Harry allowed a smile to creep up his face when he took the latest bezoar and stuffed it into the box that held his collection of bezoars. One more piece, and he would have 300.

Whereas any normal lover would exchange something less… practical for a token of affection, Harry knew his partner would never bring himself to buy him flowers or useless trinkets. Not like he cared much for those anyway. Flowers wilt, and useless trinkets reminded both of them too much of the late Albus Dumbledore.

So bezoar it was, and Harry received one every week, like clockwork.

He only ever needed to use a bezoar on himself once, though he always carried two around. Just in case. His very first bezoar, given to him a week before his final duel with Voldemort and two days after he successfully destroyed all horcruxes, saved his life.

A Voldemort living on only 1/7 of his soul was an extremely weak Voldemort, so he resorted to using poison during the Final Battle. If Harry were to get close enough to deliver the final blow, he would have to first pass through a misty shield of poison droplets surrounding the otherwise defenseless Voldemort and his one remaining Death Eater.

Harry remembered catching his lover's eyes right before he boldly stepped into the shower of poison and delivered the Killing Curse. His lover had openly smirked at Harry (which Harry found adorable), though the smirk went unnoticed by the Dark Lord because he was literally standing at Voldemort's right side, his Right Hand Man.

Simultaneously, Harry stepped into the poison, cast the Avada Kedavra, saw Voldemort fall, and stuffed the bezoar down his own throat with his free hand.

When he woke again, the bezoar was gone from his mouth, replaced by the passionate press of lips against his. "Severus…" Harry gasped when they pulled apart for air, glad that he could finally utter his lover's name without fear of putting him in danger.


The customary bezoar owl delivery didn't arrive. That's strange, Harry thought, disappointed in spite of himself, since this meant he wouldn't get to complete his collection of 300 today. Had Severus forgotten?

A knock on the door and Harry broke out of his self-pity. He waved a hand toward the door, opening it wandlessly, and froze. Severus stood, dressed in his best robe and a box in his hand, on the other side of the threshold.

Severus wordlessly approached Harry, who was still too stunned to move from his chair, and knelt before him. "Harry, I believe I owe us both an apology," Severus said, eyes gazing into Harry's. He raised his arm to place the box into Harry's hand. "I broke my own promise and wasted resources on purchasing a trinket. But believe me, this trinket is by no means useless."

Harry untied the box and removed the lid to find a glittering piece of silver band. A password memorizer. No, not a useless trinket at all. Harry had such a bad memory when it came to remembering the various passwords Severus set for his various rooms in the new Hogwarts: his classroom, his office, his lab, his study, and even their shared quarters. Especially since Severus was still so paranoid years after the war that he set new passwords to all the rooms every three days.

But password memorizers came in many different forms. So why had Severus chosen one that resembled a ring –

Understanding dawned on Harry. Grinning, he lifted his eyes from the box to meet Severus' gaze. "Yes," he blurted out. "Thank you, Severus! And yes, I do… yes, definitely yes!"

Revealing a side of himself that he never showed anyone—not even to Albus—Severus smiled.