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He ran fast through the forest. If any normal person saw him they'd only see an orange strip mixed in with all the various greens. Under his arm was his best friends unconscious. They had fought and he was able to knock the boy out. Now he was heading to the others who had been battling Kabuto and Orochimaru. He knew they had put some distance between them, but to him it seemed they were further than he had anticipated. Once he got to where his friends and sensei's had been he saw the man that had caused all this to happen those five years ago.

" OROCHIMARU!" Naruto said angrily setting Sasuke's limp body down

" So the Jinchuuriki won after all. I thought for sure Sasuke-kun would win." Orochimaru said

" WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS?" Naruto asked

He observed the battlefield now. Kabuto lay by a grove of trees with multiple cut and was not breathing; behind Orochimaru was a large ice wall.

That looks like Obaa-chan and Hinata's doing, but where are they and where are the others. Naruto thought

Nine in total had come with Naruto; this was not including the boy himself. When Tsunade had found out Orochimaru was getting ready to attack Konoha, she didn't want to endanger the village again, so she decided to take the fight to the. Tsunade had taken this fight extremely personal after Akatsuki's attempt on Naruto and Gaara's lives. So, now Naruto was looking for the rest of his group.

Hinata-chan, Neji, Obaa-chan, Ero-sennin, Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, Geji Mau, Gai-sensei, and Tenten, where are you? You should be here. Naruto thought looking around

" Ku, ku, ku, still the baka kitsune as always. You never were very bright." Orochimaru said

Then it dawned on Naruto where they were the area with the ice wall.

" LET THEM GO!" Naruto shouted

" Iie and you won't be able to get them out. By now they're dead from hypothermia." Orochimaru said smiling

This got Naruto extremely angry, he started to change forms as Kyubi's chakra surrounded him and he became a one-tailed fox.

" With only that limited amount of power you can't beat me." Orochimaru said

" Now did I say anything about fighting you right now? I'm more interested in my friends." Naruto said ferally

Naruto did a number of hand seals so fast Orochimaru couldn't see them. He then took both hands and cupped them around his mouth.

" KYUBI IKI" Naruto said

A stream of enormous flames came out of Naruto's mouth and encircled the ice wall. Orochimaru stood there smiling knowing nothing could melt the ice, but then he saw it. The wall was shrinking.

" IT CAN'T BE! The Eien Shi can't be melted by a mere Katon Jutsu." Orochimaru said

" Who said it was a normal Katon? It's a Oni Katon that can only be used by those who are of the Kitsune Clan." Naruto explained

" BUT YOU'RE NOT!" Orochimaru shouted

" Iie, but as you so graciously put it. I'm the Jinchuuriki and I made a deal so that I can use Kitsune jutsu." Naruto said

" What kind of deal?" Orochimaru asked


" We have to finish Akatsuki once and for all." Naruto said

"Naruto we know, but we are not powerful enough. Look they almost killed the Kazekage." Sakura said to the angry boy

" I know that! He's my friend Sakura-chan, he's the only one that understand my pain, but we can't let this keep on happening." Naruto said to her

" But what can we do?" Sakura asked

" I DON'T KNOW! I don't know." Naruto said sitting down

Everyone was currently gathered in the Kazekage home. After they had rescued him and Chiyou-baba was able to revive Gaara at the cost of her own life they decided to regroup. So they were now suppose to be resting, but the Kyubi vessel was too upset at the whole predicament to calm down or sleep for that matter.

" Listen Naruto, I'm tired and everyone else is asleep. Why don't we just call it a night?" Sakura asked

" You go on I'll be up in a little bit." Naruto said looking out the window at the full moon

Sakura nodded and headed up the stairs to the guest bedrooms. Naruto remained where he was until he was sure she was gone.

" So are you going to come out now?" Naruto said still looking outside

" You know she's right. Unlike me you need your sleep." Gaara said

" I know I'm just so frustrated by all of this. Them coming after us and you almost dieing." Naruto said looking at the Shukaku vessel

Gaara just stared at the boy amazed he could be serious when needed. It had been two days since the return of the Kazekage. They had found out somehow the Jutsu the Akatsuki tried to perform wasn't completed and thus Shukaku was still inside of Gaara, but he had been very quiet. This unnerved the boy greatly.

" Naruto he hasn't spoken to me since that day." Gaara said

" Shukaku?" Naruto questioned

Gaara nodded to his question.

" Maybe he's drained from everything that happened.

