A Tenshi Ni Narumon Fanfic, by Cat Who

Standard disclaimers apply: Tenshi ni Narumon belongs to Studio Pierrot and the Heaven Project, not me. I'm not making any money, please don't sue me.


Saturday night


Miruru yawned and stretched on the roof of the House, blinking sleepily in the heady midnight air. Sometimes she liked to go up there for no other reason than to breathe fresh human air; in the Demon World the air had been dank and oppressive, smelling vaguely of decaying flesh and rough chemicals. The air of the Human World, in contrast, was clean and fresh; a girl could get spoiled breathing in this air all the time.

So naturally Miruru spoiled herself.

The stars were clearer here, too, although they were mostly covered by threatening clouds that evening. Miruru never bothered wondering if there was intelligent life in the Heavens; demons knew there was. Tenshi. She'd always though the tenshi to be aloof, nasty things, until she'd met Noelle. Noelle was anything but aloof and nasty.

A sudden noise caught the demon's attention, and she turned to see Gabriel sleep-stumbling across the roof. Her heart gave a sudden thump as she saw the beautiful face of the vampire. Gabriel was the only person she'd ever met who sleepwalked in three dimensions. Instead of merely roaming the halls of the House, he climbed the walls, trees, stairs, anything in his way as he moved around in his dreams. He'd almost caught her plotting against Noelle once in just that manner.

"Gabe?" she said softly as he stumbled near her, but he was oblivious to the world. So oblivious in fact, that even when he tripped and sprawled across her lap, he didn't wake up. "Silly Gabe," she whispered, stroking his violet hair. She liked having him on her lap. She liked simply being around him. He was the whole reason she'd run away to the Human World to begin with. She'd follow him to the ends of the earth if she had to.

Emotions flitted across his face as he dreamt, and he grunted a few times. It seemed as if he was having a nightmare. Miruru smoothed is hair again and made a soothing sound to him, hoping to ease whatever was plaguing his dreams.

Out of nowhere, a bolt of lightning sliced through the air several miles away, and the growl of thunder started Gabriel awake. Miruru glared at the mean clouds for spoiling her peaceful moment. Gabriel's ice-blue eyes shot open, and he jumped nearly a foot into the air.

"What...where...Miruru?" He blinked a few times in confusion.

"You were sleepwalking, Gabu-chan. I didn't want to wake you, but the lightning did anyway."

"Oh." Gabriel looked slightly embarrassed. "Sorry. I hope I didn't... I mean..." He realized he was still sprawled across her lap, and made to get up, but Miruru caught him fast. Now that she was awake, she might as well take advantage of the situation.

"Say... Gabriel..." she whispered as seductively as she could.

"What?" the vampire said irritably, struggling to escape the cat-girl's hold.

"We haven't... well... it's been a long time since you last..." she giggled in embarrassment. "When's the last time you have a sip of... me?"

Gabriel continued his struggles to escape. "Oh no. I went vegetarian again. I'm not sucking your blood, Miruru."

"Oh, but why not? I'm the only girl around who actually enjoys it," she reminded him, stretched her legs and flipping her hair behind her shoulders, exposing her neck. "And I just bet you're starving for the real thing... don't tell me you like tomato juice better than this?"

Gabriel's resolve was weakening. He could smell the rich blood flowing within her body, beckoning him. One sip. One little sip would be all right. One little....

He leapt upon her fastening his teeth around her proffered throat.

"Oh Gabriel," she whispered, in rapture. The vampire felt it too, and he continued feasting upon her, feeling her sweet blood flow down his throat, until she cried from release.


The next morning found the pair at the breakfast table, looking groggy. Gabriel was in an unusually high color, and Miruru was unusually pale, even for her. Gabriel could hardly swallow more than a few sips of his tomato juice, so stuffed was he from their escapades the night before.

"What's wrong, Gabriel?" Mama asked, concerned. Her son would usually eat his breakfast just as eagerly as his sisters, despite his monotonous fare, but this morning he didn't seem too hungry.

"Nothing, mom," the vampire grumbled, slinking into his seat.

On the other hand, Miruru was tearing into her breakfast as if there were no tomorrow. Even Noelle had paused in awe as the cat-girl scarfed down twice as much as she usually would.

