The Year Of The Dog Party

Sypnosis: It's the Year Of The Dog, and Tsunade has planned a huge celebration party. But has suprising results...NaruSaku

Rating: T (Moderate Language, Some Romance)

A/N: Have you seen the Eps 166-167 of the anime? Pakkun at the start says about the year of the dog? Thats where I got my idea from! And also that new ending scene where you see all the characters wearing dog outfits? That also inspired me, Sakura looks especially hot in a dog outfit. Also, I'm making this based after the Manga Timeskip, so I will include Yamato here, but not Sai or Sasuke! Sorry all you Sai & Sasuke fans!

Chapter 1: Plans


That was the response by several of the Konoha Ninja in the Gondaime's Office. Tsunade had announced that since the Year Of The Dog, there was going to be a celebration party at the Konoha Grand Hall in the Village.

"But...But...Oba-chan.." Was the response from Naruto.

Tsunade got a bit angry at this. "Don't argue with me! This is going to be the Fire Countries biggest event of the year! I do NOT want this ruined!"

Naruto swallowed hard. Remember...its just a party...what could go wrong? he thought.

Tsunade opened a drawer from her desk, and pulled out a board with a checklist. "Okay, here is what I need you to do..." Naruto felt kind stupid at this point, he had a feeling that he was the one who was gonna mess things up.

"Alright! Tenten. You, Kurenai and Anko will be in charge of decorating! Get the best kind avaliable!" Tsunade said marking it off her list. Tenten just nodded.

Tsunade turned her head to Hyuuga Hinata. "Hinata! You and Shizune will be in charge of food! Also get some of the best chefs in the village! From what I've heard from your father and Naruto, you are a fabulous cook!" Hinata looked Naruto at this point, and blushed a deep shade of crimson. Naruto looked confused as usual. That girl...always with the looks at me and the blushing...Naruto sighed.

The Gondaime looked at her list. "Neji, and Lee! You'll both be in charge of music! Make sure you bring music for everyone's different tastes!"

"Hai! Hokage-sama!" They responded together.

Tsunade looked to see what was next. "Shikamaru! You and Asuma are in charge of sercurity for this event! If they don't look like Konoha citizens, don't let them in! Also, Kakashi will be helping you with this!"

Shikamaru just looked at her and mumbled "Man, this is gonna be troublesome..."

"And lastly" Tsunade continued "This will be a costume party also, so I want everyone to be in costume for this event! The party will be in 3 days time! You are all dismissed."

Naruto and the others left the Hokage's office, and went there own ways to start preparing for the event. As Naruto walked down the street, he was thinking of what kind of outfit he could have. Maybe something cool or funny...he thought. But he then could think about the embrassment if he had a stupid costume...He continued to think about it, and decided to have a bowl of ramen. He approached the Ichiraku Ramen Stand.

"What will it be, Naruto?" Teuchi asked.

"Miso Pork Ramen. Extra meat" Naruto replied blankly. Teuchi just nodded and served Naruto his food. He was about to tuck in, when he was greated by a familiar voice.

"Hey, Naruto. Can I join you?"

Naruto looked up. It was Yamato. "Yamato-taichou! Yeah, sure."

Yamato sat down, but he didn't order anything. "So, I heard about this big party in a few days. I can't wait."

The blonde ninja slurped some noodles from the bowl. "Yeah, it's gonna be great! You'll have a chance to meet everyone! And you'll have a good time also."

The ANBU elite rested his chin in his hand, "Yeah, I guess so." He said looking blank.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Something wrong, taichou?"

Yamato sighed. "Well, its just that I've been in Konoha all these years, and I've only ever met Tsunade-sama and my fellow ANBU officers. I never got to meet the Third, or anyone else. But I'm really dying to meet Hatake Kakashi. I've heard about his legacy as the famous copy-ninja, and his Sharingan."

Naruto chuckled. "Yeah, Kakashi-sensei is a really great ninja. But he's never said why he is always late for missions. That pisses me off!"

Yamato just laughed. "I guess he has his reasons." He got up, and looked at the sky. "Naruto..." He said in a very distant tone.

The Kyuubi container gave a hard look at the ANBU Captain. "Yeah..." He replied.

"This Uchiha Sasuke. The guy who went to Orochimaru, was he a great ninja? I mean, I know he's one of the Uchiha Clan, but was he really that great?"

Naruto looked blankly. "Yeah. He was. Until I found out about his goal to kill his brother...And well, I just didn't get it. He threw everything away, just to gain power. But Orochimaru's just using him..."

Yamato looked at Naruto in a way that made him feel uncomfortable. He sighed. "I see" He continued. "Anyway, I better go. I'll see ya later."

And with that, Yamato jumped up onto the roofs of the buildings, and ran away into the distance.

Now what was that about...Naruto thought, I thought Kakashi-sensei was weird, but this guy even beats him on that!

The young ninja finished his meal, and headed for his apartment. He layed down on his bed thinking. I wonder what Sakura-chan's going to wear..he wondered with a small grin on his face. He imagined Sakura in a sexy outfit, which showed off her curvy body. This was interrupted by smacking himself on the head.

"Ah, CRAP! Why did I start thinking that for? I've been hanging around Ero-sennin for too long! His pervertedness is starting to rub off on me. But still she would look good." Naruto covered his mouth with his hands, thinking if anyone had heard him or read his mind, he would be dead.

Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm gonna regret thinking about that! He looked around his room, until an idea had sparked him. He was gonna have fun at party, but he was gonna do something that would freak everyone out...

To Be Continued...