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Title: Authentic Divine

Summary: While walking home from school one day, Sakura stumbles upon a deadly gang war between the Serpent Wolves and an unknown opposition team. While doing open fire, the leader-to-be grabs Sakura and takes her back to base... what now? SS

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Chapter 28: The French Wolves

Finally… it's over…


"Reiya! Reiya honey, come to Mama!" Sakura cooed as her one year old daughter wobbly got to her two feet and, rather cutely, started taking a few steps towards her mother. Sakura squealed as Reiya fell down and started getting little balls of tears form behind her eyes.

"Aww! C'mere you!" Sakura scooped he daughter up into her arms and threw her into the air a few times, causing the young girl to laugh a multiple of times.

Three years had passed since that bloodfest at Lotus Alley and there was a three year break from any gang work. The Serpent Wolves dissolved since Wolf, who had been shot in the forehead by Eriol soon after Jin Tai flew away with the wind, was dead and as was Serpent. As a tribute to the beloved creator of the gang, Serpent (not Wolf) and his wife, Syaoran remade the gang and called it the French Wolves, remembering Serpent, Amelie and Reiya.

Honouring the young girl, Sakura named her first daughter, and so far her only child, Reiya Amelie Li. She had married Syaoran four months after the gang war and was pregnant the following year with Reiya.

Sakura smiled slightly, remember that memory of when Syaoran proposed to her… it was just about… ten minutes after they came out of unconsciousness back three years ago…

Sakura moaned, feeling her head throb greatly. She felt warm and comfortable so already she knew that she was in a good position. Painfully opening her eyes, Sakura managed to catch a few glimpses of the room to recognize it as Syaoran's bedroom.

Managing to sit up slightly, Sakura gave in and fell back down on the bed, yawning loudly. Her wounds were addresses and a few bullets (she didn't even notice when she had gotten shot) were taken out of her arm.

Turning slightly to her side, Sakura's eyes widened seeing a rose with a small card lying on the nightstand. Her muscles were sore and her body was aching but that didn't stop her from reaching over and grabbing the rose off the nightstand.

The little card read:

Your lips remind me of roses in bloom, soft and inviting.
Your eyes remind me of a rare jewel, just waiting to be discovered.
Your scent reminds me of a freshly baked treat, wanting to be devoured.
Your essence reminds me of an angel, pure and untainted.
Your innocence reminds me of a child, young and untouched.
Your love reminds me of who I am, a real man.
Your touch reminds me of what I am, a real man in love.
Your voice reminds me of where I am, a real man in love housed in your arms.
You remind me of something I can't explain.
You remind me of how much I need you.

Look in the bud of the rose

Sakura's eyes were soft as tears were already beginning to brew behind her lids. Pushing the small petals apart, Sakura gasped in shock as she saw a small thin spiraled hoop with a pink gem nestled on top sparkle in the light.

"Will you marry me?"

Sakura's head shot up to see Syaoran smirking, leaning up against the door.

"So," Syaoran repeated, "will you?"

Sakura could only nod her head, afraid to speak…

"Mommy loves Reiya!" Reiya squealed loudly as her mother threw her into the air and caught her numerous times. Two years ago all of the gang members had gotten their tattoos removed because it was a painful tribute to something so unwanted.

That day on the battlefield Rizu, Amelie, Reiya, Serpent, Wolf, Fyre, Ichiro, Koji, Jamie, and Kenji and died terrible deaths. Nana, a woman from Serpent's division had arrived during crossfire and is now stuck in a coma for life. Another Wolf had lost an eye and three of them were maimed.

None of the gang members wore tattoos anymore but merely had a hanging pendant with their gang's insignia. The insignia was merely the initials of the only two leaders of the gang, Sakura and Syaoran.

"MAMA!" Reiya squealed as she flew in her mother's arms, clapping as her mother caught her again.

The gang had reformed a little while back with Takashi and Eriol as co-leaders. Mei Lin had gotten over Jamie's death and had, finally, hooked up with Ryu. Rika, who had always loved Jamie, was heartbroken that he was gone but thought that he would probably have a better life wherever he was.

Tomoyo and Chiharu, who hadn't joined the gang, were in heavily relationships with Takashi and Eriol. Chiharu was still dating her little gangster while Tomoyo was happily married to Eriol for about a year now. They just had a son who was two months younger than Reiya and they settled on naming him Serpent, tribute to the man they all loved so much.

Sakura was a young woman, freshly into her twenties resting at the age of twenty one while her husband was only twenty four.

Just as Sakura threw Reiya up in the air once again Eriol, Takashi and Syaoran walked into to the room, the three of them laughing like old friends in high school. Sakura grinned as her husband, who was carrying Serpent in his arms, walked over to his wife and placed a content kiss on her lips before kissing his daughter on the forehead.

"Hello Reiya," Syaoran greeted his daughter who clenched and unclenched her fists, indirectly saying she wanted to go to her father's arms. Eriol chuckled and plucked his son out of Syaoran's arms who took his daughter into his own.

"Papa! Papa!"

Eriol, Takashi, Sakura and Syaoran smiled sadly. Reiya Li said Papa just like how Reiya Ryuushi did. They would all miss her, terribly miss her.

"How's my angel?" Syaoran grinned as he threw Reiya in the air and caught her again.

"I'm fine Papa!" Mei Lin's voice carried into the room as the three men and Sakura turned around to find Mei Lin, Ryu, Tomoyo, Chiharu, Jason, the four Li Sisters and Yelan standing up against the door, rushing to get in.

