Obligatory Sex Epilogue

The Sanzo-ikkou had not been on the road for more than a few hours—six actually, which is a few when one considers how long some of their daily excursions could be—before coming upon a town that they deemed suitable for spending the night. It was earlier than times they had stopped in the past, but there was no longer any set limit on when they reached their destination, and the anxiety of their journey was finally a thing of the past. They could relax and they had every intention of doing so.

Unfortunately, since they have decided to stop and have no desires to continue on the road any more tonight, their choice of lodging has been limited to what the town has to offer. This is a town they did not stop in while traveling West, of course, since they had been picked up by dragon long before reaching Houtou Castle, but it is similar to the last place along the road they had been. They are now in a small cottage, individual for them and their privacy. The only problem with this is that unlike their last place this one has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a single sleeping room with two large beds. Being the only thing the inn had available, they could not protest, and seeing as how tired they all are, no one has yet thought to voice any concerns over the matter. It isn't as though they haven't shared a room before, and these days they don't have too many problems with having to share beds.

While Sanzo and Goku are in town gathering the few supplies they were not able to acquire inside the castle before departing, Gojyo is having a smoke outside—as Hakkai and Goku have requested since neither Sanzo nor Gojyo smoke as much as they used to—and Hakkai is diligently cooking dinner. Hakkai has made no mention to his companions regarding his injured shoulders. They are of no real concern, Hakkai knows that, they merely ache to a rather high degree and although Hakkai is usually a fast healer the strain on them had been quite out of the ordinary.

Even mixing the rice and lifting plates when he set the table had proven painful. It is a nuisance more than anything, and Hakkai dearly hopes his shoulders will recover before—

"Damn it." The healer curses, feeling a violent tremor move through his right shoulder as he reaches for one of the plates in a nearby cupboard. He almost drops the plate to the floor where it surely would have shattered if he hadn't gotten control of himself. Carefully, he sets the plate down on the counter, taking a small moment to rub one shoulder and then the other, knowing his own hands aren't nearly enough to drive away any of the stiffness. It almost hurts as much trying to massage them because even that takes some effort from the shoulder helping the other. Hakkai shakes his head. This really is unfair.

"Still makes me a little speechless when you swear." Comes Gojyo's voice from the open doorway. Hakkai turns and sees the kappa, not having noticed Gojyo had started to come back inside. Gojyo just grins. "How big of an idiot am I? You nearly had your arms ripped off last night and still you're the one cooking dinner. Shit. Sit your ass down, huh, and quit making me look so bad."

A common smile slips into Hakkai's initially shocked expression at being caught. Since he expected this behavior from Gojyo and hoped to avoid it—he is supposed to be the one taking care of everyone else, after all—Hakkai really hates that Gojyo knows his little secret. His expression, as always, does not give away his discomfort but simply shines. "Now, now, no need for all that, Gojyo. I'm fine." He says, stirring the rice on the stove and flashing a smile, while trying very hard not to wince at how much even the smallest action hurts.

"Sure ya are." Gojyo scoffs. "Come on, do I look stupid to you? Don't answer that." He adds quickly, his smile turning crooked. "And listen to me, okay? Sit down and let me finish dinner."

"Really, Gojyo, there's no need."

The redhead has entered the kitchen now and walks up to Hakkai quickly, standing next to the stove and looking more than ready to push Hakkai out of the way.

Hakkai does not budge. "Gojyo, please. It's nothing. All of us are sore, and if I let you cook…I shudder to think which of us will drop dead first." The comment may seem harsh but it is a well-known fact that Gojyo has no talent for cooking. Baking, though, he is surprisingly gifted, but cooking…the mere thought upsets Hakkai's stomach.

As is expected, Gojyo makes no reaction to being called on his lack of culinary ability, but he remains immovable next to the stove. "Hakkai," he says, "I will remove you by force if I have to. Killing yourself for our sake's is not heroic or even as sweet as it seems on the surface. It's just stupid. You've been driving for hours. Your shoulders must be ready to fall out of their sockets on their own at this point. Just sit down."

Furrowing his brow with his slowly bruising ego, Hakkai shakes his head and turns off the burner for the rice. "Gojyo, for goodness' sake, there is no reason to—ah!" While trying to move the pot with the rice over to a cool burner, an unexpected pain shot through his shoulder again, this time causing Hakkai to lose his grip. Unable to do anything to stop it, Hakkai looks down shamefully at the mess of rice now spilled over the floor, the pot overturned and still clattering. This tell-tale sign of his fatigue and current state of pain keeps Hakkai's eyes trained on the rice. He feels very foolish right now for being so stubborn. "Gojyo…"

"Your shoulders are killing you and you'd really appreciate the help, right?" Gojyo says with a grin, taking Hakkai's hand, stepping over the spilled rice, and leading the healer over to the kitchen table. "What would you do without me, Kai? I certainly don't know what I'd do without you." He says, sitting Hakkai down, giving his shoulder a very gentle, momentary rub, and then bending to kiss the brunette on the cheek. "So quit being in such a hurry to kill yourself. I like you healthy. All kinds of healthy." He adds with a wink. Gojyo then begins to clean up the ruined rice and start a new batch, knowing at least how to do that much.


"You can give me directions. I can't mess it up if the master is telling me everything to do, right?"

Hakkai feels the beginning of a real smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. It really does amaze him sometimes how easy it is for Gojyo to get him feeling all right about everything again. "I suppose that would be okay." The healer consents.

"Oh, and after dinner I'm giving you a long, deep massage. And if you're still hurting this bad tomorrow, I'm driving."

A chuckle escapes Hakkai's lips and he sits back, making himself comfortable while watching Gojyo move about the kitchen. "I concede, Gojyo. You're a hard man to say no to."

Gojyo chuckles a little then too. "Glad you feel that way. Keep it in mind, will ya?" Really, the kappa's devious smirk does not go unnoticed, and as pained as Hakkai is, he doesn't think he minds Gojyo's implications as much as he might have the night before.

"We're all gonna die!"

