" We'll see about that Itachi!" Sasuke said taking his fighting stance

On either side of him Naruto and Sakura also took theirs. Sasuke looked at both of them seeing they were willing to help him and smiled.

" You two stay here." Sasuke said

Naruto and Sakura looked at him surprised.

" LIKE HELL WE WILL." Naruto said

" Iie, he's mine to deal with. ALONE!" Sasuke said

" Otouto you should have them help you there's no way you can defeat me by yourself. Earlier we were at a stalemate, how do you think now is any different?" Itachi asked

Sasuke smiled and looked at Naruto and Sakura again, " Because now I have my family by my side."

Itachi snorted, " Family? All I see is the Kyubi and a poor excuse for a Konichi." Itachi said

Sasuke frowned at Itachi's statement, " MAYBE TO YOU!"

Sasuke the sped forward towards Itachi

This time I can do it! With Naruto and Sakura by my side, this time I can defeat him! Sasuke thought

As Sasuke grew near Itachi he threw a punch, which Itachi caught and proceeded to grab his ankle and flip him. Sasuke was then able to catch himself spinning on his palms and bringing himself down. He then twisted his body crouching down with his right leg extended to get Itachi off balance. Itachi seeing this flipped in the air along with removing his Akatsuki coat he was still wearing. Underneath he wore a Jounin-like outfit. The main part of the outfit was black, but the vest was crimson red.

" So Otouto you want to get serious?" Itachi said

In an instant Itachi was gone and Sasuke was punched in the gut and sent sliding backwards from the force. As he regained his bearings a barrage of punched came all over Sasuke's body. He was being used like a human punching bag. Naruto growled at what Itachi was doing to Sasuke.

" CHIKUSYOU!" Naruto said

Sakura looked at him and noticed his eyes were moving everywhere, but she could see nothing.

" Naruto what do you see?" Sakura asked

" Itachi's beating the shit out of Aniki." Naruto said angrily, " He barley has time to react when Itachi hit him with a different combo."

Unbeknownst to Naruto, Sasuke was actually gauging Itachi's strength and Tai-jutsu techniques.

He smirked, Itachi is good, but I'm better.

Soon Itachi tried to drop kick Sasuke, but Sasuke caught it with his hands. Itachi's eyes widened that his little brother could see his movements. Naruto was also surprised and then looked into Sasuke's eyes and saw his idea.

" Oh I'm so going to kill him." Naruto said crossing his arms

" Who?" Sakura asked

" Sasuke, he's been testing Itachi this whole time." Naruto said angrily

Sakura looked wide-eyed at Naruto's statement.

The entire time? He's been beaten up, just so he can see where he is with Itachi? Sakura thought

" NANI!" she then shouted

Naruto cringed at he volume of her voice.

" He's gotten the shit beat out of him just so he can see where he stands with Itachi?" Sakura asked loudly

" Yeah." Naruto said annoyed

Sakura started punching her fist into he palm looking at where the two Uchiha's now stood. Naruto sweat dropped at her action.

Sasuke if you're still alive after this then you better hope you can run very, very fast or hope Sakura-chan's calm down by then. Naruto thought

Sasuke was breathing heavily watching Itachi. In a second he moved heading towards Itachi throwing a number of punches and kicks again. Itachi either blocks them or diverted them to another direction. As Sasuke tried to kick him in the stomach Itachi took a hold of his leg to swing him away. Sasuke is able to take his hands and spin regaining control and forcing Itachi to release him. He jumps back to get away from Itachi. Soon he runs at him again, before Sasuke reaches him he crouches and jumps into the air flipping overtop of Itachi, while throwing kunais and shurikens at him. Itachi caught some and dodged and rest. The ones he caught he just threw them to the ground.

" Is that the best you can do Otouto?" Itachi asked

Sasuke growled at his question as he formed a number of hand seals.


With that a Fuuma Shuriken appears in his hands. As he held it up in front of him the blades separate.


As he jumped in the air upside down and threw the giant shuriken at Itachi, just like he had for Zabuza, Itachi was able to dodge it by jumping over it. Then the second one hidden in the shadows appeared this one to was dodged.