That's not it Baka. Naruto heard a voice say

" Hey why am I a baka?" Naruto asked Gaara thinking he had said it

" I didn't say anything Naruto." Gaara said confused

" Then who did?" Naruto questioned

I did you baka. The voice said

" Who's there?" Naruto asked out loud

Gaara just looked at the boy like he had finally gone off the deep end.

It the Kyubi you baka. Kyubi said

" Kyubi, what do you want you annoying Fur-ball?' Naruto asked

Gaara was now shocked the boy could talk to his demon and not be possessed by it.

I'll ignore that for now. The Shukaku isn't drained it's just finally figured out that there is something out there that he has to fear now and he is confused. Kyubi explained

" Oh." Naruto said

" Nani?" Gaara asked

" The Fur-ball said that Shukaku is confused because he almost died." Naruto told the boy

Gaara was shocked at this. The Shukaku was afraid because of what happened to him and now he didn't know what to do.

" I'm going to see if I can talk to him. I'll leave you two alone." Gaara said walking out of his home and into the night

" So why talk to me now?" Naruto asked

I want to make a deal. Kyubi said

" What kind of deal and how do I know you won't try to trick me?" Naruto asked

I'll teach you how to use Oni Jutsu, Kitsune to be precise. Kyubi said

" Why would you do that?" Naruto asked

Because I don't want you to end up like Shukaku's Cub almost did. Kyubi said

" Aw, is the kitsune going soft." Naruto said cutely

Kid if I could get out of here I'd kill you in a second. Kyubi said angrily

" That's more like it. Now what do you want in return?" Naruto asked

Blood. Kyubi stated

" No way I'm not going to become something that kills people with no thought about it." Naruto said

Not everything you see. I want Akatsuki's blood. All of them! None are to be left alive. Kyubi said

" And if I agree to this you'll teach me your Jutsu's?" Naruto asked

Hai. Now do you agree? Kyubi asked

"Yeah, but on one condition." Naruto said

Flashback Interrupted

" You couldn't of there's no way you could of killed everyone including Itachi. Sasuke-kun will never forgive you." Orochimaru said shocked

" Oh you see that's where the Fur-ball and I had a little disagreement." Naruto explained

Flashback resumes

What is your condition? Kyubi asked

" I want Uchiha Itachi left alive." Naruto said

IIE! He must also die. He has tried numerous times to kidnap or kill us. Kyubi said

" I know that, but it's Sasuke's right to finish off his brother for what he did to his clan. I cannot kill Itachi because of that." Naruto said

I STILL SAY NO. Kyubi responded

" Ok how about we have a trade?" Naruto asked

A trade what would you trade to have me change my mind about the eldest Uchiha? Kyubi asked

" Someone even worse than him." Naruto stated

This caught the Kyubi's interest, Who? He asked

" Orochimaru." Naruto stated angrily

Kyubi radiated with the same hate the boy was emitting, The Hebi, you wish for his blood instead of the Uchiha's? Kyubi asked

" Will you trade?' Naruto asked eagerly

In a heart beat Kit. I'll teach you if you kill that annoying Hebi and kill him good. Kyubi stated

" Then Kyubi you got yourself a deal." Naruto said

Flashback Ends

If Orochimaru could go any whiter he would of from Naruto's statement. He was shocked the Kyubi had agreed to the brat's request. By the time their conversation had ended Naruto had melted the entire ice wall and went to check on his friends. Going over he checked Obaa-chan and Ero-sennin's pulse, it was weak, very weak. He checked the others and they were the same. Last person he checked was Hinata. As he checked her he couldn't get anything. He checked everyplace possible, but nothing. No heartbeat, no breathing, nothing. Orochimaru saw the boy's distress and figure what be become of the girl.

" So you were unable to get here in time to save all of them." Orochimaru said smiling

Naruto turned to him hatred radiating from him. Immediately another tail started to form and his appearance became even more fox like.

" I'LL KILL YOU!" Naruto screamed

Lunging at the man. Orochimaru sidestepped and avoided the boy's attack.

" If that's all you can do with two-tails? I'm really not impressed." Orochimaru said

Kyubi I need your help! Naruto thought

" About time I want this Hebi dead. I prefer roasted." Kyubi said eagerly

My thought exactly! Naruto told him

As the second tail finally finished completion Naruto was ready to kill Orochimaru once and for all. Orochimaru was looking at the boy wondering what was going on for the last minute. Naruto just stood there like he was in a trance, but then his eyes opened and focused on Orochimaru with all the hate he possessed. Orochimaru was frozen in place by the immense killing intent coming off of the boy. In a flash he was gone Orochimaru looked around frantically trying to figure out which way the boy would attack from, but couldn't see him anywhere.

