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Right and Wrong

Kankuro loved his little brother.

He loved his little brother more than he should.

But right now, with slender fingers scraping at his back and gentle moans escaping Gaara's mouth, he couldn't find the will to care.

Kankuro looked down at his sibling sprawled beneath him. He marvelled at the blood red hair, traced the tattoo on the alabaster forehead and listened to his delicious whimpers of pleasure.

"God Gaara, you're so beautiful." He breathed, lust obvious in his voice. Kankuro lowered his head to his lover's neck and began to lick and nip on the pale skin there. Gaara moaned appreciatively, arching his body upwards in a silent plea for more. Kankuro smiled against the boys lips and happily obliged. He slowly trailed his fingers down Gaara's sides, tracing his waist and letting his hands rest on the effeminate hips of his younger brother.

Temari had been disgusted when she had found out. She was the only person to know and couldn't look either of them in the eye anymore. Not that it mattered. She was too embarrassed to tell anyone and Kankuro didn't really give a shit if she did.

Only Gaara mattered.

Gaara and his bad attitude.

Gaara and his 'heart of ice'.

Some heart of ice, Kankuro smirked as he licked a path down Gaara's chest and stomach, dipping his tongue into the younger boys belly button.

What really annoyed Kankuro, was when people forgot Gaara is human. Sure he may have a demon inhabiting his body and yeah, he may lack social skills, but that doesn't stop him from being human.

Kankuro was out to prove that right now.

With a feral grin, Kankuro claimed Gaara's lips once more. Gaara's hands moved from Kankuro's back to grabs fistfuls of his hair instead. He tugged lightly and moaned into the kiss, pulling his older brother closer to him.

In Kankuro's mind, love was love no matter who your partner was.

Apparently a lot of people don't agree with that theory.

But if it was so wrong, why did it feel so right?

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