" Your aim is a little off Otouto." Itachi said

Sasuke smirked, " Is it?"

He pulled his hands up as Itachi finally saw what he had done. Attached to the Fuuma Shurikens was wire, as the two had crossed paths and went past Itachi they had wrapped around a nearby tree. Sasuke pulled on the wires causing Itachi to be pulled against the tree. Itachi's eyes showed shock in them as Sasuke then took the wire into his mouth and performed some hand seals again.

" RYUUKA NO JUTSU." Sasuke said

As the fire traveled down the wire and engulfed Itachi and the tree in flames Sasuke smirked. As the fire died down he saw where Itachi should be was a large burnt log.

Chikusyou Kawarimi. Sasuke thought

Sasuke looked around trying to find Itachi, but saw him nowhere. Suddenly a shadow appeared above him. As he looked up Itachi was coming down from the air he suddenly extended his right leg and drop kicks him. This time it made contract with Sasuke's head as it forced him to go down. He hit the ground with a gut retching sound. Naruto cringed at the sound as Sakura had tears coming out of her eyes now.

Sasuke-kun please be all right. Sakura thought

Itachi just smirked over his downed brother not moving. Naruto rage grew and he started to run forwards to Itachi. Itachi seeing this movement took he his eyes off his little brother to watch Naruto.

It's futile. Itachi thought

Behind Itachi Sasuke was slowly standing up his knees still shaking from the blow Itachi had dealt him. His hair was covering his eyes as he looked up and saw Naruto rushing forward in an instant Naruto was gone and Itachi was being tossed and hit from multiple places. The villagers below were amazed at the boy's skills.

" IIE NARUTO." Sasuke shouted

Naruto stopped when he heard Sasuke's voice.

" Aniki?" Naruto questioned


Itachi was wobbling a little from Naruto's attack. As Naruto just stood there shocked and nodded moving back near Sakura. Sasuke smiled at him and then turned his eyes to Itachi; they turned cold as ice when he looked at him. Tsunade saw the change in attitude.

Man being able to change emotions so quickly he might be next in line for Ibiki's job. Tsunade thought

Sasuke righted himself and crouched down extending his left arm with a fist and keeping is right arm close to his body.

" Come Itachi." He said coldly

Itachi smirked and started running towards Sasuke As Itachi started the fight. Sasuke was able to dodge or block all his attacks.

What's going on? Itachi, Tsunade and Sakura all thought

Naruto though had a vein protruding from his head, " Now I'm REALLY going to kill him."

Tsunade who had now moved over to Sakura and Naruto's location looked at him.

" Otouto?" Tsunade asked

Naruto looked at her his left eye twitching with anger, " He just NOW activated the Mangekyou."

" Nani? You mean this whole time…" Tsunade trailed off watching Sasuke

" This whole time he wasn't using the Mangekyou?" Sakura questioned

" Hai, he was just using the Sharingan." Naruto said annoyed

Tsunade and Sakura watched Sasuke amazed that whole time he had been fighting Itachi with only his Sharingan. The two were now evenly matched neither one taking a blow from the other, either dodging or blocking. Out of nowhere Itachi's arm came up to close line Sasuke, but Sasuke noticed he was also holding a kunai now. Ducking under the arm he was then was able to grab onto Itachi's forearm and flip himself up into the air as he went into the air he turned around to face Itachi.


The flames erupted all over his body forming into a dragon with wings. As he hovered in the air he looked down as Itachi. Breathing in deeply he opened his mouth as the flames came from it and headed straight towards Itachi. It moved so fast that Itachi had no time to escape. As the fire surrounded him Naruto and Sakura held their breaths. Sasuke stayed hovering in the air the flame-wings keeping him up. As the fire dissipated a giant black circle was on the ground where Itachi should be.

" What is that?" Sakura asked

Suddenly the black orb flickered and then was gone.

" Tate no Mekira." Itachi said, " Quite helpful in situations such as that."

