Nobody Asked

"We need you, Aang."

Nobody asked if I wanted to be the Avatar. Nobody asked if I wanted to have people love me, hate me. Nobody asked if I wanted to make friends, new wonderful friends, only to have them risk everything for me. Nobody asked if I wanted some crazy prince from the Fire Nation on my tail.

Because of me, Yue is dead. Sokka loved her so much. If I had gotten back in time, maybe she would still be alive. Maybe I could have saved Tui, and Yue would be with us right now. Because I ran away, all my friends, Monk Gyatso, died. Because of me, this war has been going on for a hundred years, and because of me Katara and Sokka lost their parents.

I know they don't blame me. I wasn't there, they say. I couldn't have stopped it, they say. If I had stayed I would have been killed with all the other Airbenders.

Sometimes I think death would be better then being the Avatar.

Nobody asked if I wanted the weight of the world on my shoulders. Nobody asked, and nobody cared. They expected me to be the hero, to save the world. Only Monk Gyatso cared, and they wanted to take me away from him.

And yet….

Yeah, I messed up when I ran away. But if I hadn't been the Avatar, I would have never met Katara and Sokka. I never would have felt the warmth I feel whenever Katara smiles at me, or the mischievous feeling I get when Sokka and I wrestle. By being the Avatar, by losing one family, I gained another.

I think the feelings I have for Katara are more then the family kind she's always told me about, but I won't tell her yet. Maybe after I defeat Lord Ozai I'll tell her.

Nobody asked if I wanted to be the Avatar, but I don't care anymore. I want to be the Avatar now. I'll always miss Monk Gyatso and all my friends at the Southern Air Temple, but I still have someone to fight for.

"Hey, Aang!" The excitement in Katara's voice makes me look over at her. Her eyes are wide and bright. "Want to see my new trick?"

"Sure, Katara!"

Nobody asked if I wanted to be the Avatar, and for that I am glad.

The End