Hakkai and Gojyo both jerk their heads to the doorway where Sanzo and Goku are standing, each carrying a few bags, though Goku with notably more of them. Sanzo looks unconcerned but Goku is wearing a look of complete horror while his eyes are glued to Gojyo at the stove.

Hakkai chuckles again, unable to stifle the sound as it erupts out of him and soon becomes all out laughter.

Gojyo scowls, pointing the spoon he had been stirring with in Goku's direction with a menacing gesture. "Shove it, monkey. I'm giving Hakkai a break. And you're gonna eat whatever the hell I put in front of you so you better be nice to me or I might put my own ingredients in your half, got me?"

At first Goku looks somewhere between confused and terrified. He looks to Hakkai for some sort of moral support, and although the healer is still chuckling a little, support eventually comes between tenor-pitched laughs. "Gojyo will be following my every command, so there's no need to look scandalized, Goku. Contrary to popular opinion, he can take direction quite well."

Goku looks instantly relieved but then suddenly wrinkles his nose. "Ew. More information than I needed, Hakkai." The boy says and then promptly enters the kitchen, sets down his bags, ducks to avoid being smacked by Gojyo, and hurries off into the rest of the cottage.

There is a moment where Hakkai sits, unsure how to take Goku's reaction, before a blush spreads swiftly across his cheeks and the sound of Gojyo's laughter is soon filling the kitchen instead of the brunette's.

Sanzo, moving to deposit his own bags and follow after his monkey, rolls his eyes and decides not to comment anymore than grumbling out an irritated, "Idiots," before departing.

Nevertheless, dinner carries on rather well. Gojyo really can take direction, and Goku's only complaint was that the kappa had used too much salt on the spring rolls. Gojyo doubted the monkey could even tell the difference but figured Goku was just looking for something to complain about to make himself feel better about liking Gojyo's cooking. It was a first, after all, where the group was eating food made by Gojyo and not rushing for the bathroom soon after.

Despite dinner being fairly decent, Gojyo has excused himself and Hakkai from the table, leaving the boy and Sanzo in the kitchen before the monkey could even go back for fourths. Gojyo wants to make good on his offer to give Hakkai's shoulders a decent rub and already has the healer stripped from the waist-up and sprawled face-down on their bed.

Before beginning his ministrations, Gojyo stands for a moment beside the bed, looking down at Hakkai's relatively smooth back with its sore but very pleasing-to-the-eye muscles. Hakkai's back rises and falls slowly, the healer comfortable, relaxed, and waiting for him. The sight is a little more enticing than Gojyo would like to admit with the monk and monkey not all that far away, but with all the pent-up energy raging through the kappa's veins, he isn't entirely sure he cares.

Gojyo allows his brain to think clearly for maybe three seconds before slipping his tank-top over his head and tossing it to the floor beside Hakkai's black shirt.

As Gojyo climbs onto the bed and begins to very slowly and gently work on Hakkai's left shoulders, the healer, having heard the sound of rustling cloth, is aware of Gojyo's sudden lack of clothing. "Gojyo…" he says, only slightly concerned with the current situation. "Why did you take off your shirt? You're the masseuse; you don't need to remove any clothing."

"It's easier to move this way." Gojyo replies, not missing a beat, or a rub.

"Yes, well…" Hakkai's mind is already fogging over. He has exchanged backrubs with Gojyo on several occasions over the years, but not since their relationship's dynamic changed. There is an added electricity that flows through Gojyo's fingertips and the motions of the tan hands Hakkai can feel but cannot see make his lower stomach quiver deliciously. Hakkai understands the dangers in that, however, and thinks perhaps he should ask Gojyo to desist. "Be that as it may, Gojyo, I think—uhh…" a moan rips from Hakkai's throat before he can stop it, cutting off his words. Much as the pressure on his shoulders had hurt at first, Gojyo's expert touch digs so deep, perfectly applied and positioned, that Hakkai's mind wipes blank. What had he been about to say…?

Gojyo grins evilly, feeling perfectly safe in doing so since Hakkai has his face pressed into the mattress and is definitely not about to move. Much as he knows Hakkai must be enjoying this, Gojyo is enjoying it to. Moving his hands slowly and deeply into the muscles of Hakkai's back, rubbing over the soft, pale skin, and hearing the beginning of held-back moans spill from his lover's throat, has the kappa's libido doing a double-take. Gods, he wants the man beneath him, right now, but he didn't think to lock the bedroom door and really doesn't want to get up right now to do it.

A few more moans leave Hakkai and Gojyo suddenly forgets all sensible thought. Swinging a leg over to the other side of Hakkai's body, Gojyo straddles the healer now, sitting up on his friend's hips and continue the tender assault with his hands. He almost expects some sort of questioning or protesting to come up concerning this change in position, but Hakkai merely keeps on moaning, taking slow, deep breaths.

Gojyo is well aware that before long he is going to start getting hard if Hakkai keeps making those noises, and with them positioned as they are, it is more than certain the brunette would be able to tell that no, that isn't Sanzo's gone in his pocket. This is just so much fun though, and Gojyo doesn't want to stop getting Hakkai to make those sounds. Besides, he knows he is doing the healer good.

Healing the healer. It's a noble effort. Very noble. Gojyo is considerably horny and getting hornier with each new sound that escapes Hakkai's throat, but he sees no problem whatsoever with being nobly horny. In fact, being nobly horny is probably such a rare occurrence he should be praised for his ability to be selfless and hot and bothered at the same time. It's very difficult, after all. But Gojyo isn't stupid. If they continue much further like this, eventually something is going to have to give.

"That better not be what it looks like."

The gods really can be exceptionally cruel sometimes. "Not at all, Sanzo-sama." Gojyo says with a forced smile, sitting up a little straighter and trying to look as decent as possible while straddling his lover. "Hakkai's shoulders are killing him after what that bastard did to him last night. Remember, arms nearly ripped off before your expert shooting came into play? I'm just offering some helping hands."

Entering fully and beginning to remove his robes as if the monk plans to make it an early evening, Sanzo turns away from the pair in disgust. "If it even looks like those helping hands are moving anywhere I don't want to see them, I plan to keep my gun under my pillow tonight. Just for you." He adds, tossing out a smirk that looks just as threatening as it means to.

