stated.

When I got out of the elevator I ran to the stairs only to bump into...

"Sorry Tidus!"

"Ah.. It's OK."

"Are you OK?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah Yuna I'm fine." He said trying to get me off his back.

"If you say so. Anyways I'm off to bed. Goodnight Tidus."

"OK. Night Yuna." He said as he kissed me on the cheek. I smiled and then ran to get to bed. I was exhausted. He watched me go up and followed. Saw that I was fine, smiled and went back to the bridge.

'Tidus, I love you so much that I promise that I will stay with you forever, until time, itself, ends.' I thought as I drifted into a timeless sleep.


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