Kagome: Come on Inuyasha you look cute.

Inu-yasha is in a dressing room looking at something pink and fluffy

Inu-yasha : Feh You wench! You know I don't like this! Besides I will look ridiculous!



Sango storms in and drags Inu-yasha out.

Inu-yasha: Blush

Miroku: Ummmm Inu-yasha? Am I wrong or are you wearing a bunny-suit?

Inu-yasha: Blushes harder Can I get out of this yet?


Inu-yasha: Grrrrr Kagome! I'm going to kill you!

Kagome: smirks SIT BOY!

Inu-yasha's face hits the floor

IDK: Oh That's gotta hurt...all though she dose do it alot…

Sango: True…

Inuyasha: Oooooooorrrrrrrrroooooooooo… .

Sango/Miroku: Well I guess we better get ready for Halloween.

Kagome: Ok I'll see you all later! .

Kagome: Come on Inu-yasha drags him away screaming obscenities

Later that night

Inu-yasha: Kagome why do we have to go Trick or Treating anyway?

Kagome: I promised Shippou I would bring him back some candy, plus you promised Souta.

Inu-yasha: Aw! How come I have to keep every promise I make?

Kagome: because I have the word...

IDK: She's got you there bud.

Inu-yasha: Feh why did I even promise the brat...

IDK: Uh-oh! Here comes a flash back ruuuuunnnn! Runs away and hides under his bed

DTS: Slips under the bed with IDK and Miroku Hey! Its cosier than I though under here! Grabs a 'How

to Neuter Men, A Guide to Power' Handbook

IDK: Miroku… Tell me you did not grope her please!

Miroku: Ok, I did not grope your sister and ask her to bear my children. .U

IDK: Looks at Miroku with a look of dread You did what?

Both turn and see DTS sharpening a Battle Ax

DTS: Turns to audience If your squeamish you may want to watch the Flashback while I neuter them.


Souta: May I come with u this time Inuyasha Inu-yasha: No you may not, it's too dangerous. If you don't

come I'll go Trick or Treating with you on Halloween ok? Souta: Ok grins

End Flashback

Miroku: Call your sister off DK! She's gonna neuter me!

IDK: Like I'm in a better position?


IDK: do I have to admit shes my sister?

DTS: Of course you moron!

IDK: awwwwwwwww!

Sango hands DTS 2swords

DTS: Sweet! drops axe HEHEHEHE… I'm coming for you Miroku!

IDK: whew she forgot about meh………….

sango shows sizzors to idk

Inu: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Finally im not in troubel XD

Kagome: Inuyasha! You wreaked my costume !

Inuyasha: uhoh runs for cover\

Kagome: now what am I going to wear ?

IDK: why not wear that new kimono u got after all Is Halloween…….. Now please stop my sister !

Kagome:nope I rather let her chase that perverted mounk . MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH Thunder cracks

Sango: we weren't expecting rain……..

Idk: hey Inuyasha who wears a green skirt and cooks horrible food?

Inuyasha: who ?

Idk: kagome .XD