Gojyo realizes then that Sanzo is indeed readying himself for sleep. It is later than normal for after dinner, and considering how tired all of them still are it isn't unheard of for the monk to want such a thing. That doesn't make the reality of the situation any less frustrating for Gojyo, however. "What are you, an old man? You're not going to bed already." Gojyo teases, hoping his comments will have the added effect and get the monk to head into the kitchen for a few drinks or something. Anything so that Gojyo and Hakkai can have the room to themselves for just a little bit longer.

"Nice try, cockroach, but yes I am." Sanzo shoots back, laying his now discarded robes over the lone chair in the room and kicking off his boots. He makes a point of taking out his gun and keeping his eye on Gojyo the entire time while he places underneath his pillow.

Gojyo grits his teeth, trying not to allow his frustrations to come out in his massaging. He wants to help Hakkai, not hurt him, but he also wants to get his rocks off and Sanzo is not helping. Hakkai, enamored within Gojyo's touch, doesn't seem to care about nor really notice Sanzo's presence, though his moans have decreased in quantity and volume quite noticeably.

Damn it.

"So you left your monkey all by his lonesome?" Gojyo tries. "That really a good idea?"

"All done! Man, Gojyo, you're not bad when Hakkai tells you how to make things. Sorry I thought you'd suck."

Damn it again. Now the monkey is in here too. This really isn't Gojyo's night. He had been planning ulterior motives from the second he offered this backrub. Why the hell do these two have to ruin it?

The real insult to injury is that Hakkai still doesn't seem to care that he and Gojyo are no longer alone, besides having silenced nearly all of his moans now. It really is unfair, and try as Gojyo might, he cannot think of anything to say or do that might get rid of the monk and monkey long enough for what he has planned. Now that Goku is changing for bed too, the cause really does seem lost. Why did this one bedroom, piece of shit cottage have to be the only place available?

"Whoa…that looks like one helluva backrub." Goku snickers, raising an eyebrow at Gojyo's chosen position. The exclamation has come mainly because Hakkai let loose a moan the healer must not have been able to hold back, much as his decency probably wanted to. "Hmmm…" Goku looks from Gojyo's scowl over to Sanzo, who is already lying on his back on the bed, settling in for sleep whether the others are ready to shut up and do the same or not. "Hey, Sanzo…you want one too?"

Gojyo almost groans, but then…thinks maybe the monkey is on to something. If Sanzo gets distracted, maybe it won't matter. Gojyo certainly wouldn't care that the other pair is in the room. He just doesn't want to get shot.

Staring up at Goku like he must be at least half out of his mind if not completely, Sanzo's violet eyes narrow dangerously. "Don't look at me like that. You think I can't tell when you're up to something? I don't need a backrub. Now get your ass in bed unless you want to sleep on the floor."

"But Sanzo…" Goku whines, knowing the monk can only withstand so much annoyance before he crumbles. "I know your shoulders are sore. I caught you rubbing them. It feels much better when someone else does it, ya know."

As if to accentuate this claim, another contented moan slips free from Hakkai. Goku and Gojyo meet gazes for a second and in that moment they understand each other perfectly. They almost laugh aloud but know better than to give the game away.

"Please, Sanzo." Goku says, hopping onto the edge of the bed and bouncing a little on his knees as he pleads with his keeper. "I just wanna make you feel better. 'Sides, we don't need to go to bed right this second. Hakkai and Gojyo are still up."

While Goku sounds genuine, Sanzo is skeptical and his eyes drift over to Gojyo and Hakkai on the other bed. Hakkai looks positively blissful, eyes closed and a small smile on his face. Gojyo, amazingly enough, looks entirely professional about the whole thing even while being atop his partner in such a telling position.

Sanzo weighs his options. Gojyo and Hakkai appear to be behaving. Sanzo's shoulders and back really are killing him. Goku will more than likely continue whining until he gets his way anyway…

"Do what you want." The monk says at last, and rolls over onto his stomach, facing away from the other bed so he can more easily pretend they aren't in the room. Though Sanzo has no intention of allowing moans as Hakkai has, he doesn't want that damn kappa looking over and seeing signs of equal bliss on his face. He can only imagine the barbs he'd get over that.

Looking over at Gojyo to ensure their moment of understanding was truly mutual, Goku pauses, waiting for some sort of sign. When Gojyo smiles and even winks in reply, Goku knows they now have an agreement. Besides, it's not as if Goku cares if the others are in the room. All he cares about is Sanzo.

Positioning himself in a mirror-image of Gojyo, Goku is sure it is safe to start right in this way since Sanzo will merely assume he is copying Gojyo for lack of experience. Actually, Goku has a lot of backrub experience. Since he and Gojyo used to room a lot they exchanged backrubs often. Whenever Gojyo started being a little too nice Goku knew the kappa had probably strained a muscle somewhere and wanted Goku's small but powerful hands to help out. If Gojyo had the choice he would always ask Hakkai first out of principle, but many times it was Goku the redhead got stuck with. Goku always asked for a backrub in return, which Gojyo gave for fear of the monkey not giving him one another time, but Goku never really needed one. He liked the touch, and he couldn't deny the pressure felt good, but Goku never got sore muscles the same way others did.

He's rechargeable.

He is, however, very good at knowing where others hurt and all the right ways to make them feel better. Gojyo has even admitted so to him on several occasions though he would probably deny such claims if ever questioned.

Shirt removed now, Sanzo, getting a taste of Goku's adept fingers and strong pressure, is certainly not about to complain and finds himself actually struggling not to moan. He decides he won't give Hakkai a hard time, after all. The healer should be awarded for allowing as few moans as he has, assuming Gojyo is anywhere near as good at this as Goku.

Hakkai is currently so enraptured he almost forgets that Sanzo and Goku are in the other bed. He had been aware of their entrances and the exchange of words that recently took place, but he is much more focused on the feel of Gojyo's hands working out the stiffness in his abused shoulders and…kissing down between his shoulder blades.