" Got ya." Naruto said coming from his left said

In each hand he held a Kyubi powered Rasengan. He took one and pushed it through Orochimaru's chest and the other through his back. The power of the Kyubi radiated through the attack and caused the man's body to catch fire. As he started screaming in agony of being blasted through his body twice and then set on fire. Naruto just watched as the man died making sure he was really dead and hadn't used a Bunshin or Kawarimi on him. Once Naruto and Kyubi were satisfied he was dead. Naruto went to help his friends.

" I have to heal them. It's a good thing Ero-sennin taught me a couple Medical Justus's while we were gone those two and a half years." Naruto said as his hand started glowing blue and he started to heal Tsunade first

" If I get Obaa-chan awake she will be able to save Hinata-chan and revive the others." Naruto said

But it was no use Naruto was low in his own chakra, so he couldn't even heal Tsunade.

" What am I going to do?" Naruto said getting upset at losing his friends. Then a thought occurred to the boy, " Kyubi?"

" What Kit?" Kyubi asked

Since the Akatsuki incident Naruto and Kyubi had come to terms with their predicament and Kyubi had decided to help Naruto with his dream of becoming Hokage.


Naruto had just been save by his friends and sensei's from Akatsuki's grasp. Now most of the people that were in the organization were dead.

" Well Kyubi the deal is almost done. Now we just have to from the Hebi-teme." Naruto said

Yes Kit and after that? Kyubi asked

" After that we return home and I try to be acknowledged again." Naruto said

You still wish for this dream? Kyubi asked

" I'll keep this dream until it becomes real Kyubi." Naruto said

Then how about a little help? Kyubi asked

" Huh? What are you talking about Kyubi?" Naruto asked the fox

How about I help you with this dream since you are so intent on it. I can see my Kit being the leader of this village and with my power you'll be greater than any of them. Kyubi said

" But why would you do that?" Naruto asked

I'm going soft. Kyubi said irritated

Naruto smiled at his statement. The two now talked frequently and Naruto could never think of not having the fox with him.

" Well join the club Kyubi." Naruto said smiling

But you were soft to being with. Kyubi said playfully

" OMAI." Naruto said

End Flashback

" I need you're help. Hinata-chan isn't breathing and the others are almost dead. I know I can save them if you help me. They're my important people I have to save them." Naruto told Kyubi

" The only way it can be done is if you absorb all of my chakra. Which means you will become Oni as the villagers have always thought you were." Kyubi told the boy

" I don't care if it saves them I'll become an Oni." Naruto said

Kyubi smiled; of course this would be the Kit's answer.

" All right Kit, you need to summon all of my chakra like last time the more tails you have the more we will merge. Once you have the ninth tail this time though we will full merge, unlike the last time and it will be complete. But, I must warn you the last tail will hurt like hell again."Kyubi told his vessel


Naruto started to summon more of Kyubi's chakra changing more and more with each new tail. By the eighth tail Naruto looked like a werefox. As the last tail came Naruto let out a feral scream of pain. The pain he felt was excruciating, but he had little time to save Hinata and the others, he had to do this. A flash of gold was seen and standing now where Naruto had been was a Golden Kyubi.

" No time to waste." Naruto said

With him absorbing Kyubi's chakra Naruto knew what to do. Naruto took his tails and placed one on each of the unconscious people. He started to send chakra infused with heat into his tails to each person. He pushed more chakra into Hinata and Tsunade because of them needing it the most. The adults were the first to wake up.

" What the hell is going on?" Tsunade said

" I don't know, but look at that." Jiraiya said pointing in front of him

Standing in front of the two was a Golden Kyubi they saw each of it tails were pressed onto one of the people in front of it. Once it noticed the two were awake it moved it tails over to Hinata.

" Yo! What's going on?" Kakashi said

" I don't know the last thing I remember is Orochimaru hitting us with a Koori Jutsu. Then everything went black." Tsunade said

She then looked around and saw the children unconscious.


" HAI." Jiraiya answered moving over to Lee, while Tsunade worked on Sakura

One by one the children woke up and each time one woke the fox move that tail over to Hinata.

" Tsunade it doesn't look good." Jiraiya said

When they looked at the fox it was having trouble breathing and they could tell it was getting tired. The fox looked up at Tsunade finally seeing the pleading in the blue slitted eyes.