" Seems to be similar to Shishiejin the Oto four used on Sarutobi." Tsunade said

Itachi looked over at Tsunade, " Iie, mine is much better than that baka Hebi's jutsu. This one doesn't need four people to execute it, just me."

" I still say he ripped it off from Orochimaru." Naruto grumbled

" Otouto get down here." Itachi said

" Iie, I think I'll use Aku's tactic and stay up here for now. You can join me if you like." Sasuke said coldly

Itachi growled at his little brother's smug remark as he bent his legs and jumped into the air, little did he know what waited from him. As he soared higher into the air and closed in on Sasuke, Sasuke decided it was time to execute his plan. As Itachi neared, Sasuke went into a plummet closing the gap in a few seconds until reaching Itachi. Once he reached him he continuously punched and kicked him having little if any resistance. With Sasuke's Karyuu form the fire-wings kept him in control being in the air, while Itachi was just going up and couldn't move any other direction. As Itachi tired to punch Sasuke, he moved back and behind Itachi.

" Time for payback Itachi." Sasuke said

He rose a little higher than Itachi was bringing his right leg up.


As he sent the legs full force down on Itachi between his shoulders instantly Itachi went from going up to shooting down to the ground like a bullet. Sasuke stayed hovering in the air the fire-wings flapping back and forth. Itachi hit the ground creating a small crater. He was still alive though as each arm came up to his side and pushed himself up off the ground and he stood up.

" Impressive Otouto, but I will not fall for that trick again." Itachi said

Sasuke slowly lowered himself to the ground standing near Itachi smirking

" Why so smug Otouto?" Itachi asked

" Because today I'll finally prove to you that I'm stronger." Sasuke said, " NOW!"

With that a number of pops were heard. The places were some shurikens and kunais once were now stood Bunshins of Sasuke four in total. They positioned themselves around Itachi. Naruto, Sakura and Tsunade watched what happened next. One of the Sasuke's rushed forwards and then slid tripping Itachi and throwing him in the air.

" U."

The next one jumped up kicking him further in the air.

" Chi."

The third one jumped to meet Itachi upper cutting him and causing him to go higher.

" Ha."

Seeing this Naruto started to cross his arms and left eye twitching with anger.

" He copied my move." Naruto said annoyed

Sakura looked at him, You have got to be joking me?

Naruto continued to grow angrier, " OI TEME, YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO COPY MY MOVES!"

Sasuke looked over at Naruto an eyebrow raised, " I'm not coping your move."

Naruto pointed a finger at him, " LIAR, YES YOU ARE! YOU'RE COPING MY UZUMAKI NARUTO RENDAN!"

" OH WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" Sakura shouted and the two looked at her, " You both copied that off of Lee's Omote Renge so stop arguing."

" Humph." Sasuke replied and went back to Itachi

While Naruto scratched the back of his head and smiled, " Oh yeah!"

Sakura just shook her head at the two boys. As Sasuke moved back to watching his brother raise higher and higher into the air the fourth Bunshin moved near him.

" Ready?" Sasuke asked it

The Bunshin nodded he put his hands together and bent down creating a platform for Sasuke to place his foot. Sasuke took his foot and placed it on the entwined hands. Once on the Bunshin proceeded to push up with his arms and legs throwing him back up into the air. He passed Itachi seeing Itachi's eyes follow him. Then he used his fire-wings to stop himself and turn around.

" This is the end Itachi!" Sasuke said as he performed the correct hand seals

Suddenly the loud chirping started coming from his hand as the Chidori came to life. Sasuke stared amazed at how differed this Chidori looked from the other ones he had created. The Chidori sparked White, Blue, and Red; the normal chakra seen from the Chidori was mixing with the flames of the Karyuu Endan and making the Chidori the colors of the Uchiha clan. Sasuke looked down at Itachi and smirked as he flew down corkscrewing all the way as he closed in he noticed the Chidori kept on growing. He then felt a presence on either side of him as he looked his mother was on his right and his father was on his left. Both smiled at him and he nodded back.

" SAIKYOU CHIDORI!" Sasuke shouted closing in on Itachi as his eyes widened with shock, " ITACHI THIS IS FOR MY CLAN!"