"I think it's Miruru we need to worry about," Ruka said candidly. "She's eating as if it were for two."

"For two??" everyone at the table said in unison. The last time the cat-girl had tried to rope Gabriel into marriage, she'd hinted that she was expecting. Had she been telling the truth?

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Miruru said hastily, although the smudges under her eyes seemed to belie that statement. "I just had a restless night, that's all."

No one noticed as Gabriel slumped further down into his seat.

"You don't have a fever," Mama said, resting her hand against Miruru's forehead. "In fact, you're a little cold."

"It's a curse," Baba said automatically.

"Everything is a curse with you, old woman!" Gabriel grumbled.

"Gabriel, show more respect toward your grandmother!" Papa commanded.

"Make me, old man," Gabriel said testily. He was really getting worried about Miruru, who was growing paler by the second.

"I'll beat some respect into you!" Papa roared, and sent his recalcitrant son an uppercut to the jaw. Gabriel responded by leaping at his father, and their daily scuffle began.

"I don't think it's a curse," Yuusuke said thoughtfully. "She looks like she's just given blood or something."

Gabriel stopped cold, allowing his father to send him a blow that sent him soaring across the room.

"I tell you, I'm fine," Miruru insisted, standing up to put her hands on her hips as she did so.

She promptly collapsed, folding gracefully to the ground.

"I told you it was a curse," Baba said triumphantly.


"Yuusuke, Yuusuke, will Miruru be all right?" Noelle cried, clutching his arm and staring at the fallen cat-girl, who had been laid across the couch.

"Um, I think so," Yuusuke said, unsure.

"Her blood pressure is dangerously low, but she should survive," Ruka said, checking the readings on a tiny machine she'd strapped to Miruru's arm. "What I want to know is how she lost so much blood overnight. What could she have done?"

Everyone looked expectantly at Gabriel.

"What?! Why is everyone looking at me? I didn't...I mean, I didn't think that..."

Ruka tilted Miruru's head to the side, exposing two telltale bite marks.

Gabriel gave up, and knelt beside the fallen cat-girl. "I didn't mean to take so much. I didn't mean to take any at all. But she wanted it..."

"Son, you and I need to have a little talk," Papa said sternly.

"About what?" Gabriel asked angrily, but Papa had already grabbed his son by the collar. "Hey, let me go, old man, I don't deserve this sort of treatment... let me GO..."

The rest of the Family could hear his howls echo through the hallway for a few moments after they left the room.

"Look, she's waking up," Ruka said, motioning for everyone to be silent.

"What happened?" Miruru whined sleepily.

"You passed out. You're running low on blood. Care to explain why?" Ruka leered, smirking..

Miruru blushed deeply, the crimson in her cheeks a marked contrast to he otherwise ghostly pale face.

"Why did you let Gabriel...?" Yuusuke asked, in disbelief.

"The more important question is, how long has this been going on?" Baba said, closing her eyes and nodding sagely. "Those bite marks have been revisited a couple of times. Is that why you chase after him, child? Because you like being a vampire's snack?"

"No!" Miruru cried, sitting up too quickly. Her vision nearly blacked out but she managed to stay conscious this time. "I love Gabriel. I would do anything for him."

Baba stared at the girl seriously. She believed her, but the silly teenagers still had a lot of growing up to do before they were ready for a serious commitment.

"Maybe you ought to stay away from him for a while. Your body will replenish its blood this time, but even a demon can't keep going forever with no blood."


"No buts. I forbid you to see Gabriel for at least one week. You'd better get some rest in the meantime."

Miruru collapsed against the couch in defeat. Baba left the room, knowing her word would be heeded.

"Come on, let's get you to bed," Mama said. Noelle, Yuusuke, and Mama all helped the tired demon to the maid's quarters, where Miruru stayed despite the fact that she was the laziest maid in all of Japan.

Sara and Ruka were the last ones left in the living room.

"You've been quiet all this time," Ruka commented dryly to her older sister.

"I haven't had anything to say about all this," Sara said with a shrug.

"The things people do for love," Ruka grumbled. "I still don't get this whole 'power of love' thing. It sure makes people to crazy things..." The young scientist made her way down to her workshop, leaving Sara to stare at the ceiling, and blush.

" 'Kael-san," she whispered to no one in particular.


To Be continued!