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Summary: Kagome Higurashi was a dark and mysterious girl While Inuyasha Taishou was a loud spoken jock. One day they meet in a chatroom and cant stop talking to one another. By the time a week had passed they knew almost everything about one another, except their names. Then, out of the blue, Kagome runs away to Kyoko in the middle of her Junior year of high school. Read to find out the rest.

Title: The Runaway

Chapter One: Meeting the Gang

(( Now on with the story...


(Kagome's POV)

I sat on the bus staring out the window at the poorsity of Tokyo. The raods were covered with gangsters and crack dealers, and nobody could trust anybody. I had barely any friends only one, Rin.

I sighed and looked down at my lap thinking to myself how much i wanted to move out of this god-for-saken city.

The bus driver slammed on the brakes and flew into the seat in front of me. The boy in front of me turned to me and glared with hatred. My father waited for me at the corner

and I knew he had bad news because that was the only time he ever walked me home.

I walked up to my father and saw a worried look in his eyes. I noticed a letter crumpled up letter in his hand wriiten in professional writing like the kind you get from a doctor.

"Kagome I-" I interupted him.

"Yeah I know bad news yahta, yahta just get on with it."

"Well hun, I think we should get home so you can sit down for this." My father said.

We walk home in silence, I could tell that he was glancing at me every few seconds and coughing to get my attention, but I just ignored him and kept walking. When we got home he led me to the living room and I sat down on the couch.

It took him awhile to sit down and get started. I think he was worried about telling me like it might break my heart or something. To tell the truth everyone I knew that could've had gotten hurt had never been there for me so whatever he has to say doesn't really matter to me.

"Sweetie, I know you were so excited because your sister was coming back for the holidays and I hate to tell you this but, the plane she was on got off course and ended up running out of fuel and crashed in the Sea of Japan." He explained to me with sorrowful eyes.

I gave him a blank stare telling him I didn't care one way or another. He sighed defeatedly getting up and walking into the kitchen.

I got up from the couch and ran up the stairs to my room, throwing my backpack carelessly to the side. I stood in the middle of my room, thinking of what I should do.

'I guess if I couldnt find anything to do I could do my homework...' I grimace at the thought of doing something right.

I sat down at my desk and starred into the deep black abyss of the moniter as the computer booted up.

My anarchy background popped up after a while and I was snapped from my fantasy.

I continued to stare, glacing every now and then at my backpack, hoping it wouldnt come to homework.

I heard my father yelling up the stairs at me but didnt care to listen.

I looked back to my computer to find a pop-up of the world largest index of chatroom on the web. I clicked on it out of curiosity to find chatrooms galore.

But one specific one caught my eye. Prep Bashing. 'Hmm sounds interesting' I though with a smirk, clicking on it almost killing the mouse in the process.

Almost immeadiatly a long list of screennames showed up in the right hand corner of the screen and a box popped up asking me for a screen name. I typed in the first thing that came to mind, XxXPinkKillerXxX.

I glanced at it when Player623 typed in," Hey BadBoi101, We have a new Prep Basher! "

BadBoi101: Oh youre right! Hey Pinky! Wuts ?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: If you ever call me that again I will personally go to youre house and slit youre throat...

I glared at the screen as though he could see me.

SlayerofPlayer: Whoa...Harsh...

((A/N: I think it is quite obvious who is who but if you are wondering...





Player623: hey. badboi wuz just just kiddin around. dont take it personally...

SlayerofPlayer: Yeah he was just joking.

XxXPinkKillerXxX: Yeah w/e

Dad yelled up the stairs again and I minimized the chatroom when I heard him coming up stairs. He hated when I even mention chatrooms.

"Hun. Dinner is almost ready. Go wash your hands now."

"Yeah yeah What ever." I replied.

BadBoi101: So what can I call you? I mean I am not typin in your name everytime I wanna talk 2 u...

XxXPinkKillerXxX: Ummmmm...PK?

BadBoi101: sure. Soo...Pk. where do u live? do u live in kyoto?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: umm no. i live in tokyo. do u live in kyoto?

BadBoi101: hey how did u no?

SlayerofPlayer: BadBoi...im gunna slap u in skool tommorrow...

BadBoi101: huh? Y? i dont get it...(

SlayerofPlayer: XP cuz u r the biggest idiot ive ever met...

BadBoi101: huh? y? i just asked her how she knew...

Player623: ya y? i dont get it either...

XxXPinkKillerXxX: guyz...Slayer can u slap em 4 me 2?


XxXPinkKillerXxX: i g2g...bbl...c ya

I signed off and stood up. That had to be the wackiest bunch of people I've ever met. But I knew I would end up talking to them in that chat room.

"KAGOME! HURRY!" I hurried down the stairs and sat in front of a heaping bowl of instant ramen. He is such a lazy cook.