"Gojyo…" Hakkai whispers in warning, brought down from cloud nine long enough to know Gojyo is not only starting to kiss him but rolling his hips in a manner so enticing Hakkai imagines he will soon be having a very dire problem and is therefore thankful he is on his stomach. "What are you--?"

"Shhh…" Gojyo hisses, keeping his voice as soft as Hakkai has. He glances over at the other bed to make sure the monk and monkey are occupied and then dips down again to kiss between Hakkai's shoulders, still expertly rubbing with his hands. He kisses again, darting out his tongue to deepen the sensation, and continuing with similar kisses again and again, soon moving to Hakkai's stretched neck.

Hakkai shivers. Gojyo's hands accompanied now by his lips and tongue moving to the sensitive area below his right ear, and also adding the rather steady movements of Gojyo's hips against Hakkai's rear…is…is…Hakkai bites back a very telling moan. His groin stirs and he most definitely has that dire problem now. A small part of his brain thinks of Goku and Sanzo, quiet but unmistakably nearby. This is just too inappropriate.

Meaning to inform Gojyo that this really must stops, Hakkai shakes the kappa off and turns over halfway, straining his neck around to look behind him. He opens his mouth to voice his protests but finds it captured before a single word can leave it. Gojyo's kiss is so insistent, the kappa's tongue so desperate and seeking that Hakkai instantly forgets what he was about to say.

The kiss deepens further and with Gojyo's help Hakkai is turned over completely onto his back. Gojyo repositions himself so that he is now straddling Hakkai's hips from the front. The redhead has stopped his gentle massaging but has a comforting hold on Hakkai's shoulders to keep the healer in place as they kiss, tongues intertwined and breath stolen. Absently, Hakkai can feel one of Gojyo's hands starting to move, sliding down his arm to his chest and then to his hip where it grips Hakkai's cotton pants and begins to slide them down. The connection of their hips keeps the pants from sliding all the way off, but the action reveals the smooth curve of Hakkai's backside and Gojyo runs his hand over the skin there, squeezing the flesh and raking his rounded nails.

Goku feels a shudder rip through him at the sight of his friends so intimately met. He has not seen them kiss this passionately. Not them personally. He has seen them kiss and he has seen Gonou and Gojyo kiss passionately, but this is very different. Especially now that Gojyo has a good grip on Hakkai's bare ass and they are kissing heatedly. The image alone hardens Goku further and the boy cannot believe Sanzo hasn't said anything about it. He assumes his lack of movement might have something to do with Sanzo's obliviousness, but Goku really wants to move. He wants to move so badly, he knows he is pressing a little harder than he should into Sanzo's back.

Deciding action must be taken, Goku gives in and takes the risk, bending down to kiss the back of Sanzo's neck and giving a very small buck with his hips.

Sanzo stiffens. "What the hell are you doing?"


"Are you out of your mind? We're in the same damn room. No."

Goku huffs. Once again he glances over at Gojyo and Hakkai, still madly kissing and rocking their hips. "They sure don't seem to mind." He says, and promptly leans down to kiss Sanzo's neck again.

The monk rolls over before he can connect and Goku nearly tumbles off the bed with the movement. He regains his balance, pushed off of Sanzo to the side furthest from the other bed, and huffs this time in annoyance at the delay as Sanzo takes a moment to study the others.

A moment later the gun has been removed from under Sanzo's pillow.

Click. "Knock that off right now or I'm shooting you both!" he snarls, not at all liking the sight of his friends lip-locked, hip-locked, and gyrating while half of Hakkai's ass is visible and tightly held by one of Gojyo's greedy hands. "We're in the same fucking room, what the hell is wrong with you two!"

While Gojyo is unperturbed, Hakkai comes to his senses very quickly, pulling his lips from Gojyo only to have the kappa move to his neck, but looking deeply scandalized. The healer wildly reaches down to pull his pants the rest of the way back up. "Goodness. I must not be in my right mind. Forgive us, Sanzo."

Gojyo, however, is still ignorant to having a gun cocked and pointed at him.

Hakkai smiles sheepishly down the barrel of Sanzo's gun and pushes at Gojyo for the redhead to stop. "Gojyo…" he says, his smile strained and his breath still bated. "You do realize we have an audience." For some reason the sight of gold eyes looking so strangely hungry is far more disturbing for Hakkai than the violet eyes looking so pissed.

Gojyo glances up for a moment, seeing the gun but no longer fearing it. "Yeah? So?" And he returns to Hakkai's neck, trying to tug back down the healer's pants despite Hakkai's tight grip on them to keep them up.

"Gojyo, please. This is…highly…ina…ina…oh gods…" Hakkai's eyes roll back in his head as Gojyo's tongue laps at the cartilage of his right ear. The wet, feathery action sends a few new messages straight to Hakkai's groin and he gives an unconscious buck upwards.

Sanzo fires a warning shot into the wall behind them.

"Asshole!" Gojyo yells, glaring angrily as he pulls his tongue from its exploration of Hakkai's ear. "Do you mind? You have your own monkey to play master and pet with. Can't you let us have our fun without fearing bullet wounds?"

Sanzo readies his gun for another shot. "I am not staying in the same room with you while you fuck around. Knock it off or I'm shooting you in the head." Sanzo changes his aim slightly so that it is now pointed at the rather unseemly met area of Hakkai and Gojyo's pelvises. "The one you think with most." The monk adds.

While one might think this would be more than enough of a cold shower for everyone involved, Hakkai is still breathing irregularly and Gojyo is still ready to strip down and have his way with the flush brunette beneath him. Goku is also flush, partially due to the state of his friends and because Sanzo, shirtless just like Hakkai and Gojyo, can't seem to avoid looking sexy. Even when he's threatening someone.

Reaching out to pull down Sanzo's arm, Goku uses his superior strength to save Gojyo's treasured groin a gunshot. Sanzo struggles against this action but is soon removed of his gun completely and stares back at Goku in warning.

"We all know you won't really shoot them anyway." Goku says, taking the gun and reaching off the bed to place it on the floor where it is no longer visible.