The enormous Chidori pushed though Itachi and came out his back. Blood flew through the air and onto the ground at the same time the Izanagi no Fuujin was removed from Tsunade. Upon being released Tsunade flexed her arms to get the blood circulating back through them correctly.

" Much better." Tsunade said

Sasuke pulled his arm out as he saw Itachi's eyes go from Mangekyou to black to cloudy. He stayed hovering in the air suddenly as two white butterflies circled him. Sasuke followed them with his eyes as they diapered a second later.

" Otou-san, Okaa-san Arigatou." Sasuke said tears coming from his eyes

Slowly Sasuke's eyes began to droop as exhaustion started to overtake him. The group on the ground noticed the Saikyou Karyuu Endan begin to flicker. Finally overcome with exhaustion he fell unconscious as the Jutsu released. He then began to plummet to earth as everyone eyes grew wide.

" SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura shouted

She kept her eyes on Sasuke plummeting form rushing to the spot where he would land. But as she blinked Sasuke was gone.

" SASUKE-KUN? SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screamed frantically

Oh my God! Where did he go? Sakura thought

Instantly Naruto appeared where Sasuke should have landed in his arms was Sasuke's unconscious form.

" NARUTO!" Sakura yelled happily

As she reached him she hit him on the head. Naruto winced in pain.

" Gomen Sakura-chan, but you weren't going to reach him in time. Beside I own him." Naruto said

Naruto laid Sasuke's body on the ground as Sakura went to check him over. Tsunade soon joined the group.

" Sakura how is he?" Tsunade asked

Sakura looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

" He'll be all right, he just needs a lot of rest. He almost used up all of his chakra." Sakura said tearfully

" With all he did I wouldn't doubt it." Tsunade said smiling

From below them they could here cheering and people applauding. As they looked over the side and they saw the villagers were still gathered having watched the entire fight.

" They were here the whole time? Then they…" Naruto was stopped though by their cheers

" Na. Ru. To, Sa. Su. Ke, Na. Ru. To, Sa. Su. Ke." The villagers repeated again and again

The fight had changed their minds on Naruto and they now knew he'd do anything for Konoha. Tsunade smiled at Naruto who was crying tears of happiness for finally being accepting. Just then Hirameku arrived with Hinata and an unconscious excessively drooling Jiraiya behind her.

" Ano, Hinata-chan what's wrong with Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked confused

" You said any means necessary Naruto-kun." Hinata said innocently

" Haaai, but I didn't mean to put him in a coma." Naruto said

" Well I didn't know he'd react that way." Hinata said

Naruto scratched his head confused.

" Hinata what did you do to the sukebe?" Tsunade asked

I've never seen Jiraiya this out of it before. She thought

" I just used the Jutsu Naruto-kun taught me. I couldn't get him to even listen to me before that." Hinata explained

" NANI! Hinata-chan you used Orioke no Jutsu on him. No wonder he'd in a comatose state yours must be way better than mine to do this to him." Naruto said

The whole time Naruto was talking both Tsunade and Sakura had veins coming off their heads angry Naruto would teach Hinata THAT Jutsu.

" Can I see?" Naruto asked

That was the last straw Tsunade and Sakura both started to pound the living crap out of Naruto.

" Itai, Oba-chan, Sakura-chan that hurt stop it. What did I do?" Naruto said in-between poundings

Hinata just watched giggling at the fact that Naruto had no idea why the two women were beating him up.

Heiki Kyuchiyose no Jutsu – Weapons Summoning Technique

Fuuma Shuriken – Windmill Shuriken

Kage Fuuma Shuriken – Shadow Windmill Shuriken

Saikyou Karyuu Endan – Ultimate Fire Dragon Flames Blast

Tate no Mekira – Mekira's Shield

Shishiejin – Four Man Purple Flame Array

Karyuu Doroppukikku – Fire Dragon Dropkick

Uchiha Saikyou Chidori – Uchiha Ultimate Chidori

Orioke no Jutsu – Sexy no Jutsu/ Sexy Technique