I began to dig in when my dad stopped me," Kagome dear. Let me thank Buddah for this feast of delicousness."

I ignored him and dug into my food, eager to get back to that chatroom.

"So hunny, what were you doing in youre room."

"Homework." I answered shortly.

"Aw. My daughter. A star student. Oh how wonderful you are!" He gloated about the girl that didnt exist with stars twinkling in his eyes.

In a matter of minutes, my bowl was empty and a was rushing up stairs.

"Hun? What are you going to do now?" He called to me.

"Finish my homework. I have an essay to write so if you hear typing, its just my essay."

I sit down at my computer and search for the chatroom I was previously in.

I log into it to find that noone is there and think to myself ,'should I wait or leave?' I decided to leave and was about to log out when BadBoi101 logged in

BadBoi101: Hey its u again pinky. pinky pinky pinky!

XxXPinkKillerXxX: grrrrrr why must you taunt me so.

BadBoi101: watcha gunna do? fly a 1,000 mi. just to slit my throat?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: Yeah now that you mention it i'm packing my bags as i type.

Badboi101: lol yeah rite u wouldnt dare...

XxXPinkKillerXxX: u wanna bet? my dads filthy rich and has a private jet waiting for me out back i'll meet you outside in shall we say 10 min.

Badboi101: yeah rite your lying through your teeth. Woah! someones at the door do u have a laptop?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: no a cell phone.

BadBoi101: nvm its just the pizza guy. see i told u, u wouldnt come here.

XxXPinkKillerXxX: ...yeah... so... wats your point?

BadBoi101: HA! i knew u were lying!

She glanced at the bedside clock noticing it was 10:00 and knowing her dad would be telling her lights out any minute... not like she cared or anything.

"KAGOME! LIGHTS OUT" Her father yelled up the stairs. Right on cue just as I suspected.

Player623 has entered chatroom.

Player623: wats PK? badboi says your goin 2 his house... wouldnt u rather cum 2 mine?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: idk whos house would be funner?

BadBoi101: XX

SlayerofPlayer has entered chatroom.

SlayerofPlayer: Pk i should slap u 2 your just as bad as them!

Badboi101: Hey! i didnt start it was her!

XxXPinkKillerXxX: nuhuh! it was his fault he had to go and tell Player what he said.

BadBoi101: wat i said? i didnt say anything to that pervert! shes lying just like before you can go up and read it.

SlayerofPlayer: but accordin 2 this your the 1 hoo started the whole thing by taunting her and giving her ideas.

Player623: she is rite badboi did start it.

XxXPinkKillerXxX: see im no liar! well i gtg time to do my "hw". cough cough

Badboi101: w/e u keep telling yourself that pinky bbye.

I logged off and got ready for bed. I put on solid black pair of boxers and a black t-shirt with an anarchy sign smeared in blood on the front.

I put on a Papa Roach CD and climbed into bed thinking of what will come tomorrow.

I woke up to the sound of an alarm going off, and tried to ignore it but the sound wouldnt stop so I picked up my alarm clock and threw it at the closest wall.

I got out of bed and hopped into the shower. When i got out I put on a black t-shirt with long sleeves and a HIM sign on the front with baggy black cargo and black anarchy flip-flops.

I grabbed her skateboard and ran downstairs to find her father to have already left for work.

I went into the kitchen, grabbed some toast and headed out the door.

As soon as I got to school the bell rang and I headed for first period.

As I entered the classroom the teacher looked up from her complicated looking book and starred at me as I slumped into my seat in the far back corner of the room.

The tardy bell rang loudly through the school and the teacher stood with her clipboard checking off as she called roll.

"Open your books to page 241 and begin reading where you left off yesterday. Once you are done turn in your essay I asked you to do for homework." The teacher instructed us as she sat back at her desk and began clicking through her computer.

I sat and starred at the wall, thinking about the chatroom I stumbled upon last night. How all those people seemed to accept me so readily. It was odd, and nothing like Tokyo.

"...Kagome! Are you paying attention? I asked you to come up here." The teacher's voice seemed to have slapped me back to reality as I stumbled to the front of the room.

"Ms. Higurashi, where is your essay? And your uniform?" The teacher seemed to be fed up with me at that moment.

"Didnt do it and at home." I asnwered shortly.

"Please go into the hallway and think about what you did while you handwrite your essay." The teacher ordered angerly and it was all Kagome could do not to laugh at the statment she had heard so much in Tv Shows.

I went back to my desk and grabbed my stuff, taking it into the hallway with me. I wandered around the school, looking into the classrooms for people I knew.

I walked into a bathroom on the farthest side if the school from the class I was supposed to be sttending right now.

I leaned over a sink and starred at myself in a mirror.

"Gawd. How can you like stare at yourself that long? You are so like hideous." Said a voice I knew all to well.