"I have to see my granddaughter!" Yelan complained as Fanran snorted.

"She's our niece!"

"QUESTION!" Chiharu tried to push through, "How'd it go with that meeting with Arai Addickts."

Arai Addickts, another gang that roamed the block but they wanted a truce and a contract of peace with the French Wolves.

"Perfectly fine," Syaoran smirked as Reiya hugged him around his neck, "the leader was mighty sexy though."

"I heard her brother is equally fine!" Sakura teased as all of them laughed in good nature.

Three years. Three long years of grieving and crying and sobbing over the loss of family and friends and finally, they had learnt to move and accept it, to live on.

"Hand Reiya to me! I must spoil little second cousin of mine!"

Syaoran chuckled as he gave up his daughter to his cousin who seemed to instantly coo at her, hugging her tightly against her bodice. "My little wittle itty bitty cutie wootie Reiya!"

Shaking his head, Syaoran looped his arm around his wife's waist. "Shall we go to our bedroom?"

Sakura smiled up at him. "We shall."

Sakura sat down on the bed as Syaoran dimmed the lights in the room. Smiling innocently at her husband, Sakura lifted her chin so that Syaoran can take her lips into his own, drinking in her taste, memorizing her essence, feeling her beauty.

What was, initially, supposed to be a heart-warming kiss turned into something more searing and passionate that neither of them noticed when Sakura became topless beneath Syaoran, clad in her bra as his shirt was unbuttoned, every inch of his chest being explored by Sakura's fingertips.

"I missed you today," Syaoran whispered huskily into her ear as Sakura blushed a tad crimson.

"We saw each other this morning," Sakura moaned, "and afternoon… and just before you and the guys left for Arai."

"Yeah but… I still missed you when I didn't see you Princess."

Sakura smiled softly as she traced the strong hold of his jaw, her thumb caressing the slight stubble beneath his chin. "I missed you too…"

Smirking, Syaoran trialed kisses down Sakura's body before he nuzzled his nose just beside her bellybutton. "And Papa missed his big boy Rizu too!"

Sakura rolled her eyes and thwaped Syaoran on the head as he blew raspberries on top of her stomach. "Syaoran! Cut that!"

"What?!" The infamous gang leader whined, bearing his fangs, "I need to pamper my son!"

"I'm only two months in idiot!" Sakura scowled as Syaoran sat up, his arms crossing over his fine-chiseled chest.

Sakura was two months pregnant. When Syaoran found out he instantly chose the gender to be a boy and named the unborn son Rizu, after their beloved gang member, the youngest… well he used to be the youngest male in the gang. Before his head got blown off by Wolf.

"But I can feel his Li genes already calling me!"

"You're an idiot." Sakura scowled as Syaoran trailed kisses up her body once again, his left hand softly nurturing her stomach, caressing it silently in rhythmic strokes, possibly trying to communicate with his unborn son.

"Tell you what," Syaoran whispered against her ear, "I have this little mission. Shouldn't take more than a few hours, in all honesty. A little child gang has threatened our district and the Arai's district and since we're in a truce now, we've called to eliminate the Otoko Clan."

Sakura blanked as she felt Syaoran nibble on her earlobe. "They call themselves the Otoko Clan?!"

Syaoran smirked as he nodded against her neck. "Yeah, quite a strange name since the majority of them are female. Ugly females though…"

Sakura twitched as she slapped her husband on the back. "You are so mean… yeah so what if this mission?"

"Well… Ryu is taking Mei Lin and Rika to Hawaii for a seven night stay. Eriol and Takashi are, after this little mission, are taking Tomoyo and Chiharu to Australia. Jason, Mika and Naoko decided to bunk in Switzerland for a few days and I've book you, Reiya and myself a fourteen night stay in the land of Romance." Syaoran kissed Sakura hotly across her jaw, "In Paris."

Sakura's eyes widened as she shot her head to get a better look at her husband. "Paris?!"

Syaoran nodded. "Oui, my French speaking mademoiselle, in la Paris."

"I do not speak La French." Sakura teased as Syaoran snickered.

"Ah, you don't… but I want Reiya to learn some French, you know? Language of Romance and all." Syaoran laughed as Sakura only groaned in annoyance. She trailed her hands up his spine and splayed her fingers out on his rippling muscle.

She drew her tongue onto his cheek before she began to speak. "So… you do your little mission and then we fly to Paris?"

Syaoran nodded. "Yep. Me and the guys are going down tomorrow with some of the Arai members, we'll shoot some tramps and from there Ryu is meeting up with Rika and Mei Lin at the airport, Takashi and Eriol are coming home to pick up their women and I shall meet you in the private Wolf jets."

"The French Wolves are going internationally French." Sakura laughed as Syaoran nuzzled her cheek.

Syaoran could only smile in adoration as he trailed his lips across the column of her neck. "You know what I wanna try?" Syaoran whispered as Sakura felt her arousal spike.

"What?" She moaned out.

"While it's raining… heavily…"

His voice was entrancing…

"And it's… around four pm…"

His touch was intoxicating…

"We go to Lotus Alley…"

His smell was alluring…

"And make love where we first met…"

Sakura's eyes widened as she shot her gaze directly at her husband who was, obviously, smirking deviously. "What say Princess?"

Sakura's lips curved up to match the look in her husband's eyes. "I say…"

Syaoran could already guess what she was going to say and felt his insides rumble with laughter.

"Check the weather forecast… I definitely cannot wait… Monsieur King."

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