"You took my gun." Sanzo says, mouth agape, as if such a thing is so surreal it is utterly impossible. "You little brat, give it back! Or the first one I'm shooting is you."

Goku sighs heavily, giving an apologetic glance to Gojyo and Hakkai. "Come on, Sanzo. It's no one's fault we got stuck with one room. I'd say lets just go out to the kitchen, but we deserve beds. We deserve a lot of things. It's not fair to tell them they can't have fun." Crawling across the bed and grinning with more than a little mischief, Goku pushes on Sanzo's chest, silently asking the monk to lie back. "We won't even notice what they're doing…long as we distract ourselves."

Even if Goku wasn't leaning down for a kiss, it wouldn't take a written invitation for Sanzo to get the message. "Like hell!" he shouts, pushing hard at Goku to stay away and refusing to lie down. He looks accusingly over at Gojyo and Hakkai only to find the redhead already retuning to his onslaught of Hakkai's ear. "Stop that! No one is having sex in this room!"

"Come on, Sanzo." Goku presses, forcing the monk back now and climbing on top of his keeper to straddle the man much as Gojyo is straddling Hakkai. "I'll make it real good, okay…" he says in a whisper, squeezing his thighs and leaning down to kiss Sanzo soundly.

Sanzo almost bites down on the tongue pushing into his mouth. He pushes up roughly with his arms and causes Goku to tumble off the bed with a thump and cry of surprise. Hakkai and Gojyo are kissing again, completely ignorant to their friends' presence anymore, and Sanzo decides to hell with them. They can fuck if they want. He, however, will not be giving in to his pet's whims. Not after this kind of blow to his pride. Maybe he can't get his friends to keep their hands to themselves, but he can certainly ignore them all and sleep in peace.

They can all rot in hell.

"Wake me and die." Sanzo grumbles, moving over to the far side of the bed and lying down to face the window. Gojyo and Hakkai aren't being terribly loud. He can just tune them out like he tunes Goku out. Sometimes Sanzo forgets, however, that tuning Goku out is nearly impossible.

"But Sanzo! You're not just going to sleep!"

Like hell I am, the monk thinks, snuggling into his chosen place of rest and choosing not to respond to the monkey on the floor behind him. Goku can go join the idiots on the other be dif he wants action. Sanzo is not giving in.

"Urg!" Goku balks, standing furiously and climbing back onto the bed. For a moment he considers attacking Sanzo with tickles or kisses or even just mild punches to get the monk's attention back on him, but he thinks better of that idea. After all, the gun is on Sanzo's side of the room even if it is on the floor. It wouldn't be hard for the blonde to reach for it, and Goku has a feeling his lover would not hesitate to shoot. An angry Sanzo is very unpredictable.

No, Goku has to be more diabolical, something he thinks he can pull off as long a he has enough motivation.

Looking at the other bed, Goku takes in an eyeful of the developing scene. Hakkai's pants are half off again, pulled down further this time, nearly to the brunette's knees. The pair is kissing deeply, their met tongues occasionally visible as they struggle for breath within the lip-lock. When Gojyo takes Hakkai's bottom lip into his mouth and sucks on it, applying just the smallest bit of pressure with his teeth, Hakkai's entire body shudders. Their hips are tightly aligned, so much that Goku cannot see the full-frontal he knows Hakkai has revealed. The way the two bodies are curved together is almost more enticing than if Hakkai's nakedness were more visible. The passion with which they are embracing is enough to have Goku tugging at his shirt collar.

Without much thought, Goku whips his shirt off over his head, making things even all across the board now, other than Hakkai being somewhat more undressed than the others with his pants at his knees.

Goku's eyes return to Sanzo back, the priest curled in tight on his side of the bed, and the small brunette licks his lips for all the visions seeing Gojyo and Hakkai have put into his head. He crawls over to Sanzo and puts an arm over the blonde's waist while his free hand pets at soft hair. "Sanzo…" he says, pulling in close behind the monk despite the dangers. "I just wanna be with you. Like Gojyo and Hakkai wanna be with each other. That's not a bad thing."

"Get off. I'm not interested." Replies the monk's terse tone.

Goku snuggles in closer. "Come on, Sanzo, please. Who cares if we're not alone? We can pretend we are. Besides…it's kinda…sexy…seeing them like that."

Sanzo huffs loudly, declaring his belief that Goku is an utter idiot. The monkey doesn't get it. "I said no."

"You think I don't understand but I do." Goku says, reading Sanzo's thoughts easily as he moves the hand around Sanzo's waist up the monk's chest. He feels the smooth muscles there, the ridiculously soft skin, and loves the sensation, unable to stop himself as he kisses the place between Sanzo's shoulders. While he speaks, he brings the hand on Sanzo's chest lower, moving carefully so that Sanzo isn't aware of his intentions until it is too late, and Goku suddenly has a firm hold on the prize. "You don't want them to see you vulnerable, right? Sex is a pretty vulnerable thing. It's putting everything on the line, being with someone that way. But why worry about that, Sanzo? They don't care. Not even Hakkai. If they're not worried about looking vulnerable or weak to us, why should it matter? I just…wanna…touch you…feel you. We almost lost each other too many times to count on this journey and I don't ever want to miss one moment with you. Ever. Please…"

Goku can tell Sanzo's resolve is waning merely by the silence that follows his request. If Sanzo were adamant he would answer as such, but hesitation means the priest is thinking things over.

On the other bed, Gojyo is trying to unclasp his pants while nibbling Hakkai's lips. This is surprisingly difficult. Hakkai has since kicked his pants off completely and lifts his hips rhythmically, seeking a connection that Gojyo cannot offer until he figures out how to multi-task better.

Damn buttons, Gojyo thinks, fumbling with fingers that don't seem to understand the urgency of the situation. He growls into Hakkai mouth in his frustration, causing Hakkai to snicker at him. Pulling apart at last and eyes meeting, the pair silently decides that cooperation is needed.