"Gretchen." I glared at her as her reflection came into my mirror. Gretchen was the captain of the cheerleading team and supposedly the most popular girl in school.

"But really, it would like hurt my eyes you like stare at you in a mirror like that long." She giggled to herself and walked into a stall right behind my mirror.

After she got out, she pushed me aside and washed her hands at the sink I was occupying. This made me mad.

"Where did you get that shirt? The ugly store?" She spat at me.

She turned to the door, making sure to hit me in the face with her long red braid.

"Gretchen!" I called after her, following her into the hall.

"Yes?" She turn to me.

I just couldnt hold it back. All I knew was it felt so good to have my fisted hands connect with her perfect face and have the mother's ruby ring scrape up her cheek leaving a deep, bloody gash running from her chin to her temple. Just as she let out a scream of terror, the bell rang, drowning it out. By the time any teacher found her I was already halfway acroos the school yard, on my way the park across the street.

I felt a hand grip my shoulder and turned to see the principal glaring at me.

"Sup Principal Hawks?" I said casualy as though I didnt do anything wrong.

"To my office. Now!" She stressed the word now.

I shrugged and turned back to the school. As I walked passed the nurse's office, I heard Gretchen screaming," My face! My new face! I just had it done!"

I couldnt help but laugh at her. She was always so perfect, but not anymore.

I sat in the wooden chair across to the principal's desk and the Principal had her finger tips pressed together and she looked at me through big guady glasses that made her eyes to big for her head.

"Now, Ms. Higurashi, why did you hit someone this time?" She questioned me starring me down with her huge eyes, like she could read my mind.

I just smiled and said simply," No reason really."

"Well at least your honest." She grimaced," Im calling your father and having him find a way for you to pay for the operation to have Miss Gretchen's face fixed."

"Ha! Like Im paying for that!" I said suddenly, smirking.

"I am thinking you are going to be suspended for a while." She stated in a voice that made me think that she thought that would make me worry.

"Okay whatever." I sighed and pulled out my Black IPod Nano.

About 20 minutes later, my father walked into the office with a look of pure anger etched into his features.

"Kagome, hun, What's going on?" All I could do is smirk at him, he was so oblivious.

"Mr. Higurashi, are you not aware of your daughters lack of homework, lack of attending classes, and how she openly will start a fight for no reason at all?" Mrs. Hawks asked my dad nervously, like this was scaryier for her then me, I bet it was.

"No. As far as I knew she was a model student...Is she not?" Mrs. Hawks burst into a fit of laughter at his statement, like it was a joke.

"You were serious?" She was quite surprised that he knew nothing about what was going on.

"Your daughter is the exact opposite from a model student." I grinned at her statement," Sir we have had enough and I have decided to suspened her for 2 weeks.

"Okay. I will handle more punishment from here thank you." He stood and dragged me out of the room as I cracked up the volume to my IPod letting the My Chemical Romance song blast loudly and rudely as I walked.

"Kagome," My father began once we sat in the car,"First things first." he said, snatching up my black backpack,"You loose this,"Cell Phone,"And this,"Skateboard."Oh and of course THIS." He reached over to me, snatching my Ipod away from me, ripping the headphones off my ears and turning it off as he shoved it in his pocket.

"No!" I yelled at him, reaching to grab it back.

"Dont start with me or it will be worse." He glared at me. I couldnt remember the last time he glared at me. It sent chills up my spine at the thought.

We went the rest of the way in silence. I starred again at the hideous scenery as we passed allies. I wish I didnt live here.

Once we arrived at home, I ran up to my room and locked the door behind me. I plopped into my desk chair and click the internet button. It took me directly to the chatroom site and I signed into the Prep Bashing chatroom.

SlayerofPlayer: Hey PK!

XxXPinkKillerXxX: Hi...

BadBoi101: Sup Pinky?

XxXPinkKillerXxX: You stoopid mutt! Stop calling me that!

Player623: OoOo She said it now...

BadBoi101: Oh I see how it is!

XxXPinkKillerXxX: At leest u c sumthin!

SlayerofPlayer: U reely that speechless badboi?

BadBoi101: U BITCH!

XxXPinkKillerXxX: y r so effin mad? I just called u mutt...i c no threat

Player623: ya badboi..y R u so mad?

SlayerofPlayer: u 2 r so hopeless...leeve him alone k? and player...ill deal with u l8r...

I heard my dad try to enter my room through the locked door," Kagome! Open This Door!"

"Like hell Im doin that!" I cried out before jumping up from my computer, forgetting about the chatroom, and shoving clothes into a bag.

I climbed to my window and looked back just as dad got the door open," Sya later." I grinned and jumped down onto the patio roof, and then to the ground.

I ran to a bus stop and got on the next bus out of town. Not knowing that I was headed straight for Kyoto.

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