Navy Blue

Lana: -twitch- why am I the bad guy?

Reb: -shrugs-

Lana: Evil! Cruel! I am NOT!

Reb: -mutter mumble- sure... -mutter mumble-

Lana: Augh!

Reb: -bored voice- At least all I changed about you was the outfit.. You still look the same.. -mutter- and act the same... to a degree -mutter- -reading manga-

Lana: what was that?

Reb: nothing. -still reading manga-

Kipith led a group of 8 soldiers through the town. He was making sure there were no ideas of a revolt against our ruler, Queen Lana. He had short black hair an gleaming red eyes. He was a wizard from another realm but looked more like a knight. Queen Lana herself, had come from this other realm and brought her minions. She is a powerful demon, or maybe she is a witch or sorts. I don't know, I've never met her or seen her myself. Whenever she comes out to town, she is usually hidden from view.

I've seen various creatures at her disposal. Elves, magicians, goblins, giants even. She came from a magical realm aside from ours. A question often asked, is why she left there at all. Since she came, people have been vanishing steadily. But for the last two years, no one has left.

She's been here for 8 years now, and we follow her orders like dogs, no matter how cruel they may be. I only wish there was someone brave enough to stand up to her. My mother is growing old but she is still forced to work hard labor for Lana. I would stand up, but what can one do alone?

Queen Lana has a right hand man, Kouri, who does all her dirty work. He carried out death sentences in public, floated about town where everyone could hear and see him while he read out some stupid new law, and he was the one that sent shivers down my spine. He is the only one I'm afraid of. His navy blue hair ending completely straight down to his ankles, his deep blue eyes that swallow me whole as though daring me to breathe in his presence.. He was tall, wore deep blue boots, a mask that covered the top of his head and the top half of his face and the back of his hair in this section; he also wore a blue vest, outlined in gold. His pants were the same strange dark blue as the vest and he wore a long sleeved plain blue shirt. He had a cape, that he always wore, that was navy blue like his boots and trimmed in gold. He wore navy gloves that ended halfway to his wrists. He wore no symbol, as all of her minions did, and seemed to spend most his free time wandering the city by roof top. Barely any of his body was visible. In fact, the only part of his skin that I ever saw was his neck and lower face, where he often smirked as he did his job.

Life is horrible here. I lost my twin brother at the age of 11, he was one of the many that vanished during Lana's rein. My father and his new girlfriend were killed by Kouri during one of his first outings into the city. When he spotted them, his eyes dilated and he'd sliced them right then. Afterward, he'd made some speech explaining what they did wrong, loud enough that even I could hear. I had been hiding in the alleyway watching my father with anger. Kouri's actions surprised me but the second he looked in my direction I froze and ran. I swore he was looking right at me.

Now, my brother was taken and probably killed, my father was slaughters when I was 14, and my mother is weakening because of the hard labor Lana pushes all the adults through. I despise Lana, I fear Kouri, and I hate the other minions. It's an unfair dictatorship that I... that we didn't deserve. My name is Kouichi Kimura, and I swear on my grave, I shall kill her.

– – – – – – – – – – –

In a dark room, in Lana's castle above the city, a screen was surveying the city. It was being fed through the eyes of one of her minions right into her living room. Lana smirked at the boy in the picture. She seemed to give an unspoken command and the minion sending the image stopped.

On the screen was a short navy haired human with loathing in his eyes. Even as he stared directly into the eyes of Lana's warrior, he had detest rising in them. Lana grinned.

"Kouichi Kimura. Age 18. Lives with his mother and is an only child. Father was the first kill of my favorite little man. Isn't that right, Kouri?" she asked. Kouri walked up next to her from the shadows.

"Kouri, what do you feel when you see this young man, staring like that at you?" Lana asked. Kouri tensed and held his hand up. He pulled a red string like substance from thin air and slice a pole nearby without seeming to move.

"He disturbs me, your highness. But I've never seen that look in his eyes so strongly before. I can always detect fear, but it seems it's a delicacy only I have privilege to." he smiled and bent down toward Lana in her chair as he spoke. She ran a finger down his cheek and gave him a peck there.

"Lana, remember? Now, You can go kill someone if you want to." she pushed him off playfully.

"Yes, your.. Yes, Lana.." Kouri bowed and disappeared into the darkness. It was time he killed a lawbreaker anyway. He knew of at least three he'd found in the last 5 weeks. People were starting to smarten up.

Lana shifted her legs to where she had them crossed and looked seductive. She wore a violet headdress around her head like a crown, but a worthy queen crown, not one of those 'ugly things your human kind wear', as she put it. Her outfit consisted of violet, high healed boots that ended at her knees and long silky violet gloves to her elbows. Her violet body piece, which seemed like a normal bathing suit, had see through violet stockings that connected to it and short sleeves that were, you guessed it, violet. Where the sleeves connected to the body and where the stockings connected to it were gold . Her boots and gloves were trimmed with gold, as where her sleeves. Her hair was pinned back from her face by violet and gold hair clips and her cape was a deeper shade of violet, also trimmed in gold.

Her favorite color was purple and she believes gold went with almost any color. She personally designed Kouri's outfit and made all her warriors have at least a little gold on their outfits. Usually this was her symbol, which was also on the chest of her own outfit. It was the head of a fox surrounded by flames.

This symbol appeared all over the world, as she had taken over the whole planet in a matter of months. She'd obviously done this before. It eluded even Lana as to why she didn't make them add the symbol to Kouri's outfit.

Speaking of Kouri, Lana was greatly attracted to her right hand man. She was at least twice his age, but when you were going to live past forever, age didn't matter, especially when you would die as beautiful as Lana was. With her long silky brown hair ending at her butt and her dazzling emerald eyes. She was very beautiful, and complimenting her when you saw her, on the rare occasion, might allow you live longer. Might.

Lana was watching the screen again as it continued surveying things. She even paused to watch as Kouri prepared the trials, a smile adorning her lips.

Lana: -muttering under her breath-

Reb: oh get over it. -smile- you're a very interesting character.


Reb: Hypocritic? How am I a hypocrite? -shrugs- oh well. Later everyone!