Gojyo lifts his hips and Hakkai takes the initiative to undo the kappa's pants, handling it with steady hands despite his unsteady breathing. In a few moments Gojyo's pants have been tossed aside to join Hakkai's on the floor. With this newly acquired freedom and the instant contact of skin on skin, Hakkai—erotically charged enough to nearly forget his sore shoulders—wraps his arms around Gojyo, grabs hold of the kappa by his newly bare cheeks, and pulls down until their groins press tight together.

Hakkai gasps. Gojyo moans. Neither can think of anything more perfect than rocking their hips as slowly and deeply as possible.

Sanzo and Goku seem to have been forgotten, but they have not forgotten Gojyo and Hakkai. The gasps and moans sounding from the other bed are unmistakable and even if Sanzo hadn't made up his mind, those mindlessly erotic noises probably would have made it up for him.

Looking over his shoulder to meet intense, hungry gold, Sanzo grabs the hand currently gripping just bellow his beltline and looks as serious as he can before saying, "Damn monkey. I'm on top," and then flips their positions so quickly, Goku barely has time to register that he is now on his back with his keeper atop him, passionately kissing his neck.

Grinning to himself in triumph, Goku closes his eyes and soaks in the surrounding sensations for a moment—Sanzo's lips and tongue on his neck, Sanzo's body pressing down on his, Sanzo's hands moving to grip his hips and pull at his shorts, and of course…Hakkai and Gojyo's stifled moans and heavy breathing. Goku feels devilish for finding those sounds so pleasing, but they are. Knowing that his friends are just as intimately touching and moving as he is about to be with Sanzo only intensifies Goku's need tonight. For the first time, he thinks he understands why Gojyo has all those video tapes.

Sanzo is very much a prude in most things and right now he is feeling that part of him berating him for giving in and allowing this while Gojyo and Hakkai are in the other bed doing the same things. Actually, judging by the extent of their noises now, Sanzo is pretty sure the other two are doing a little more at this point. He doesn't want to look and find out, but the thought of them looking over here and seeing him and Goku makes his stomach flip. It isn't a bad thought but an anxious one. It speeds his adrenaline, and against Sanzo's better judgment he realizes he kind of likes it.

Goku is so going to pay for this in the morning. They all are, Sanzo decides. He vows never again to allow this. For now, however, he figures if he is going to allow it now he might as well enjoy himself.

One swift motion removes Goku of his shorts and Sanzo tosses them to the floor. The little imp already took off his shirt, Sanzo notices, meaning the only article left is Sanzo's own pants. Much as Sanzo's mind may be made up, he hesitates to remove his pants. He pulls his mouth from where he had been ravaging Goku's collarbone and looks to the side, taking in the racy sight of Gojyo and Hakkai grinding on the other bed, both naked. Sanzo swallows hard. Damn it all if that view isn't—

"Pretty hot, huh?" Goku breathes, his voice soft but unmistakably smug sounding. When Sanzo glances down at Goku, he winks up at him. "Don't look at me like that, Sanzo. You know they're hot. They're great together. Like us." Reaching for one of the hands Sanzo currently has braced on Goku's chest, Goku takes that hand and laces their fingers together, admiring the way pale and tan skin clash and yet look so beautiful next to each other. "Perfect compliments." Goku says, looking once at Gojyo and Hakkai and then back to Sanzo. He smiles. "Just like an orange paper airplane in a blue sky. Don't ya think?"

When did the monkey get so damn smart? "Shut up." Sanzo replies, and he doesn't mind at all that he is grinning as he descends for a kiss.

Meeting tongues immediately on contact, Goku kisses Sanzo back with heightened passion, half of his mind remaining with the image of Hakkai and Gojyo next to them and half on the reality of Sanzo's kiss and Sanzo's touch. The monkey quickly moves his hands between their bodies to begin undoing Sanzo's pants and make things even again.

Gojyo reaches between the beds where he made sure to leave his open bag, ensuring access to the little tube he is more than happy to have use for right now. Not quite ready for it yet, however, he sets it on the nightstand and with his attentions momentarily away from the naked man beneath his own naked body, Gojyo catches sight of Sanzo and Goku, remembering for the first time in quite some time that he and Hakkai are not alone.

The kappa has to admit that his friends paint quite the sensuous picture, kissing deeply, their own naked bodies moving as Hakkai's and Gojyo's had been. Sanzo's pants are still around the monk's ankles but Sanzo remedies that with a few violent kicks. Gojyo has of course seen both friends naked on several occasions during this journey but never moving like this in tight sexual contact. Gojyo almost chokes when he thinks that Goku looks like one hell of a kisser. That thought is just a little too squicky to stomach.

Returning his attentions to Hakkai's heaving chest, Gojyo runs his tongue over a nipple and hears Hakkai hiss in pleasure. He hasn't noticed that Hakkai too had looked over at Sanzo and Goku and is still looking, watching the wave-like movements of their friends while feeling Gojyo's tongue and teeth on his skin. Hakkai never would have thought of himself as someone who would enjoy watching, but he can't seem to tear his eyes away now that he has caught sight of the pleasing pair on the other bed.

Lifting up from masterful tongue and teeth-work, Gojyo takes clear notice of Hakkai's gaze being directed nowhere near him but rather to the left at the adjacent bed. Gojyo is not at all offended, but grins evilly, thinking that Hakkai's short breaths and flush cheeks are ridiculously adorable and very much worth teasing.

"Enjoying the show?" Gojyo whispers, climbing back up Hakkai's body and breathing heatedly against Hakkai's ear.

Hakkai shivers, averting his gaze with shamed quickness. "I…don't know what you mean."

"Come on, I know the whole thing's gotta be sending a few nice pulses south. Me and you like this. Them over there the same way. It boggles the mind with how fuckin' hot this is. Even monkey-boy's not all that bad to look at." Gojyo backs up his point by looking over and enjoying the sight of Goku arching into Sanzo's touch as the monk sucks on the tender sinew of his neck. "Shit. I'd be weirded out if it wasn't really helping things along." He adds, licking at Hakkai's lips and rolling his hips to feel the hard lengths of flesh sandwiched between their bodies. When Hakkai tries to turn Gojyo's teasing laps of his tongue into true kisses, Gojyo pulls continuously just out of reach, driving Hakkai mad with lack of completion.