Blue-eyes Tsunade though, " OH MY GOD!"

" NANI? WHAT IS IT?" Gai asked

" Naruto?" Tsunade questioned the fox

The fox didn't respond to it just move its head towards Hinata. Tsunade finally moved to the girl.

" SHE"S NOT BREATHING!" Tsunade said

" NANI!" everyone screamed and circled around the fox and girl

I'm so tired. I don't think I can go much longer. Naruto thought

" Just a little bit longer Kit; you've almost done it. Let Obaa-chan help you and it'll be easier." Kyubi said

Hai. Naruto answered

Tsunade hands started to glow blue and she started to heal her.

Naruto moved his tails over so Tsunade would have room to heal Hinata too after a minute Naruto felt her stir.

Huh, what was that? Naruto thought

Naruto looked up at Hinata hopeful the movement he just felt wasn't his imagination. Then Hinata started to cough and Tsunade raised her up so she could breathe better.

" You had us worried there Hinata. It's alright just breath in and out slowly." Tsunade said

Hinata took deep breaths getting oxygen into her deprived system. Naruto stepped back glad she was safe. Hinata saw the movement of gold and look towards the fox.

" Naruto-kun, thank you." Hinata said and the fell asleep

Everyone was now looking at the Golden Kyubi unsure what to think. The fox then collapsed on the ground and Naruto slowly started changing back to normal. He looked up at them all and smiled.

" I'm glad you all are safe." Naruto said before darkness overtook him

" NARUTO! OTOUTO!" everyone screamed running to him

Jiraiya checked the boy and smiled, " He's just asleep."

The other smiled; suddenly Sakura spotted something over by the trees.

" SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screamed running over to him, she checks him out and figure he was unconscious.

Kakashi and Gai went to see where the other Oto-nin's were. Kabuto still lay where Tsunade and Hinata had taken him down. They then moved to a blackened area on the field in the center was the charred corpse of who they figured was Orochimaru.


" Not what Gai, who." Kakashi said looking over at Naruto

" HE COULDN'T OF!" Gai said in disbelief

" If he uses enough of Kyubi's power with his own insane Nin-jutsu's that he knows I'm sure he could do it." Kakashi said

Tsunade interrupted the two, " I don't care right now. Let's go back and meet up with the others to see if they need any help. I want to get my Otouto, Hinata and Sasuke back to the Konoha Hospital now! Gai stay here and we'll send Anbu once we get back to the others. I don't want their bodied going missing on us. I want to make sure it's really them and not some imposers again." Tsunade said

" Yosh!" Gai responded

Jiraiya grabbed Naruto, Tsunade had Hinata, and Kakashi got Sasuke and everyone headed back towards the Konoha-nin's and Konoha. On their way there the teens all looked at Naruto worried. During the battle with Akatsuki they had found out about the Kyubi sealed in him.


" Ok everyone this is a S-ranked mission." Tsunade said to all the Gai's, Kurenai's, Asuma's, and Kakashi's Teams who were now in front of her, " Last night Uzumaki Naruto was kidnapped by the Akatsuki."

" NANI?" the teenagers screamed

Tsunade waited for them to settle down for her to continue. But she wasn't able to do that because someone spoke up.

" Tsunade-sensei, why did they kidnap Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked

Tsunade sighed she knew she'd have to tell them and just hope that they aren't a bunch of baka's like most of the villagers and saw the truth.

" Technically you aren't suppose to know about this, so I ask you what I tell you now never to be told to others." Tsunade said

" Why?" Ino questioned

" It was a law Sarutobi made to protect Naruto." Kakashi answered knowing what the woman was about to do

" What you were told about the Kyubi being killed by the Yondaime isn't true." Tsunade explained

Most of the teens gasped at the thought of the Kyubi still alive the only one not affected by this was Shikamaru and Sakura.

Does he know or just think it's to mendokuse to react? Tsunade thought, " The Kyubi was actually sealed." Tsunade continued

" Sealed? Sealed into what?" Kiba asked

" You guys can't figure it out?" Shikamaru now asked

" So you knew." Tsunade said

"I've have had my suspicions, but with Naruto and Gaara the way they are and then Temari also mentioning they are similar in certain way. I figured something was up." Shikamaru said

" What's up? What's the Kyubi sealed into?" Ino asked the boy

" Hinata." Tsunade said smiling at here

" Hai." Hinata replied

" What is Naruto's birth date?" Tsunade questioned the girl knowing she'd know for sure

Hinata blushed at the question, " O-October T-Tenth." Hinata said

" Shikamaru when did the Kyubi attack and was allegedly killed?" Tsunade now asked the boy

" October Tenth, seventeen years ago." Shikamaru said bored

Everyone was wide eyed at this revelation.

