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The Jigsaw Puzzle
By LaydeeBear


Nick watched as his 5-year-old daughter Alana came bounding in through the front door, closely followed by her mother and Nick's wife, Sara. Alana had been at kindergarten all day.

"Hey Princess" he smiled.

"Hey daddy" she cried happily running up to him and flinging her small arms round his neck as he bent down to her. She kissed his cheek and looked around, her brown eyes glistening with excitement.

"Uncle Wick!" She squealed and ran over to Warrick giving him the same greeting she had given Nick.

"Egg," she ran over to Greg.

"Nick man, you still haven't taught her to say my name yet?"

Nick shrugged, "Well y'know, she's found something she likes, she's sticking to it."

She took it in turn to say hello to Uncle Issum and then Uncle Wick again, before running back to Nick who picked her up and sat her on his lap. Sara came over to him and kissed his forehead running a hand over his hair. "Hey you," he smiled.

"Hi baby. I'ma go shower" She added giving him another quick kiss and turning towards Grissom, Greg and Warrick, "Hiya guys."

"Hey Sar." They chimed back. She stopped, frowning.

"No Cath tonight?" She asked.

Warrick shook his head; "She had to go see her sister about something or other."

"Oh…" Sara nodded before smiling at them all, "I'll be back soon." She stopped as she reached the door and looked at them all suspiciously, "Guys?"
"Yeah?" They chorused looking up from the television.

"No corrupting my child whilst I'm gone," She told them before going to mount the stairs and stopping again.

"Oh, hey Alana?" she called.

"Yes mommy?"

"Why don't you tell daddy all about your day?"

"Okay mommy... can I tell the guys too?" she asked excitedly.

"Sure you can."

"Okay mommy"

"Oh so you had fun today?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I did lots and lots today, we got to paint, Ooh guess who I painted daddy? Go on guess!" She said jumping up and down on his lap her smile making Nick smile in return.

"Ummm" Nick pretended to think, "Me?" he asked hopefully.

"No silly" Alana rolled her eyes and looked at Grissom, Warrick and Greg in turn.

"Oh so, who did you paint then?" Nick inquired.

"Uncle Egg."

"Yessss the kid loves me!" Greg laughed punching the air and pointing at Warrick, "I'm the cool Uncle!"

"You'll be the dead Uncle in a minute." Warrick mumbled before smiling back at Alana who was still telling Nick about her day.

"And daddy, the teacher said it was really good, she said it was the bestest picture she'd ever seen in her whole entire life and she's really old daddy!"

Nick laughed to himself knowing full well that her teacher was only in her mid-twenties.

"Oh oh and daddy she gave me a sticker it was a reeeeallly reeeally nice sticker and it was PURPLE. But I losst it daddy, do you know why I lost it daddy? Go on guess why?"

Nick pretended to be deep in thought, "Nope, I have no idea at all, why did you lose it?"

"Because Sam threw sand in my hair" She gasped loudly, "Because I was in the sand pit daddy! I was in the sand pit and it fell off and there was me and there was Tim and Sam and Michael and John and then there was Craig and..."

"Oh god she's a female version of Nick!" Warrick commented.

"Hang on, there were no girls in the sand pit?" Nick inquired.

Alana shook her head pausing to take a big breath, "No daddy, all the girls were making daisy chains but that's boring daddy. But don't woooorrry daddy, there are lots of girls in my class, lots and lots and lots, there's Rachel and Mandy and Ca...Cal...Calor-ine and Abby and Kristen and Oooh ooh ooh daddy, Kristen's mommy is going to have a baby"

"Wow that's exciting" Grissom told her enthusiastically.

"And she's really reeeeaaaallly FAT!... Daddy?"

"Yes princess?" Nick asked watching her as Grissom chuckled at her response, Greg smirked away in the corner before turning the television down a little in order to here Alana's fairly quiet voice.

"Is Gramma having a baby?"

Everyone laughed, "Why do you say that?" Nick asked.

"Because she's reaally fat to!"

"Now..." Nick began trying not to laugh as were the others, "Alana do you remember when we discussed how sometimes we lie to people so we don't upset them and make them cry?"

She nodded gazing up at him her eyes so wide and innocent he couldn't be even remotely mad at her.

"Well, this is one of those times, you see we can't tell grandma she's fat because then she would just be unhappy and eat more and get fatter. Plus she's not really fat as…"

"Oh" Alana nodded, "So I shouldn't call her a fat whale then?"

"Now, when daddy said that he was angry and was just being mean and nasty, you mustn't ever repeat it okay? EVER! Mommy wouldn't be happy with me! Okay?" He probed gently.

"Yep, I got it, never call gramma a beach whale or a witch or a..."

Nick gently placed a hand over her mouth and she stopped, giggling quietly, "Yup, see forget everything I ever said about grandma, I didn't and don't mean it!"

"Yeah sure that's why you start singing roll over Beethoven every time she's near you" Warrick laughed.

Nick glared at him, "See you should forget that too okay?"

"Okay, will do daddy" Alana smiled cheekily.

"There's a good girl" Nick kissed her forehead.

Alana nodded and leant back onto him sighing, "Daddy? Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course you can Darlin'" he smiled brushing her hair back affectionately, he loved having one on one time with his daughter and she happened to be turning into quite the little character.

"Well, Kristen said her mommy planted a seed in the garden and that's why she's having a baby!"

Nick froze -Oh god I hope this isn't going where I think it's going- Nick thought dreading her next words.

"So is that true daddy? Is that where babies come from?"

Everyone went quiet.

"Holy shit!" Came Greg's voice who clamped his hand over his mouth as he muttered an "Ooops!"


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