But Gojyo wants things drawn out in every way possible. He knows just how close both are to pumping each other towards an end and if he doesn't move things along they are going to end up doing just that. Not that Gojyo would mind terribly, but he has something even better in mind.

Blindly reaching for the tube on the nightstand, Gojyo grabs it tightly…and has his wrist grabbed just as tightly in return.

"Get your own."

"This is mine."

Sanzo growls. He is aware of his mistake but the lube on the nightstand had been so conveniently placed he had reached for it without thinking only to find it already in Gojyo's grasp. Now, with a tight hold on Gojyo's wrist, Sanzo is not about to admit defeat.

He needs the tube too damn it.

"Now, now, I'm sure we can be…adults about this." Hakkai says breathlessly from his position beneath Gojyo, feeling much more bashful about looking at Sanzo and Goku now that both of them are looking at him and Gojyo. Meeting gazes in these intimate positions is a shockwave of reality.

Goku, seeing the near-horror in Hakkai's eyes, the incredulity in Gojyo's, and the anger in Sanzo's above him, almost bursts out laughing. Never in his life could he imagine a funnier situation—Gojyo and Sanzo fighting over lube while Hakkai and Goku remain helplessly pinned beneath them.

"Come now, Sanzo, Gojyo. We can share." Hakkai says, not realizing the humor to his words until he has spoken them.

This time Goku does giggle. "I'll share Sanzo so long as I don't have to touch the kappa." He says with a knowing smile.

Hakkai looks positively appalled by the implications of that, and coming from Goku of all people.

Sanzo, still keeping his hold on Gojyo's wrist, whirls his head back to glare down at Goku, not at all pleased to be offered up like a piece of meat, or, more likely, a meatbun.

Gojyo, comprehending Goku's humor better than the other two, thinks the comment is worthy of joint laughter and breaks into a large smile. "Go monkey." He says. "Who'd have ever thought you could make a crack like that? And well played too. If we ever did swap, you damn right it would be Hakkai for his holiness over there. No way in hell would I ever let Sanzo have a chance at my baby."

Upon hearing this interesting bit of news, Sanzo and Hakkai exchange looks that signal both are debating just how much they feel like giving in to their lovers' whims tonight. Seeing this, Goku speaks up quickly. "We're just kidding. Sheesh, you guys. How else are we s'posed to keep you from freaking out if we don't crack jokes? I don't wanna mess around with Gojyo or Hakkai. Only you." He says to Sanzo, looking up at his savior with an honest smile though the twinkle in his eyes is still quite devious. "Kinda like this side by side stuff though." He adds.

Sanzo's pulse quickens, half in anger, half with anxious intent. Though officially he is disgusted by Goku's blatant enjoyment of this highly inappropriate turn of events, unofficially…he thinks it is unfairly sexy. He ignores Goku for the moment and returns his attention to Gojyo. "Hand it over…when you're finished." He says, slowly releasing Gojyo's wrist. "Take too long and I'll take it by force." He adds, just for good measure.

Gojyo offers a nod, still smirking, and takes the tube, using what he needs from it and taking his time with it too. Sanzo is purposely looking away but Goku is watching. Gojyo has never thought about being this much of an exhibitionist but the butterflies caused by it, that lingering feeling of being watched because he knows eyes other than Hakkai's are on him, adds a sordid element he cannot deny enjoying.

Coating his length and leaving a good amount on his fingers, Gojyo lifts Hakkai legs, tucking them under his arms for better access. A short grunt reminds Gojyo of the agreement and he tosses the tube in a slow arc over to the other bed. Meeting Sanzo's eye now that the priest is looking, Gojyo winks, running one hand down Hakkai's thigh while the other seeks a more intimate harbor.

Sanzo swallows back the dryness in his throat and looks away, grabbing the tube that has landed next to Goku on the bed. The pride in him tells him to ignore that the others are here, to ignore what they are doing, but before Sanzo has finished coating his own hard and ready length the sounds that float over from the other bed cause the tube to slip from his slick fingers. Sanzo doesn't have to look to know that Gojyo has begun preparing Hakkai; the whimpers and pleading moans from the healer are desperate and constant in the otherwise quiet room. Sanzo pretends those sounds are not the reason he hardens a little further.

Lifting his legs for Sanzo's benefit, Goku smiles out at the monk before returning again to watching Gojyo and Hakkai. He feels no shame and his pride doesn't mind one bit. He has never seen two men involved sexually, sans being part of the experience himself, and that their amorous neighbors are Gojyo and Hakkai only makes it more enticing to watch.

"Pay attention, monkey, or you can join them if you like the sight so much." Sanzo's tone is gruff, but more from his arousal than from any real anger.

When slick but unforgiving fingers push into Goku without warning or preceding preparation, Goku's attention is brought quickly back to his own bedroom activities. He gasps, arms shooting up to grip Sanzo's and squeeze in unexpected pain. His eyes look up accusingly at the monk but Sanzo kisses him before any angry remarks can be spoken. Sanzo and Goku both know how difficult it is to actually hurt the young brunette, but to point out his indignancy Goku turns his kiss bruising and bites down hard on Sanzo's bottom lip.

Pulling back with a growl, Sanzo removes his intruding fingers and flips Goku over so fast the monkey is on his stomach before he even feels the rush of air. Despite knowing Sanzo can't and wouldn't ever really try to hurt him, the little brunette's eyes widen and look back at Sanzo fearfully.

"I want you thinking of me, not them. Is that asking so much?"

Goku feels a wave of guilt wash over him. He wants only Sanzo. He has never doubted that. "Sorry." He says, grinning back at the monk. Reaching around at almost awkward angles, he grabs both of Sanzo's hands, bringing one around his own hips to the neglected front and leading the other to his backside. "Please…" he says, urging Sanzo to continue.

Though Goku's head is facing the other bed with the monkey on his stomach, gold eyes close in waiting, focusing solely on the feel of Sanzo now and nothing else.