" You see the Yondaime couldn't seal the Kyubi into anything it had to have a chakra system and one that wasn't fully developed, so that the Kyubi's chakra would be alright in the body. A newborn was the only option the child's own chakra would develop mingling with the other chakra." Jiraiya explained

Everything made sense to everyone now. Why the villager acted with hate towards the boy, why he was shunned, his dream, everything.

" Now that you know this, will you still go to rescue Naruto?" Tsunade questioned

The teens didn't hesitate in their answer, " HAI!"

End Flashback

" Hokage-sama will he be alright?" Neji asked

" I don't know Neji. I don't know what he did, but whatever it was he just save all of our lives." Tsunade said looking at the sleeping boy lovingly


" He's more than that Lee, but you'll find out why later." Jiraiya said

The children looked at each other confused by the Sannin's statement.

" So we're finally going to tell him?" Tsunade asked smiling at the man

" He's old enough now and can handle anyone that will come after him because of the past. He had a right to know and you know it." Jiraiya said

" I agree." Tsunade said

" Excuse me, but since I'm the only other adult here mind filling me in?" Kakashi asked

" I don't know how you consider yourself an adult when you as bad as the sukebe over there." Tsunade commented

" OI!" Jiraiya said upset, but got over it quickly, " I'm going to tell Gaki who his parents were."

" You mean you know who they were?" Kakashi asked

" We both know after some of the feats the Gaki's pulled off. Along with Tsunade finding Sarutobi's Journal about the day of the sealing." Jiraiya said

" You don't know then?" Tsunade asked looking at Kakashi

" I have no clue? I thought Arashi-sensei just picked an orphan child, not someone with a family." Kakashi said

" Oh by then he was an orphan, but he did have parents in Konoha and a family member still here." Tsunade said smiling

" Who is it then?" Kakashi asked

" You'll have to wait until Gaki wakes up." Jiraiya said smiling

As Jiraiya finished his statement they dropped from the trees and entered the field they had left the rest of the Konoha-nin's. Once the battle had started Naruto and the others had followed Orochimaru and the rest stayed back to keep the Oto-nin's busy. The ground was now littered with Konoha and Oto-nin's fallen in battle, though most were Oto. Shizune was off with a number of other Medical-nin's healing the wounded. The rest of the Chuunin 9, along with their parents, the Anbu, Ibiki, and Anko came running up to the group that had just landed.

" Anbu." Tsunade said

" Hai!" the five responded

" I want you to go find Maito Gai, he is about 20 clicks out in the direction we just came from and is currently watching over the corpses of Kabuto and Orochimaru. I want you to get those corpses and take them back to Konoha, so I can examine them." Tsunade explained

" Hai!" the Anbu responded and disappeared

" Tsunade-hime, did you said corpses?" Shikaku asked

" Hai, but I'll explain to you later right now I need to get these three back to Konoha and into the hospital." Tsunade said

" Hokage-sama is he alright?" Ibiki asked looking at Naruto

" Hai, he's just sleeping from being deprived of almost all his chakra." Tsunade said

Everyone looked at her shocked. Never in their lives had the boy ever been completely drained of chakra.

" Shikaku, I want you and the others to get any surviving Oto-nin's and take them back to Konoha." Tsunade said

" Mendokuse." Shikaku said but nodded

" I want Naruto's friends to come with us." Tsunade continued

With that Tsunade and the others headed back to Konoha and the hospital.

Jinchuuriki – Human Sacrifice

Koori Jutsu – Ice Technique

Obaa-chan – Grandmother

Otouto – Little Brother

Ero-sennin – Perverted Hermit

Oto-nin – Sound Ninja

Geji Mau – Fuzzy Eyebrows

Yosh – Ok

Baka- Idiot/Stupid

Mendokuse – Troublesome

Kitsune – Fox

Sukebe – Pervert

Iie – No

Oi – Hey

Kyubi Iki – Kyubi Breath

Gaki – Brat

Eien Shi – Eternity of Death

Hime – Princess

Katon Jutsu – Fire Technique

Oni Katon – Demon Fire

Nani – What

Hai – Yes

Hebi – Snake

Teme – Bastard

Omai – You

Oni – Demon