Goodbye My Friend I felt compelled to write this after watching Dragon Heart again for the first time in ages. I really enjoyed this movie, and hope I've done it justice with this short piece of what Bowen might have been thinking after Draco's sacrifice. Any feedback is welcome!

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the characters in this story, and have made no financial gains from this story.

Deep into the night and the castle was quiet. The battle had long been over, and the revolution a success. Einen was dead at last, and with him the greed and evil that had threatened to overcome all of them. It should have been a night of joy and celebration, but it was not to be. Not when one they loved was with them no more.

He sat silently in one of the castle towers, high above the activity and flickering torchlights below as the rebels counted the cost of victory. Alone, he stared out of the large window into the endless sky. The darkness of night was broken up by millions of stars, tiny lights floating in nothingness. However his focus was only on one particular constellation. Those stars pulsated and glowed more brightly then any of the others. They had a life of their own.

Draco's stars.

Bowen slowly got to his feet. After sitting so long his legs had gone numb but he hadn't even noticed. He didn't know how long he had been there. He didn't remember much at all after Draco's death. It had been a necessary thing, he knew that… but that didn't make it easier to accept. If Draco had lived so would have Einen, and eventually that would have destroyed them all. Such things were beyond his control.

He slid his hand along the shaft of the battle-axe at his feet. The double bladed weapon had done what it had to, just as he had. He had pierced Draco's heart, but also his own.

Twelve years wasted. In twelve long years, I have only truly lived in these last few days.

They had tried to comfort him, as he knew they would. Kara especially. Of all of them, she was probably the only one who could understand. They were hurting as well of course, but it was different for them. For Bowen it was more then just losing a friend; he had lost some of himself with Draco's ascension.

I never would have thought I could have even befriended a dragon, yet alone feel so much at the death of one. He was the last. Maybe Draco was right, he said the time of dragons was at an end. I wonder if we can follow their noble footsteps? Man and Dragon co-existed for centuries. We could have learnt much, much more from them.

Bowen slowly held his hands up in front of his face. They were shaking in the dim light.

I have his blood on my hands. Bowen the Dragon Slayer. What a fool I was to hate for so long.

He felt a salty tear flow down his cheek. Draco was gone forever, and with him went a friendship that would never be replaced. Amazing how precious and unappreciated things such as friendship really were. He tore his gaze from the sky and looked over the dark countryside.

We are free. Thanks to you Draco. You showed us the way. You showed me the way and saved me from myself.

This was a new beginning. A beginning of hope. A last gift from the Dragons.

"Watch over us Draco. Guide me, help me protect the ones I care about. Enjoy your peace in eternal heaven. You earned it my friend." His voice cracked on the last few words.

Bowen left the tower, tears still staining his cheeks.

And the stars still shone brightly down, driving the darkness away.