Sanzo doesn't mean to make Goku act so submissive, but that Goku would, that Goku is so willingly doing as he asked is enough to have Sanzo's slight irritation dissipate.

Sanzo's fingers return, gentler now, and as he readies Goku he leans down and whispers that as long as Goku never forgets who he is really with, he can do what he wants. This of course is the monk's subtle way of saying Goku can look at Gojyo and Hakkai again, and though Goku at first misses the implications, when he realizes Sanzo is granting him permission, he opens his eyes, afforded the perfect view while Sanzo works him.

By now Gojyo has entered Hakkai fully, Hakkai's legs up and folded, his body taxed by the position though in truth this is the best position to keep his shoulders steady and unused, comfortably resting on the mattress. While Gojyo rocks his hips slowly, and Hakkai raises his with each movement to take Gojyo deeper, both are wet with sweat and panting.

Hakkai's lips are trembling, his mouth half open. Gojyo, however, has his bottom lip between his teeth, biting down to keep his wits together while pleasure courses through him like raindrops streaming down a window pain.

Goku moans at the ridiculously sexy sight before realizing he is moaning for another reason as well. Snapping his full attention back to Sanzo, Goku looks behind him and meets violet, intense violet that speaks of their newfound connection even more than the fullness Goku feels from having Sanzo inside of him. The strain on Goku's neck by trying to see Sanzo reminds Goku that as good as the increasing rhythm of Sanzo's hips feels, he is not getting what he wanted.

"Hey…I …said…next time…I wanted to be on my…back." The monkey manages, his voice breathy and halted in time with Sanzo's thrusting. "I can't…see you."

Sanzo grunts. "You want me to stop?" he spits out, gripping Goku's hips tightly and pressing his thumbs into the very small bit of fleshiness around the bone.

Goku's silence makes the request obvious.

If Sanzo wasn't as nice of a guy as he is, he wouldn't even consider this. Therefore, he pulls out, flips Goku over and slams back in without much tenderness to accentuate his frustrations.

Goku moans loudly at this, but doesn't really mind. He just wanted to see Sanzo better. Now he can.

Neither speaks of the reason Sanzo flipped Goku onto his stomach in the first place, though Goku can guess. Part of it probably has to do with feeling too weird about having such obviously parallel sex as the pair next to them. Goku almost giggles. Making Sanzo less of a prude is going to take work, but tonight is one hell of a start.

Gojyo leans down to kiss Hakkai, their hips rocking more hurriedly now, and when he pulls back, smiling down at the flushed brunette, he gives a small gesture with his chin at the other bed before looking over himself. Hakkai follows the example and when the healer sees the progression—Sanzo and Goku rocking together, panting and moaning and slippery with sweat—Hakkai feels an unexpected shoot of pleasure travel towards his groin.

Having gotten the desired effect from Hakkai, Gojyo reaches down and takes Hakkai in hand, pumping the flesh just as he is pumping his hips. Moving his eyes back and forth between Hakkai's beautifully wanton face and the sight of Goku and Sanzo, Gojyo soon sees that the monk is thinking along the same lines as him.

Goku cries out when Sanzo grabs him, the monk's grip inviting but desperate and brutal. Holding back for so long has made Sanzo insistent to get off and Goku feels much the same. Locking eyes and silently consenting, their hips rock harder, Sanzo's hand pumping Goku fervently, as they seek a quick and dirty end.

A small bit of smugness settles over Gojyo at realizing the monk and monkey don't seem to have the control to start things slowly, but Gojyo quickly forgets that part of it. How much better to focus on possibility, after all? Gojyo's often perverted mind rather likes the idea of finding a like rhythm and riding though to the end together.

The part of his brain that once thought only of women rebukes him for such sordid thoughts, but Gojyo could care less. He picks up the pace with his hips and his hand on Hakkai, rocking with the same eagerness as the others. Hakkai, slightly startled at first, gives into sensation quickly, following Gojyo's lead. Soon, both beds are creaking together, moving together, hips rocking in strange unison and sounds rising from all four men that only spurn them all further on.

Several times differently colored eyes meet, sometimes the expected red and green or violet and gold, but also gold and crimson, violet and emerald, gold and emerald, anything, everything. While enjoying their own lovers they are also sharing the sight of each other, feeding off the experience of unified love from two separate beds.

It is not so easy to finish as one, but although Hakkai and Gojyo finish first, having a head start in so many ways, no one cares who did what or finished when by the time both couples are exhausted, curled up in their own beds with their own lovers while the soiled sheets lie in a joined heap on the floor.

"The maid is gonna hate us." Goku snickers, muffling his laughter in Sanzo's chest as he curls into the warmth of his savior's body.

Gojyo snorts. "You kidding? She'll probably love us. Four guys in one room and those sheets? We'll give her wet dreams for a month."

Hakkai, mortified at allowing what just happened but also amazingly relaxed and content, shakes his head at Gojyo. "Really, Gojyo. That we went ahead with this at all is…terribly inappropriate. Unseemly hardly describes our activities. And I'm cleaning those sheets in the morning."

Gojyo rolls his eyes but doesn't think to question Hakkai, knowing the healer as he does.

Sanzo, never willing to regret anything, looks over at the other pair and then back at himself and Goku. Their own comforters are covering their nakedness but the lingering images of both couples sexually involved are not easy to shake. Sanzo's first thought is to bark out some kind of threat, though he isn't exactly sure what he would be threatening. He decides instead to issue a warning.

"If this ever happens again, and it damn well better not," he says, "One condition. The only thing shared is the room. Got me?"

Hakkai, eyes wide, nods in horrified agreement.

Gojyo nods as well, wearing a slow grin to indicate how hilarious he finds the whole thing.

Goku snickers.

Despite any awkwardness, however, the four men sleep more soundly than they have in months, maybe more. Considering all that has happened to them, especially tonight, not a single one of them can avoid wondering just what the journey east will bring them. Whatever things may come their way, though, they are certain they can handle it. They might not have much control over their libidos, but any other obstacles they are more than ready to face.



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