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Alex and Wyatt ran to their fallen brother, and dropped to their knees beside his still figure. His skin was a shade of white that should never be seen on a human being, and his lips were tinted blue. Blood ran from the corner of his mouth, and when Alex checked, Chris was breathing, but it was a wet gurgling sound that sent a shiver of apprehension through him.

Both brothers immediately placed their hands over the still form of their brother, and prayed desperately for the golden glow to come from them. The light was weak when it did come, and any healing it did was minimal. After another moment, another healing glow joined the two, and Alex and Wyatt looked up to see their father concentrating his Elder powers on healing his middle son.

The light got stronger, but Chris still wasn't healing as much as the three would have liked. While the blue tint of his lips was gone, Chris was still too pale, and his breathing was still too shallow and wet sounding. When the glow finally died, Chris had been healed a little bit, but he was still way too pale, and a thin sheen of sweat coated his body.

When Wyatt felt his little brothers forehead, he was stunned at the heat radiating off of it. "We need to get him to Magic School, quickly." Leo said quietly, and when Alex and Wyatt looked at him with questioning expressions, he added, "There is a medical wing where he can be taken care of there, the Elders working there can help him more than a regular hospital can." Alex and Wyatt nodded, and suddenly there were three more presences standing behind the men.

"What can we do to help?" Piper asked quietly, as she sat down and pulled Chris' head into her lap, gently stroking the sweat dampened hair. Chris immediately relaxed even more into her hold, if that was even possible.

"There is nothing we can do right now, any of us. It's up to Chris to fight now. But we really do need to get him to the Magic School medical wing, the sooner the better." Leo said softly. Piper nodded and reached out her hand to Leo, who clasped it, and then laid a hand on Chris' shoulder, orbing all three of them to Magic School, Wyatt and Alex following their orbing trail closely behind.

When Leo, Chris, Piper, Wyatt, and Alex reformed, an Elder immediately came to them, to find out what had happened, and why they were in need of assistance. Leo told them what had happened and the woman got right to work.

Chris was moved to a bed, after having been stripped to just his boxers. Monitors were attached to his chest, and an IV appeared already hooked into his arm, pumping a golden translucent liquid into his veins. After the blood had been removed from his throat, a tube had been pushed down his throat to ease the pressure on his damaged lungs.

Through everything Chris had never moved, or even made any gesture to indicate that he had any idea what was happening around him. That fact alone scared Wyatt and Alex more than anything else had, because even in his memories of this happening before, Chris had reacted to stimuli, and this complete stillness scared the brothers.

Piper took her place beside Chris, holding his hand and gently stroking his damp hair. Seeing her son like this scared her. Even if she hadn't known who he was before, she had always secretly admired the man before her. His determination, and strength had made him a formidable enemy, and a powerful ally. Now he just lye before her so still, and weak; and it scared her to death that she might lose him before she really got to know him.


Three Days Later

Chris had lain inert on the bed for the past few days, his temperature had been fluctuating between 103 and 106, but other than that his condition hadn't changed. Alex, Wyatt, Piper, Leo, Phoebe, and Paige had all taken turns sitting by his side, making sure he was never alone.

Now three days after first having his magical overload, Chris had shown his first sign of life, when Wyatt and Alex had been sitting by his side. Wyatt and Alex had been talking, making sure to include Chris, though he couldn't respond, in the conversation. Their current topic of gossip being the girlfriends they had over the years.

"Do you remember when Chris first met Bianca when he was fourteen?" Wyatt asked and Alex burst out laughing.

"His first crush... Remember he thought he was in love the first time, she laid him out flat on his back when he grabbed her wrist? Man she looked pissed, and Chris looked love struck." The brothers laughed again, remembering that day clearly.


"Bianca, hey wait!" Chris yelled, as she brushed past him, her anger clear on her face.

Chris grabbed her wrist, attempting to stop her. He didn't even know what hit him. One second he had a hold of her wrist, trying to stop her from walking away; and the next he was looking up at her from the floor, as she gripped his throat. He gasped, as he looked up into her eyes, stunned at what she had just done, and by how beautiful she was when she was pissed.

Bianca's eyes immediately widened at what she had done, and she backed up, offering her hand to Chris, to help him up off his spot on the floor. Chris took her hand, his other hand going defensively to his throat, but he still looked at her in awe, clearly struck at what she had done, and by her beauty.

End Flashback...

"You didn't do much better with Trisha and you know it." A scratchy voice came from the bed, and both Wyatt and Alex jumped, Alex letting out an undignified screech that sent Wyatt into a laughing fit, and Chris smirked, not even opening his eyes. "Very manly Alex." His voice held no real emotion, but the smirk on his lips was enough to send Wyatt laughing again.

"Shut it Trishy!" Alex growled, and Wyatt blanched at the old nickname.

"Now why did you have to go and remind him about that?" Wyatt wined as he stood up to check over his brother, telling Alex to tell everyone that Chris was awake.

"Hey you brought up Bianca, and let's face it, I can't make any cracks at Alex, because he really doesn't have a love life to make fun of." At this both brothers snickered.

"Hey!" A voice called from the doorway, "I do so have a love life, just because I don't tell you guys everything, doesn't mean it doesn't happen!" Alex sulked, and Wyatt perked up a little about the opportunity to make fun of his youngest brother.

"Really? You're going out with someone?" Wyatt asked.

Alex looked away, actually blushing, and now both his brothers were looking at him expectantly. "You remember Sophie, the girl I work with, and have liked forever?" When Chris and Wyatt nodded, Chris albeit tiredly, Alex continued. "Well I finally got the courage to ask her out a few weeks ago, and she said yes. Though she did gripe about me taking long enough to ask her." Alex said, and received applause from his two older brothers.

"Way to go Alex!" Wyatt said, and Alex's cheeks reddened.

"Yeah, well... Thanks?" Alex finally answered after a minute's hesitation.

Piper, Paige, Phoebe, and Leo showed up in the doorway, looking in at Chris as the three brothers talked amongst themselves, looking for all the world as if they were the closest family in the world.

It was in that moment that everyone in the room finally figured out why Chris had gone to so much trouble to come to the past, and run himself ragged, looking for any and all demons that could do harm to his family. He had come back not just to save the world from Wyatt's evil...

Chris had come back to save himself, and piece his family back together, for times just like they were sharing now.



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