This is an AU of season six before the sisters found out about Chris' identity.

I don't own Charmed or Nickelback. I write for fun, there is no profit in it for me.

Now I know why I hide my love from you somedays

No I don't mind keeping this bottled inside me

You came along and tore this wall down around me

Looks like you found me... now I know why

I felt like shit when I woke up this morning

(Nickelback - Woke Up This Morning)

"I don't want you to ever go near Wyatt or darken this doorstep again!" Piper yelled at Chris who's green eyes were hurt one minute, and then flashed cold the next.

"Fine! It doesn't matter to me anymore. I come back in time to save your precious Wyatt, and you throw me out on the street for trying to help! What the hell do I care, you didn't give a damn about me in one timeline, why should you in the next?" Chris yelled, and when he thought that no one could hear him, he muttered, "Always liked Wyatt and Alex better out of your children anyway. Never gave a damn about me." His voice was full of hurt and he orbed out before seeing the shocked looks that filled all the sisters' faces.

"Chris is my, my son?" Piper asked, as she sat down on the couch in the attic stunned. Phoebe and Paige just stood where they had been, too stunned to move. The hurt that had filled Chris' face was enough to scar anyone, but he had been through too much during his time on this earth. At least while he was in the past, and most of that was their fault.

"LEO!" Piper screamed. She was distraught over the news of Chris, and she needed to tell Leo what she had learned, so that they could find Chris, before he did anything that would hurt him or someone else.

"Blessed be..." Leo said as he orbed in his elder's robes.

"We don't have time for that right now." Piper said as she paced. Leo could tell she was tense and worrying over something, so he went over to her.

"What's wrong Piper?" He asked and when he received no answer, he turned to Paige and Phoebe who didn't even look at him. Paige was standing in the corner of the attic, her face stunned and full of worry. Phoebe was standing over the book, he eyes unfocussed.

"Chris," Piper said, and startled Leo who was staring at her sisters. He turned to her, and she tried again, "Chris is our, well he's our..." She said, but cut off again, at a loss for words.

"He's our what, Piper?" Leo asked, getting angry that Chris had disturbed the sisters once again, and had left them looking as if the world were falling down.

"Son." She whispered. Her voice was barely audible, but Leo heard what she said, and stumbled back as if he had been shot.

Chris sat on top of the Golden Gate Bridge, thinking of what had just happened. They didn't care about him, and they never had. He was the middle child, why should they give a damn about him when they had Alex and Wyatt? He only had one good memory with his family, and that was only because Wyatt had cast a spell over them to make them be nice to him on his fourteenth birthday. It hadn't lasted though, and when it had worn off, no matter how Wyatt had tried to convince them otherwise, they had blamed him for using magic for personal gain.

He had left that day, only coming back when he heard his mother's scream for help. He had tried to save her from the demon that had killed Phoebe and Paige, but he had been too late. When he had arrived at the manor, the demon had just stabbed Piper in the heart with an athame, and when he had seen Chris had thrown the athame at him. He still had the scar on his back where it had embedded itself. He had tried to heal the sisters, and had called for Wyatt, Alex and his father.

When they had finally gotten there, Leo had yelled at him, despite the blood that was seeping out of the wound on his back. Wyatt and Alex had tried to get to him, but their father had held them back, and just before he had lapsed into unconsciousness, he had orbed the only place he felt safe. Grandpa's.

He had blocked everyone from sensing him that day, and his grandfather had taken care of him, getting him a doctor when he needed one, and letting no one know that he was there. He had gone to his grandfather for everything. Well his grandfather, and his Aunt Prue. He had first summoned his Aunt Prue by an accident at the age of seven.

They had gotten to know each other, and every time that Chris was hurting, mentally, physically, or emotionally, he would summon Prue. But she wasn't here now, and he couldn't summon her, because she was still not allowed to enter this time, because the sisters weren't ready for her presence yet, and Chris really needed her right now.

Chris let out a yell, and magic reverberated around him, shaking the bridge. The winds picked up, and blew at his hair, and clothes. Lightning echoed over the water, and Chris felt the power flow through him. All the pain, all the hate, all the sadness, all the lies... He let it all go, and watched with blurring vision as a tornado picked up on the water.

He fell backwards, but never hit the ground. His vision danced with black spots, as he looked up at the person, make that two people that were holding him. "Wy, Alex?" He asked as all his strength left him, and he went limp.

Alex London Halliwell raised his hands, and released the power of the tornado, making the funnel fade away. He looked down at Chris' pale form, and sighed. The energy that he had just released could have killed him. Wyatt and Alex had felt Chris' pain through time, and had come back to help him.

Alex hadn't seen Chris since the day he had left for the past, and he hadn't seen Wyatt since before he had taken over the Underworld. For some reason they had both felt their brother's pain, and had come back in time to see what they could do.

Alex could see the change in Wyatt since Chris had come back. His brother was the loving brother that he had been when they were kids. Chris had saved him, and Leo had been acting differently lately too. He had been asking about Chris and how he was, generally concerned for him, when he usually blamed Chris for every bad thing that went on in the world.

He heard a gasp from Wyatt and looked down at his oldest brother. Wyatt was looking at something on Chris' arm, and Alex knelt down to get a better look. Alex had to stifle his own gasp when he saw Chris' arm. There were cut marks lining it, and big gashes that were scarred over right on his wrists. Chris had tried to kill himself to get away from the pain!

White lights started to surround Chris' body, and Wyatt and Alex each grabbed an arm. They were taken along with Chris to the attic manor. The sisters and Leo were around them, and Alex and Wyatt immediately stepped in front of Chris to protect him from them.

Chris started to move and groaned. Alex looked to him, and knelt down next to him. Wyatt did the same, and they ignored the questions that were coming at them as they tended to Chris. When Leo and Piper tried to attack them, Wyatt put his shield up, and that was all the clue Piper needed.

"Wyatt?" She asked, looking at him as if he had two heads.

"Yes mother." He said, his tone cold. She shivered and took a step back from them.

"Who are you?" She asked Alex.

"Alex London Halliwell." Alex said as if he were stating the obvious, not even sparing them a second glance.