Having already made one for DP, I never would have thought to create this fic if it weren't for the fact that I found a picture of Jake's children lying around. To find the picture, visit the ADJL Fanart section of my homepage. I tried to put it on fanart central but they won't let me in.

Jack's POV

The monster, (the same monster from Jake's dream) roared in anguish. I was defeating it easily.


"Huh?" I said. "What?"

"I said Mr. Long," said old Professor Rotwood. "What is the creature in this picture!"

"Oh that?" I said. "That's an ogre".

"INCORRECT!" shouted Professor Rotwood. "This is a picture of a pixie. Evidently daydreams are making your mind go!"

I sighed my so called "day dream" had been the best I had ever had. All powerful over enemies, including old Professor Rotwood himself, I would have given anything for the dream to have been real.

You see, with everything that's been happening I haven't been having the best day. You would think that with a kid's birthday coming up a kid's parents would have been happy for him! But not mine. It was as if I just wasn't amounting to what they were expecting me to be…

The bell rang. Sighing I put my foolish notions aside and followed my best friend Theo to the door.

"So what are you hoping for your birthday Jack?" said Theo.

"Attention I guess" I said glumly. "But besides that I could really use a new fire source for my combustion fire project. We're all out of propane and matches."

"Is that all?" said Theo. "If I were you I'd want a few more video games".

"And if you weren't me?" said Jack.

"The same thing off course!" said Theo. "You can never have too many video games!"

Jack shook his head. Being the son of Spud and Trixie, video games were one of the only things Theo was really that good at.

"In any case it's not true that you're out of matches" said Theo. "I bet if you snap your fingers really hard, your fingers will catch fire.

I laughed and snapped my fingers at the thought. "Yeah" I said. "That would be great if it weren't for the 3rd degree burns! Wait, Theo?"

Theo was staring in horror and pointing right at my hand. I looked at where he was pointing and screamed in horror.

My hand was on fire.