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He's better than me, this I know. He always came in a solid first, the best in our group. He even beat out my best friend. Yet, he's also so much more innocent. He knows that he should understand that his mother's dead and that she isn't coming back. He knows that he should let it go, but he can't. He knows he should understand his father's distance towards him, but he simply can't. He clings so tightly to the people that he cares about. And because of that, he's being ripped apart inside.

I wonder if that EA pilot understands this, or if that bastard even cares. Does that traitor even realise how fragile his "best friend" is? I do. I know, and I'd help if only he'd let me. If only he'd open up to me, but he won't. Either he refuses to, or if he isn't able to. If we could be alone for five minutes, would he talk to me? If he knew nobody else could hear, would he even consider it? I'd be there for him. I'd listen to him.

Dearka shut his locker, sighing. It was only him and Athrun in the room. The younger boy was completely ignoring him. His green eyes were focused on the metal door of his locker. There were shadows underneath his eyes, his pale complexion exaggerated them. Dearka stared at the smaller pilot for several seconds, before taking a deep breath. If Athrun wasn't going to talk to him, then maybe he'd just let him know he was there.

'Athrun? Athrun, I know about your father, and how much you miss your mother, and about that EA pilot. So if you want to...' The younger boy spun round to glare at him, the harsh words spilling from his mouth sounding so wrong in his soft voice. 'Don't even try it Dearka. Just don't! Do you honestly think that anything you say will change anything! It won't do anything, it won't make Kira listen, it won't bring my mom back, and it won't change my father! Nothing will! Nobody...nobody can make it...'

Athrun's breaths were short and ragged, and his slender frame was slumped and trembling. He looked so small and vunerable, like a lost child. 'Nobody can make it any bett...' the boy whispered, before collapsing forward. With a small cry, Dearka darted forward, catching the limp frame. However, he misjugded Athrun's weight and fell backwards against the lockers. Athrun's cheek rested against his chest. Dearka breathed a sigh of relief, Athrun had only fainted.

He stroked Athrun's soft blue hair. There was something so innocent about Athrun's face when he was asleep. The guarded look fell away, leaving his soft face open, and surprisingly cute. Slowly, he rose cradling the other boy in his arms.

'I'm here for you, Athrun. Even if you don't want me, I'll always be here for you. And, just know that...I'll always love you.'

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